Wicked Girl 12

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Chapter 12

I was unable to stop the girl from getting heated up. As I was wondering what was up with her she said the finishing blow.

“Break up with him already, you ugly girl!”

She said it again. Aika-chan is very cute you know! It’s just that my personality is twisted!

“What’s this fuss about.”

He startled me.

Ichinose senpai came out from behind me. Frankly, I think that was bad for my heart.

“I-Ichinose senpai, it’s because you’re too cowardly!”

“What is this all about?”

This time she’s pointing at Ichinose senpai and yelling but she took a step back with her back bent. Now that I think of it, this happened the time Tanaka-kun was here too.

“It’s because you, Ichinose senpai, don’t stay by Mamiya senpai’s side that she always seems so sad every day! Break up with this person already and go to Mamiya senpai’s side!”

“…..If she was even able to become sad, I bet she would probably have more charm.”


The eyes of Ichinose senpai who murmured this were looking at some place far away. I wonder what’s going on?

“As I was saying. Ichinose senpai and I have alrea-…”

“What’s your problem? Are you trying to say that you don’t want to break up? Someone like you compared to Mamiya senpai is just a miso lees(good for nothing) you know.”

“Miso katsu? Do I look delicious?”

“Huhh!? What kind of ears do you have. Are they as corroded as your personality!?”

So I guess it wasn’t miso katsu. I want to eat miso katsu.

Besides that, she really has a big voice. Won’t using such a loud voice make your throat hurt?

“Just stop this already. Don’t just say your own opinion without listening to what the other person’s saying.”

“W-what’s you problem….. Are you saying it’s my fault? This was originally her fault.”

“On top of that, she’s already broken up with me.”


Nice-desu, Ichinose senpai! I’m relieved that we could finally tell her.

The twin tailed girl gaped her mouth open as if she was befuddled and is widened her eyes.

“You split up…..? Really?”


“Oh…. I see. That’s good.”

Her expression was quickly turning into a smile. I bet she must really like Mamiya senpai. She’s getting excited about it as if it were about her.

Looking at her like this, she’s cute.

“Apologize to Aika.”

“Huh? Why do I need to apologize to someone like her!”

“Didn’t you misunderstand her and give her a false accusation?”

“Well that was..”

Nnn? Before I knew it this conversation was about me.

“This is all that girl’s fault you know. Since she didn’t hurry up and split with Ichinose senpai.”

“She has memory loss. There’s no point in trying to press a question to someone who has no memory of it. Also, she immediately came to me and said to end our relationship. She has done nothing wrong. You’re the one that needs to apologize.”


Hearing that he was forced to go out with me against my will, I thought I was supposed to given Ichinose senpai a bad impression.

The twin tailed girl bit her lip and glared at Ichinose senpai. If you bite that hard, you’re going to bleed.

“That could all just be a lie! I’m not the one in the wrong here!”


The twin tailed girl fluttered her hair and ran away.

Ichinose senpai deeply sighed and said we should go to the student council room. As we went there he told me about the twin tailed girl.

“That girl’s name is Nishijima Suzune. She’s a first year that admires Sakurako. She used to always go charge up against Aika but always cried after she lost to Aika’s badmouthing. I was pretty oblivious to it. Sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing senpai?”

“Because Nishijima has misunderstood something.”

When we arrived at the student council room, nobody was there so it was just Ichinose senpai and I. To try to change the mood I opened the window as Ichinose senpai was preparing the documents for the athletic festival.

Using the documents of the past program as a reference, we’re going to figure out how long each activity will take and calculate the necessary times of each activity to create the schedule. I’m in charge of looking up information about the past programs.

As I was looking it up, I tried asking him what was bothering me about what he said.

“Um, what was the misunderstanding you were talking about earlier?”

“Ahh. What she said about Sakurako-san and I having feelings for each other.”

“You don’t!?”

“The people around us may think that we do but Sakurako-san and I don’t have that kind of relationship.”

What, this is different than what people told me. From what I heard, didn’t senpai and Sakurako-san go out before…..

I don’t know what the truth is anymore.

“To say it accurately, I have a one sided love.”


Ichinose senpai has a one sided love? To think that someone as handsome as Ichinose senpai has unrequited love.

“So Aika, that means that breaking up with you doesn’t mean that I’m going out with her now.”

“But aren’t you doing things like eating lunch together? Doesn’t that mean that Sakurako-san likes you senpai?”

“Recently Sakurako has been getting into cooking. I’m just being used as a sampler.”

So that’s how it was. Ichinose senpai has a one sided love so they aren’t going out. Rumors are scary.

But, if Ichinose senpai confessed then maybe the two of them…. I’ve heard there are many cases like this when it turns out that they actually have feelings for each other. In manga and novels.

“Are you not going to confess to her?”


Au, he’s gone silent. I probably shouldn’t have asked.

“Sakurako, Keisuke, and I are childhood friends. Sakurako’s house house owns an old dry-goods store and I heard that her grandfather has already chosen her fiance.”

“Woah! Who is Keisuke?”

“That’s Sakaki, Sakaki Keisuke. He hasn’t even introduced himself to you?”

“Umm, to put it simply Mikoshiba-kun only told me his name.”

I see, so the three of them are childhood friends. That sounds nice, I’ve always wished I had a childhood friend.

Wait, a fiance? So that means that since she has a fiance she can’t go out with Ichinose senpai?

Even if they did have the same feelings for each other.

“We’re all the same age and we all get along. Before I knew it I had fallen for Sakurako, and I confessed to her once. Then she said, “I have a fiance,” so that’s why she couldn’t respond to my feelings.”

“How terrible….”

When I saw Ichinose senpai’s painful expression it made me feel the same way.

He likes her but they can’t get together. Is there anything that could be done about this?

“I had already said “Okay I see” and been giving up but then a fist flew towards me.”


“”If you’re going to give up that easily then you shouldn’t have even confessed to her in the first place,” I was told and scolded for. That punch was pretty painful.”

As he was recalling the past his eyes appeared a little hollow. Are you okay senpai?

Besides that, the more I hear about Sakurako-san the more my image of her changes. I heard she was pristine so at first I thought she was the quiet type but now I’m not so sure. I wonder what kind of person she is.

“So that’s why right now I’m trying my hardest to become a man that her grandfather will accept.”

“I see. What you’re doing seems lovely.”

So he’s trying his best for the one he likes and will confess again someday. I’m jealous of Sakurako-san for having someone like senpai thinking about her.

But then I wonder why he went out with Aika-chan. Could it be as Sakaki-san was saying, that he was threatened into it? In order to protect Sakurako-san.

“Umm, senpai. Why did you go out with Aika-chan?”

“Hey, you two got here early.”

Mikoshiba-kun came in at the worst timing. Senpai and the student council began talking about their tasks so now it’s become the kind of atmosphere where I can’t ask him anymore.

There’s many things I want to ask but I want to find them out over time. About Aika-chan and about Ichinose senpai too.

“Now that I think of it, what kind of person is Sakurako-san?”



Huh, the two of them are both silent. Mikoshiba-kun should also know about Sakurako-san so I thought that I could ask him too?

“Hmm let me think……She’s like, when you split open a bamboo, rather than having Princess Kaguya come out, it’s Kintarō carrying an ax.” (TL Note: Reference to Japanese folk tales: The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter and Kintarō)


“It’s like when you thought it was a rabbit, it was actually a hedgehog.”


I have no idea what they mean. Does Ichinose senpai like hedgehogs?

The puzzle of Sakurako-san is getting even more confusing, and when Chiba-kun arrived this conversation ended. I wonder if i’ll ever be able to meet Sakurako-san.

We finished doing the student council work for today, and when I was about to leave through the school gate I got called out.

“Hey—, Aika-chan. Did you just finish?”


Seta san was standing right by the school gate and beside her was a girl who I hadn’t seen before.

“I just finished. Are you going home from your club Seta-san?”

“Good work today. Yeah, I just finished with my club. Ah, this is my friend, Kana.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Uchimura Kana.”

Uchimura-san’s sweet smile brought out a heartwarming atmosphere and almost made me smile too.

Uchimura-san was a girl with hair down to her chest and slightly droopy eyes. But rather than looking at her appearance, your eyes first go to her voluptuous breasts. They’re pretty big….looks full.

Afu. She just introduced me to her, I wanted to listen. What did you say Seta-san.

“Hey. We’re just standing here and talking so why don’t we stop by somewhere?”

“That sounds good. I wonder where we should go. What do you want to eat, Shinozuka-san?”


C-c-could this be an invitation!? I’m being invited to go somewhere after school…..

ANGEL-ssAANN!! I’m at the epitome of happiness right now!!

“Or do you already have plans?”

“No, I’m not doing anything at all! I’m extremely bored!”

“All right, then it’s decided. Let’s head to the family restaurant over there. I want to eat their mountain fries.”

The three of us lined up as we talked and walked there. This is exactly like what I saw in my dreams, taking a side trip after school. Ah, the tears.

This is the first time in my life I’m going to a family restaurant. When we entered the store the employee greeted us with a refreshing smile.

“Welcome—. Are you a party of three?”

As we were being led to our seats, I looked around, eyes glimmering.

This is a sacred place for students, a family restaurant. To think that I would actually be able to got to one, it’s like I’m dreaming.

Besides us, there were students from other schools too. I can’t help myself from getting excited!

“Three orders of mountain fries and the drink bar. Do you want to get anything else, Aika?”

“Umm, I’m not very hungry so that’s all right.”

I am interested in the family restaurant’s menu but if I eat now I won’t be able to eat my mom’s dinner so I’ll hold back. Ahh, but this looks so good.

The menu has so many good looking items that just looking at them makes me want to drool. The desert looks so temptatious! Wow, they have a strawberry jumbo parfait. I want to jump into it!

“Aika, let’s go get juice.”

“Yeah, okay.”

Seta-san brought me to the drink bar. Yes, it is a drink bar. It’s a self serve drink bar that you can keep taking from without getting charged extra. I hope the restaurant doesn’t go out of business from this.

“Here’s your glass Aika.”

“Thank you.”

I didn’t know how to use it so I stood behind Seta-san and observed.

Woah, so it uses a machine to get the water out. All you have to do is press the button for the juice you like. Okay okay, I can do this.

Seta-san already returned to her seat, it’s time to challenge it!


This is strange. I set my cup down but the liquid isn’t coming out. Why? I don’t think that Seta-san pushed a button when she used it.

“Excuse me customer, please try holding your cup while pushing it forward.”

Unable to just watch, the employee called out to me and showed me how to use it.

I see, if you push down on the place supporting the cup, the liquid comes out. Wow, this is pretty well made.

“Thank you very much.”

“Please take your time.”

The employee had a refreshing smile, a perfect example of one that is used towards customers. I think a smile is very important to those who serve customers.

As I was about to choose the juice I liked, I discovered one that caught my eye. That was,

“Melon Juice”

I’ve never tried a carbonic drink before. I wonder what it tastes like. I want to try it but their fizzy aren’t they, carbonated drinks.

Yeah, for now I’ll just stick to orange juice. I’m too scared.

“You took quite a while. The fries are already here.”

“I was troubled over which juice to try.”

I can’t tell them. That I was puzzled because the liquid wasn’t coming out.

On top of the table, was a mountain load of fries. To think that I can enjoy two flavors, ketchup and mayonnaise, it looks great!

On top of that, to be able to share with Seta-san and Uchimura-san, this is like a dream.

“The regional competition starts next Sunday so I need to try my best.”

“Wow, it’s already the regionals? The athletic club is fast.”

“What club activity are the two of you doing?”

A district competition is a page in your adolescence. Sounds nice, I want to experience (adolescence)a club.

“I’m in track and I do short distance.”

“I’m in the wind instrument club and I’m in charge of the horn.”

“Wow, the horn. It’s amazing that you can play a musical instrument.”

I heard a lot of classical music when I was in the hospital. My physician liked it so often he recommended songs to me.

“The reason she joined was not because she liked it though—.”


“It’s alright isn’t it. You’re doing it sincerely now and also hearing love stories is interesting.”


I can’t tell where this conversation is going. Why did Uchimura-san’s face become red?

I tilted my head as I silently stuffed my cheeks with potato. Ahh, it’s so good.

“This girl, she fell in love at first sight with the senpai in the wind instrument club. So, in order to get just a little closer to him she joined the wind instrument club.”

“You fell in love at first sight? That sounds nice.”

We’re talking about love stories. Woah, I’m participating in a conversation about love with a group of girls.

Uchimura-san’s eyes are shining and her cheeks are faintly red. How nice, to be in love. I also want to experience it sometime.

“How did it feel like to fall in love at first sight?”

“Nn, let me think. Just looking at him made my chest ache, and I became unable to see anyone but him. Seeing him made me happy and it hurt when I saw him talking to other girls…. Ahh, that’s when I realized that I liked senpai.”

“Hiyu—, thanks for speaking fondly of your loved one to us.”


Feelings like your chest aching, and becoming happy just by seeing them.

……I know that feeling.


“What’s wrong?”

“I also have something to say. When I see this one person, they shine and I can only hear their voice, and it feels like my chest tightens…..”

“Woah, isn’t that love!?”

Isn’t that love.

“Hey, who is it?”

“I-Ichinose senpai.”

“Ah, it was Ichinose senpai as I expected. It’s lovely that although you had memory loss, your love hasn’t changed towards that one person.”

Love. Towards Ichinose senpai? I’m in love with Ichinose senpai?

What is this feeling. My face is getting red and my heart is loudly beating.

“Haha, your face is bright red. So cute.”

“I’m…… in love with Ichinose senpai?”

“You aren’t aware of it? Oh yeah, you lost your memory so it must feel like your first love.”

“First love…..”

I, I’m in love with Ichinose senpai.

Once I muttered those words, it felt like the hazy feeling in my chest cleared up. I like Ichinose senpai.

“…..Awawawawa, I, I, like Ichinose senpai….Noooo.”

“Hey, she’s about to blow her fuse.”

“Ufufu, she’s so cute.”

What should I do what should I do!? I fell in love. I’ve got a crush!

I’m happy but I feel more overwhelmed with confusion.

When I think about Ichinose senpai my chest tightens and my face reddens, Seta-san and Uchimura-san are both laughing at my reaction.

What kind of face should I meet Ichinose senpai with tomorrow!?

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