Wife is Outrageous 101

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101. Who will be eliminated? (2)

This was why everyone was nervous, in fear that they themselves would lag behind and be the one to be knocked out.

It was good that within this one month, everyone had all learned a few techniques.

Drawing talismans and catching ghosts all came very easily.

With those skills, even if they left Purple Cloud Clan, they would still be considered great among the masses. Perhaps, they could become a National Preceptor, or even a…

Qi Luoer was not worried that she would not pass, she was worried that Yun Hua might not accept her…

It was as though a little rabbit was inside her head as her mind went into a mess.

“Elder Hao has arrived!

A sapphire blue robed disciple shouted loudly.

A current of mist appeared out of nowhere from the level ground as Hao Yunzhong appeared before the many disciples.

His gaze swept across once, and the plaza immediately went into absolute silence as everyone’s attention focused on his person.

He nodded in satisfaction: “Everyone, I am Purple Cloud Clan’s Guardian Elder…”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly stopped and looked toward the sky with a slightly worried face.

Everyone saw him look toward the skies, and followed his line of sight.

Everyone’s complexions all changed!

The originally incomparably sunny and cloudless sky was now suddenly covered with black clouds. Lumps of clouds rolled over.

Above the black clouds were numerous troops of every size and shape!

The entire world darkened!

“Not good! The Demon Sect is invading!”

Hao Yunzhong lowly yelled, then waved his hand: “Everyone, go look for a place to hide. We’ll do the exam again once we drive these demons off.”

After giving Yun Zhongyue a few instructions, he flew up, turned once in the air, and disappeared.

This was the first time that the various disciples had seen such a sight before. With their eyes, they saw the troops head toward Purple Cloud Mountain.

There was also a small team heading toward White Cloud Mountain. They stirred up tons of smoke and dust as they attempt to slam through White Cloud Mountain’s barrier…

At first, everyone didn’t know how to react.

Yun Zhongyue jumped up, and said: “It’s not safe here anymore. Everyone, follow me!”

At this point, there was no need for Yun Zhongyue to shout. Everyone immediately followed behind him.

The originally sunny and cloudless afternoon now resembled a dark night.

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