Wicked Girl 3

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Chapter 3

I thought she was my older sister at first but she was actually my mother.

My younger brother got up early and was eating breakfast while talking happily. I want to join them.

“I finished sweeping and cleaning. Is there anything else you need help with?”

“…. You’re acting weird.”

The instant I entered the living room the joyful atmosphere froze up. Why?

『The owner of this body is shunned by her parents.』

Now that I think of it Angel-san was saying something along those lines. That’s why my younger brother glared at me. Although I want to know why I was disliked, even more I want to know what I can do to get along with them.

“Welcome home.”

“Shut up.”

Wow that sounds harsh. The only thing I did was greet him but to get that kind of reaction means that I must really be disliked. Suddenly, the large sports bag by my brother’s feet caught my attention. I feel like I saw him carrying that on his shoulder earlier when I was at the entranceway. Is it for a club? I wonder what kind of sport he does.

“What’s your problem, don’t stare at my bag.”

“Do you use it for a club?”

What? If that was the case what would you do?”

“What’s your favorite part of doing club activities?”

I don’t know what club he’s in so I used an indirect method of asking him. In order to get along we need to interact more. For now let’s just talk, talk.

“That has nothing to do with you.”

“You must be in a pretty cool club aren’t you? I want to hear about it.”

“Yeah, Yuuya has pretty good reflexes. At the last game, he even hit a reverse grand slam. I want them to taste of his nail grime.”(TL note: Honestly I can’t think of a better way to translate this.)

I see. Since he got a home run he must be in the baseball club. What explains why he’s so tan. I also got to learn that his name is Yuuya. Thanks mom. Also, even if you taste the nail grime your reflexes won’t get better. If it worked I would’ve done it. In fact, let me taste it.

“… By the way, what are you doing?” (Yuuya)

“You’re a weird child, to use a blindfold.” (Mother)

“He told me not to look at his bag, so.”

“….Aren’t you a little stupid.” (Yuuya)

Although I’m disliked, he still properly responds to me. That’s still better than getting a cold reaction.

You can’t talk to books. You also can’t talk to the music you listen to. I was happy when the people I knew online responded to me but this is a different kind of joy. Right now I can actually speak to people face to face. That makes me happier than anything.

“Baseball is that thing right. When you get three points they say hat trick. Your Onee-san knows about this.”

“Hat trick is from soccer you idiot. Calling yourself Onee-san feels so creepy.”

“Uu.. Umm, once you hit the ball it’s called traveling and you have to run to the base…. right?”

“How are they supposed to run!? I don’t know what you mean. Traveling is a basketball term!”

I’m embarrassed that I acted like I knew. I want to hide in a hole somewhere.

“….Sorry for being so ignorant. I will come back after I learn more.”

I hung my face like I felt down. In order to keep the conversation going I said whatever came to mind but it wasn’t useful. Next time I’ll study this stuff first.

When I raised my face after feeling their gazes, I wondered why they were staring at me. They must me shocked at how I acted like I knew everything.

Yuuya stared at me while raising his eyebrows. He gives off the aura of someone who’s good at sports. My mom looks at Yuuya expectantly.

“I want to see Yuuya-kun play a game.”

“What!? Don’t be kidding me. The only reason you’re coming sis is to chase after guys isn’t it?

Don’t come, you’re annoying. It’s weird if you come so don’t.”

“My goal is Yuuya-kun. I’ll come with a headband and a banner. Those are necessary for support you know!”

“Definitely don’t come!”

If someone tells you not to go it is human nature to want to go. Let’s go peek without being seen.

“Before I knew it you guys were getting along so well?”

“No we aren’t!”

Within my dumbfounded mother’s eyes, she saw that we were getting along. What should I do,

I’m so happy.

Yuuya finished his food while looking irritated and swiftly left the living room. I’m worried about his blood pressure if he gets this worked up. Will he be alright?”

“Don’t just sit there, why don’t you get ready for tomorrow?”


“You have school from tomorrow didn’t you?”


That’s the place where young people go to study. Not only is it for learning, but it’s also the place where you go to make friends and join clubs to live your youth. I had always admired and wanted to go to school but,

“…Is it okay for me to go?”

“What? You have to go. You don’t have any friends but instead you’re probably just going to be chasing around guys. That’s okay but just don’t cause trouble to those around you. If I get called to school it’ll be embarrassing for me. Really, why did you grow up becoming this kind of girl?”

Because of my excitement I couldn’t hear my mom’s words anymore. To be able to go to school is like a dream to me. Ah, school is calling for me. How wonderful.

“I’ll try my best and go to school!”

All right, let’s get prepared right away. I wonder what kind of school this girl went to, I also want to know if I can keep up with my studies.

With my heart racing, I returned to my room.

When I when into my room, I found my backpack first. There’s a cute keychain on it and it looks good but wouldn’t it be too noisy? This is so heavy.

Inside the backpack were my textbooks and snacks, there was even a pouch in it. I confirmed the contents of the textbook. Since I took college classes online it looks like I can keep up with the content. Ah, I found a notebook inside the bag.

“Hijiri Rin High School, second year, Class E, Shinozuka Aika.”

Inside the student handbook was a photo of a girl with perfect makeup. Eh, who is this? I compared the picture to myself in the mirror and it almost looks like another person. Do I have to wear makeup? I’ve never done it before.

Although there’s lots of makeup in the drawer I didn’t know what to do. At that moment, I found a makeup magazine. As long as I use this!

.. Is what I first thought. It’s impossible for a beginner to use makeup! How many times have I poked my eyelids? My hand shakes as I put the eyeliner on so it looks wavy. I guess I’ll just have to get used to it. I don’t want to go to school without makeup.

I used makeup remover on my face and reached for the uniform hung on the wall. It has a red ribbon with a blue blazer. The checkered skirt is cute. To be able to go to school tomorrow with this uniform makes me so happy I want to dance with joy.

“.. Why don’t I try it on?”

With my heart pounding I put on the uniform and stood in front of the mirror. When I spun around my skirt fluttered and swayed. I wonder how many years it’s been since I last wore a skirt. I vaguely remember wearing a skirt when I was little but once I got older I was always bedridden. No matter how many times I look I don’t get tired.

Since I’m still not used to my face, it can’t be helped that I call myself cute openly. But I really am cute.

“I’m so cute that it fascinates me.”

While I was entranced by the mirror, I felt a gaze and looked back. Yuuya-kun was standing there with a crooked expression.

“Hey, is there anything wrong?”

I’m still not used to things so there probably is something strange about me. When I twirled in front of Yuuya-kun his expression got even more crooked. If he furrows his brows that much it’ll become permanent.”

“You’ve gone crazy.”

He said that one phrase and left the room.

I’ve gone crazy. Does that mean I should change my hairstyle? Since now I have long hair I should try to challenge new hairstyles!

It’s now morning. Finally, a school day.

I put on my uniform, tied my hair into a ponytail, and proceeded to leave the room. I tried out many hairstyles but this one was the easiest. The Aika in the school handbook had her hair gently curled but since I was a beginner I couldn’t curl my hair neatly and it’s shape resembled a gorgon. It was a bit of a shock for me.

The Aika that I see in the mirror is so cute that I feel sorry that I’m living as her. I’m also living for your sake so please watch over me.

I put my hands together and prayed to Aika, Angel-san, and my real parents. From today I’m living as Shinozuka Aika.

In the living room I saw my mom was making breakfast but Yuuya was nowhere in sight. Come to think of it, I still haven’t seen my dad; does Aika not have a father?

“Good morning.”

“Good morn… wait, is it already late!?”

My mom looked back and sighed in relief after she glanced at the clock in her confusion.

“Hey, don’t scare me like that. Why did you get up so early? Yuuya isn’t even up yet.”

“I was so excited for school that I got up early.”

I’ve heard that children will get up early before field trips and now I understand how they feel. I’m so excited that I can’t sit still!

“I’ll help you out.”

“Really, that helps a lot.”

When I was bringing the tasty looking side dishes over to the table, my mom’s words echoed and reverberated in my ears.

『That helps a lot. 』

I feel like tearing up.

“Is there anything else you need help with?!”

“Um…. Today’s trash day so can you go drop it off?”

“With pleasure!”

After I learned where the trash was to be dropped off I rushed outside. The trash bag is heavy but my heart is light. She said that I was helpful. Oh, I’m so happy.

While I was headed to the drop-off place, I met an old lady who was carrying a trash bag that looked heavy.

“Good morning. I’m also headed to the drop-off place so would you like me to carry your bag and head there together?”

“Is that okay? Sorry, recently my back has been hurting a lot. Thank you.”

“No problem, this is a light task.”

I retrieved the trash bag and greeted everyone we passed. I heard that it’s important to get along with your neighbors and also there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t like to be greeted in a friendly way.”

When I returned home, Yuuya was awake and eating breakfast. He’s eating so much in the morning. As expected of a guy.

“It seems like it’s going to rain.”

“Really, the blue sky outside looked very clear you know?”


The miso soup was good again today. I want to make it together next time. Making breakfast with my mother has always been one of my dreams.

Yuuya looked really cool in his school uniform. I bet he’s pretty popular with the girls. It must take a lot of work to be popular. My leading doctor was pretty popular with the nurses.

“Here, your bento.” (Mom)

“Thanks.” (Yuuya)

A ten thousand yen bill was put on my desk. Since there’s a school lunch I guess it means that I don’t get a bento.

“What is it? Don’t tell me it’s not enough.”

Despite feeling dispirited, when I heard my mother using a displeased tone I quickly denied her.

“No, thank you very much.”

I can’t say that because her breakfast was so good that I want a bento. It’s a lot of work to make a bento and I’m sure the school lunch is tasty too. I have to endure.

“I’m off.”

“What, are you going with your face like that?”

“Is that no good?”

When I finished breakfast and went to the entrance to put on my shoes, my mom appeared to be bewildered and doubtful. I checked my appearance many times in the mirror so I thought that I looked fine, but?

“You aren’t going to wear make-up?”

“I’ve been frustrated by it.”

I woke up early and tried my best but I guess it was impossible in the end.

“Is it better for me to wear make-up?”

“That’s not true… if you’re fine with that then I won’t say anything. Take care.”

“See you later!”

All right, we’re going to school! …Was what I thought when I opened the door and that’s good but, I wonder where my school is?

Yuuya left just before me on his bike. To get lost after my first step outside, this is too pitiable.

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