Wicked Girl 7

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Chapter 7

As I was returning home from the station, I was wondering what I should do. Tanaka-kun’s friends easily believed in me but I pondered how I could explain this to my family.

Alright, first let’s practice a simulation of this situation.

“Mom, my head hurts so much that I think I’m losing my memories!”

“How terrible! It could be a sickness so lets quickly go to the hospital!”

It’ll quickly become a big problem. My head doesn’t really hurt anyways so lets scratch that plan for now.

“Who am I, where am I?”

“Aika’s mind is going strange! We need to put her into the psychiatry ward.”

..If that happened it would be a disaster. This is definitely something I don’t want. At that moment all I was thinking about was how happy I was at getting a healthy body, and I wasn’t thinking of the consequences.

“..Step back.”


Suddenly from behind me Yuuya entered with a displeased face. I’ve already associated that with Yuuya.

Since Yuuya was entering the house I followed him in and smelled something delicious. Ah, I wonder what today’s dinner is.

When I got to the living room I saw Yuuya-kun eating and mother. A heartwarming parent and child pair. I also want to be a part of that! Women are all about courage!

“I’m back mother.”

“Ara, welcome home.”

“Mom, I have something I need to tell you.”

“What is it all of the sudden. If it’s about money I don’t have any.”

Why did she bring up money? Do I have a greedy expression on my face? I need to strengthen my mind since I’m going to bring up a serious topic now.

“The truth is, I….”

“You aren’t going to bring up something stupid like memory loss right?”


Yuuya had already told her what I was going to say. How did he know? Did he possibly notice? As expected of a sibling! I can really feel the bond.

“Yes, thats right. The truth is, I don’t have any memories from the day before yesterday.”

“Eh, what do you mean?”

At that moment, while my mom was confused, something flew in between us. I was shocked by the sound of glass breaking, and when I looked to see what had broken, it appeared that the cup had hit the wall and shattered. Why did the cup fly?

“Don’t be messing with me.”

The voice sounded like it was creeping through the earth. It was so unpleasant and low that it made me tremble and reverberated throughout my body.

Yuuya looked mad to the point you can’t even express it in words. His glare was so powerful that just one look could make you collapse. This was the first time I thought that Yuuya-kun was scary.

“Just because things aren’t going your way and you have created a bad reputation you’re going to try to reset everything by saying you lost your memories? Are you acting like this is just a game, bitch!”



I thought that I was going to be hit. The tableware that was being thrown off along with the table barely avoided my face. I was overwhelmed by a murderous intent resembling Yuuya’s vigor and became silent on the spot.

“You, do you know what kinds of things you’ve done up to this point? You’ve been doing whatever you want and been causing trouble for us. I won’t let you say that you forgot everything up to this point!”

“Wha-… What exactly did I do?”

I really wonder what Aika-chan did. To make Yuuya-kun this mad means that she must have done something extremely terrible.

“You- anytime you caused trouble outside we were always the ones that continued to bow our heads in apology. I may be your brother but since you were in middle school the people around you looked at you coldly! You always wanted to have the things you wished for, and just because mom didn’t buy you the clothes you wanted, you pushed her from the top of the staircase!”

“Eh, no way.”

“Are you still going to act like you don’t know? I heard what you were saying in the entranceway! I’m not going to fall for what you say!”

The rest of Yuuya-kun’s words didn’t reach me. No way, I can’t believe she pushed her mom off the staircase, family is supposed to be valuable, why did you do it Aika-chan!

I was out of words to say after hearing the shocking truth, and timidly glanced at mom. She’s looking at me with worry and is trying to stop Yuuya-kun.

It’s true that sometimes she seems cold but she’s even more kind. She makes me delicious meals and never forgets to return my greetings. Whenever I helped her she always said thank you. Even though I did something terrible to her. She was supposed to hate me.

Mother is so kind that I wonder why Aika-chan ever injured her.


I staggered to mom and made a grand sound as I prostrated myself.

“I’m very sorry!”

“Ah, Aika-chan!?”

“I know that this is something you can’t simply apologize for but I’m really sorry!”

Although it wasn’t something I did, I have received Aika-chan’s body. So now I have to carry all of Aika-chan’s burdens.

I didn’t know that kind of atonement I should do so I just continued to bow my head into the ground and apologize.

“Please, stop Aika-chan. It’s all right.”

“But you could have died from it.”

“Although I did fall, it was only from 4 or 5 steps up and I got away with a little injury.”

“An injury!?”


Even though she didn’t die from it, she still received a blow. How terrible!

I’m pretty sure that my face had become ghastly pale. My mom was in hot haste and worried while Yuuya-kun appeared bewildered.

Since I had injured my mother there was also a chance that I had harmed Yuuya-kun too.

“Wha- What is it?”

I stood up and approached him as if I were a limping ghost and asked him in a trembling voice as he backed away,

“Did I ever harm you, Yuuya-kun in any way? Could I have done something terrible to you?”

“…Ever since we were kids I was always called your servant and was used like a maid, every morning during elementary school I carried you to school, and my things like lunch money and toys were always snatched away by you.”

That was certainly oppression. I had this image in my head that Aika-chan was actually a fickle girl who was pushed to suicide. But as I hear more of what Yuuya-kun says that image is quickly shattering.

“Once I became a middle schooler I was big enough to not have to listen to you anymore so then you began to trouble the people around you. You were so selfish, and always forced me to cover up for the quarrels you had with guys. I’m fed up with it already!”

Since I’d treated him that way since we were kids of course he’s sick of it. I heard that your life is influenced by what you experienced from when you’re younger and Yuuya-kun had to suffer through that time. I wonder why Aika-chan did all those things. He’s her actual younger brother.

What should I do about Yuuya-kun. I want him to laugh much more than he does now. I will now treat him like an older sister should. Since I will become Yuuya-chan!


“W-What is it.”

“From now on will you give all my allowance to Yuuya-kun?”



Although there’s not much I could do, it’s still better than doing nothing.

“Next time I’ll carry Yuuya-kun to school!”

“Don’t be kidding me! There’s no way I can do something that embarrassing, stupid!”

“Then I’ll take you to school on my bike.”

“Noo thanks, I won’t be given a ride to school on a bike by a girl.”

It’s true that being taken to school by a girl would hurt Yuuya-kun’s pride. Hmm thats too bad, is there anything else I could do…

“Ahh! Then when Yuuya-kun is in a crowd I’ll protect him as a shield. Since I am Yuuya-kun’s Onee-chan after all!”

“Don’t be acting like an older sister all of the sudden.”

“But still! I know that I might be a little late, but I want to be your Onee-chan!”

After letting all my feelings out, Yuuya-kun had stopped as I was breathing using my shoulders over and over again. In his eyes I could clearly see the bewilderment and hoped that he could see that I wasn’t lying about my feelings and wouldn’t run from him.


“For now lets go the the hospital.”


She took her bag from the sofa and grabbed the car keys. My mom was half in doubt still but she might believe me.

“Yuuya, I understand how you feel but please calm down a bit. Make sure to clean up your mess.”


The broken pieces were scattered about the floor. It almost seemed as if it were Yuuya-kun’s heart, sorrowful.

“Once we get back I’ll clean up the mess.”

“Aika. Yuuya was the one who broke it, let him clean it.”


As we were exiting the living room, I glanced at Yuuya-kun and saw that he was looking down, clenching his shaking fists. I stayed silent and headed to the hospital with mom.

The mood in the car was very heavy so I didn’t talk. In order to figure out the depths of the gaps in her family over again I must try my best.

Once we arrived at the hospital I was taken to the Department of psychosomatic medicine and got questioned by a kind looking doctor. After that I got a CT scan and a photo of my brain taken, all I wish is that I don’t get hospitalized.

“It seems to me….. from what we’ve seen there are no problems with her brain. It’s probably not just one part of her memory, but her amnesia includes all of her memories since childhood, it’s all life history amnesia.”

“All life history amnesia…..”

“Since we don’t see any abnormalities with her brain’s appearance, the cause is most likely from having unbearable stress. Although it is a good idea to expose her to traces of her past, since the cause of it is mental anguish, there is a chance that she’ll develop depression. Family members should take caution.”

I wonder what this is…… I feel like this has become a serious matter. I didn’t know that amnesia was that big of a deal. What if I end up having to be hospitalized in the psychiatry ward?

“Ah, umm, I feel healthy so I want to go to school.”

“Yes, thats all right. There’s nothing abnormal about your body and living a regular daily life makes it easier to return your memories.”

“Yes-! I can go to school-!”

I posed like an athlete without thinking and was scolded by mom. This is a hospital so I need to stay quiet. But I’m so happy! Just as Tanaka-kun and Seta-san said I don’t have to be hospitalized.

“Fufu, normally people with amnesia fall into anxiety but it’s good that she is looking very cheerful. That way her recovery will be quicker. If anything happens please come again.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Thank you-!”

I bowed to the doctor and as I waited in the meeting room I kept grinning. I had expected the worst so I couldn’t help but feel happy.

“Do you really like school that much?”

“Yes! School was very fun. I also made new friends.”

“Friends? You did?”

“Yeah I made three friends you know! There was Tanaka-kun who sits next to me, Seta-san who’s in the environmental committee, and the vice president Mikoshiba-kun. They’re all good and nice people.”

Since I made friends, there’s many things I want to do. Commuting to school together, talking during breaks, getting called by my first name….. Ukya-, I’m excited just thinking of it!

“Really….you made new friends, wow.”

When I turned around I saw my mom muttering in blank amazement. I heard that Aika-chan had no friends so it must have been surprising for her.

After that I talked about what happened at school today. She was surprised when I talked about how tasty the school lunch was and how I helped with the flowerbed. Apparently Aika-chan didn’t like bugs. But they’re so cute.

When we returned home, the living room had been cleaned but I didn’t see Yuuya-kun anywhere. Mom told me that he was in his room so it was fine but I felt uneasy. I’m scared thinking that he might not ever show his face to me again.

That worry was blown away at dinnertime since he came out of him room to eat with us. But it was very silent.

“We’ll rotate so please go ahead and take a bath.”

“Okay. See you.”

Fuaaa. The bath is so nice, it’s the greatest feeling. When I was bedridden they always wiped me so I didn’t have many chances to be immersed in the water. I feel so fortunate.

As I was submerged in the bathtub feeling supremely blissful, I heard loud noises accompanied by Yuuya-kun’s voice.


“Eh, what!?”

Could this possibly be a thief!? They must have waited until my mom was gone. Now they must have encountered Yuuya-kun and attacked him…. I need to save him!

Once I frantically jumped out of the bathtub and left the room, I saw cardboard boxes and luggage scattered about with Yuuya-kun sitting in it. It appears that the luggage fell out of the closet. I’m glad that it wasn’t a burglar.

But then I saw the size of the cardboard boxes and felt worried. If something this big fell on Yuuya-kun he might get amnesia too!

“Are you okay, Yuuya-kun!”

“Ah?….hey, what!?”

“Are you injured anywhere?”

I was worried that he had hit his head so I checked but when I looked I didn’t see any bumps. I’m so glad.

It appears that Yuuya-kun has frozen up. His face is red.

“……Are you kidding me! Hurry up and return to the bathroom!”

He pushed my shoulders which made me stagger, and I tilted my head in confusion. What, why is he mad?

“I was worried that you might have gotten injured Yuuya-kun, is that not okay?”

“That’s not even the problem here-! You, what kind of appearance is that, hurry up and go!”

My appearance right now. I hurried out of the shower so right now I’m naked. He’s upset about that? Why?

“Umm….do you have anything against being naked?”

“What, you lost your modesty along with your memories!”

Since I was making his face redder, I returned to the bathroom.

“Are you serious…. forgetting her memories, is she for real….”

Ever since I was little my body was seen by doctors for medical examinations so I don’t have any problems with being seen naked and don’t think it’s embarrassing.

But now I am Aika-chan. It’s not my body that people see but it’s Aika-chan’s well proportioned body. Yeah, I shouldn’t recklessly display my body. I’ll be careful. But it’s strange that I can’t show my family members my body.

My mom came back and was surprised that Yuuya-kun had cleaned the corridor. When she asked me what had happened she said,

“What were you thinking! Aren’t you a girl of that age!? Please show some more modesty!”


I got scolded heavily. It’s difficult isn’t it, to be a girl this age.

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