Wife is Outrageous 106

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106. With Little Luoer next to me, I’m not afraid of anything

Upon entering, she could still only hear the whistling of the wind, but now, she couldn’t even hear any wind sounds.

It was deathly silent all around, with only an expanse of moisture in the air that assaulted the senses.

Suddenly, an odd noise sounded from the depths of the cave.

It sounded like a wild animal grinding its teeth, but also sounded like something been torn. The sound was muffled, yet incomparably clear.

Qi Luoer couldn’t help but tremble. Could there be a monster inside this cave?

“Be careful!”

Qi Luoer held Bai Li’s hand as she warned in a low voice.

Bai Li’s palm was ice-cold, and she said in a shaken voice: “Little Luoer, could there be a spirit monster in this this cave?”

“D-don’t be afraid! Leave everything to me…”

Qi Luoer quickly consoled.

Even though she told someone else to not be afraid, her own heart was jumping around.

After all, this place wasn’t the same as the society she originally came from. Whatever strange and savage thing could all appear here…

Bai Li leaned her head on Qi Luoer’s shoulder: “Mn, with Little Luoer next to me, I’m not afraid of anything. I’d gladly charge into a mountain of dagger and a sea of flames together and…”

Before she finished speaking, a series of cries came suddenly came from the depths of the cave.

Sound after sound rang, with some distant and some far, some to the left and some to the right.

These ear-piercing mournful shouts would make one’s hair stand on end.

Qi Luoer’s complexion changed. She jumped, and said: “It’s the sound of the other disciples! Did they encounter a terrifying beast?”

Bai Li dragged her back: “Little Luoer, wait!”

Qi Luoer blanked: “What?”

Bai Li said coldly: “Don’t you feel that this cave is really weird? We’ve been here for almost a year, so we should already be familiar with every nook and cranky in White Cloud Mountain. When did it have such a eerie cave?”

Qi Luoer was stumped. She liked to explore, so in the month she was in White Cloud Mountain, she had indeed walked everywhere.

She really didn’t feel like there was a cave anywhere…

“What do you mean? Are you saying that this is an illusory realm created by the Demon Sect people? It’s not real? But we just heard the shouts of our comrade earlier. I recognize their voices.”

A cold smile surfaced on the corner of Bai Li’s mouth: “How do you know that it’s made by people of the Demon Sect?”

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