Wife is Outrageous: His Evil Highness Comes Knocking

Alternative Name: 娘子不像话:妖孽殿下来敲门
Author: 穆丹枫
Artist: –
Category: Comedy, Gender Bender, Romance, Xianxia
Status: Completed at 1060 chapters
Source: Link
Translator(s)/Translation Group: Alyschu&Co
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Description: (by Lovelet from shushenbar with alyschu edits)
What?! The one sticking to her daily, eating her tofu (taking advantage of her) is a crossdresser?

Not to mention that he’s the Evil Highness!! She had slept beside him, and was touched by him, what a big loss!


Softly on his chest, listening to his pounding, strong heartbeat, her face turned red. Her greatest desire was to be in his arms.

She never dared to dream before, dared not wish for, and never thought that in this life there was such chance. This had been in her most secret heart of hearts, she longed for his warmth, longed for his love.

Even though he had hurt her before, he had given her more tenderness than others.

Being teased, loved, laughed at… had infiltrated into her bloodstream. Love, she did not know when it had taken root, for when she discovered it, it had grown into a towering tree, no longer able to be split open or cut off.

His hug, his warmth, she would not allow him to give it to others. If they were not for only her, she would rather not want them.

wife is outrageous

alyschu note: I have no idea where Lovelet got the description from but I decided to use it since the official little synopsis is in the beginning of this one’s.

Chapter 1-50
1. The pretty little boy (1)
2. The pretty little boy (2)
3. The pretty little boy (3)
4. The pretty little boy (4)
5. The pretty little boy (5)
6. The pretty little boy (6)
7. The pretty little boy (7)
8. The pretty little boy (8)
9. The pretty little boy (9)
10. The pretty little boy (10)
11. How to eat a sausage
12. What lady, lady?!
13. The dumpling almost became a meat patty
14. That smile really doesn’t look like a child’s smile…
15. A very long night
16. The most bewitching man
17. The bewitching man
18. In the blink of an eye, the old mother hen had become a duck
19. Stealing all of her things with good intentions
20. You don’t need to thank me too much
21. Someone beautiful to this extent, is still considered to be human?
22. Someone beautiful to this extent, is still considered to be human? (2)
23. Someone beautiful to this extent, is still considered to be human? (3)
24. One must answer the call of nature
25. A police officer interrogating a thief
26. That child—— might not have been human…
27. That unlucky kid stole all my possessions and ran away
28. Bumping into a celestial in the daytime!
29. Making one so comfortable that they want to heave a sigh
30. A mentality that would not yield nor cry until death
31. Clap to promise
32. In an imaginary era, infatuation is aplenty
33. Riding on coattails
34. Riding on coattails (2)
35. Making her be a cushion in the true meaning
36. The pk of two great beauties
37. The pk of two great beauties (2)
38. The pk of two great beauties (3)
39. The pk of two great beauties (4)
40. Take off shoes or take off clothes?
41. Take off shoes or take off clothes? (2)
42. Take off shoes or take off clothes? (3)
43. Little Luoer definitely cannot bear to abandon me
44. Baoer, wake up, look at me…
45. Heavens, could you be more twisted?
46. Who’s the Celestial Maiden?
47. Who’s the Celestial Maiden? (2)
48. Pinching others because she’s afraid of pain?!
49. This fellow always seems to be taking advantage of her…
50. Seeing to an injured leg needs her to take responsibility?!
Chapter 51-100
51. This isn’t peeping…
52. Little Luoer, you don’t have the heart to throw me away
53. This fellow! Will it kill you to stop being sappy?!
54. Sticky candy that can’t be thrown off
55. I want to sleep with you (1)
56. I want to sleep with you (2)
57. Reason for not killing her
58. Why aren’t you called Qi Baoer anymore?
59. Entice
60. You wouldn’t try to silence me by killing me right…
61. A world-shaking yell
62. No direct contact even between woman
63. Like a beautiful young woman requesting her husband to pamper her!
64. Practically Sister Lotus reincarnated!
65. Don’t fall for this older sister, this sister is just passing through
66. I’ll help you wear your clothes, you help me tie my hair
67. Turn into a supporting actress
68. Potential gossip queen
69. You wouldn’t be deceiving me right
70. Dancing around as if they were having cramps
71. You’re really are good at guessing!
72. This girl was too good at causing trouble
73. Can’t deal with her, but can’t she hide?!
74. Destined man
75. That was a lazy fellow
76. Where could she have gone so late at night?
77. Ass up goose style
78. Beauty saving the hero
79. It’s so late at night, why did you try and look for me?
80. For Little Luoer, I’m willing to risk my life!
81. The relationship between eating and getting eaten
83. The relationship between eating and getting eaten (2)
84. The relationship between eating and getting eaten (3)
85. The relationship between eating and getting eaten (4)
86. Artificial respiration
87. Artificial respiration (2)
88. Eggs that could fly
89. Little Louer, I still feel a bit weak
90. Completely calm
91. Crushed me to death
92. Never expected that those two eggs were actually husband and wife
93. Don’t tell me you guys will really hatch out into little chicks
94. Who defiled whom?
95. Who defiled whom? (2)
96. How can I be husband and wife with Bai Li?
97. When did he degenerate to doing a rooster’s job?
98. Author advertising about another novel, no chapter.
99. The Lazy Bai Li
100. Who will be eliminated?
Chapter 101-150
101. Who will be eliminated? (2)
102. Who will be eliminated? (3)
103. I’m your master
104. Male chauvinist pig
105. Seemed to be squeezing into her chest
106. With Little Luoer next to me, I’m not afraid of anything
107. Obediently bring a flock of dumb birds to walk in a trap…

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