Wife is Outrageous 100

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100. Who will be eliminated?

But, what does outstandingly mean? Did she have to be number one?

She sighed faintly, then glanced at Bai Li.

She saw her eyes narrow, and didn’t know what she was thinking about.

“Bai Li, who are you going to take as Master?”

Bai Li’s lips curled as she laughed: “I — don’t mind. I don’t care who becomes my Master.”

“How can you not mind?”

Qi Luoer looked at her curiously: “Taking someone as Master is a huge matter, if you get a good Master, your studies and progress will quicken by many times.”

Bai Li glanced at her smilingly: “Is that why you want to have Yun Hua as your Master?”

When she spoke of Yun Hua, there was not the least bit of respect, as she directly called him by name.

Fortunately, Qi Luoer herself didn’t have strong views about senior-junior positions, so she didn’t feel like Bai Li’s words were inappropriate.

Having been in contact with Bai Li for a month, she had grown accustomed to Bai Li’s way of speaking, and long treated her as an intimate friend.

Once the conversation got to this point, she no longer wanted to hide it as she nodded: “Mn…”

She spoke about back then, when she was brought to Cloudmist Mountain, and the bet she made with Yun Hua. After that, she sighed: “But I don’t know what Revered Superior Yun Hua counts as outstanding… Do I have to get first place?”

Bai Li’s eyes flickered as she laughed: “He might’ve been deceiving you! Outstanding is too vague… only a stupid girl like you would believe that!”

She didn’t know why, but after hearing that Qi Luoer wanted Yun Hua to be her Master, her heart felt extremely unwell.

As she dumped cold water on Qi Luoer with her words, several thoughts spun around in her heart…

Come early morning, Qi Luoer assembled at White Cloud Mountain’s plaza with Bai Li.

The eighty disciples who were about to take the test were basically all present.

Everyone was all somewhat nervous. It was said that in this time’s exam, both Clan Masters would be present and would personally evaluate them.

Yun Zhongyue had already explained it to them that more than half of them would be eliminated.

In other words, the out of the eighty people present, only thirty six of them could become official disciples of Purple Cloud Clan.

The ones eliminated after the exam would have to leave White Cloud Mountain, and would no longer be affiliated with immortal cultivation world.

This was why everyone was nervous, for fear that they themselves would lag behind and be the one to be knocked out.

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