Wife is Outrageous 102

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102. Who will be eliminated? (3)

Some disciples were scared and couldn’t help but want to use their arts to light a torch.

However, once a small flame was conjured, it was unexpectedly brushed away by Yun Zhongyue’s hand: “We can’t light torches now! We’ll be discovered by the those from the demon sect!”

These words scared those who had been about to light torches, making them quickly stop their fire arts.

This was the first time Qi Luoer had seen the so-called demon sect people.

She saw those demon sect disciples dressed completely in black. Even though there were some that looked ugly and some that were handsome, dark air winded around their body as evil energy soared through the skies…

Her heart hammered. Within this month, she had heard many people talk about the Great Demon Celestial Battle.

Apparently, every great war was a bloodbath. Could it be that this was another one?

Suddenly, she thought about Dou Ding and Dou Bao, who were still in their room.

Her heart sank: “Not good. We can hide, but what about Dou Ding and Dou Bao?!”

She acted without thinking, and turned around, leaving the group, running straight toward the dormitories.

It was as dark as night at the moment. Everyone was all anxiously escaping, so no one noticed that she had left.

The road was dark, it was hard to see anything.

Fortunately, Qi Luoer had night advancement experience, and she was familiar with this road.

Thus, even though she was unable to clearly see the road ahead, she still advanced exceptionally fast.

“Little Luoer, wait for me!”

A sound suddenly came from behind.

Bai Li?!

Qi Luoer turned around to look, and Bai Li had already arrived before her.

She grabbed her hand: “Little Luoer, why didn’t you say anything before running off?”

囧! This guy’s sticky candy disposition probably wouldn’t even change in ten million years!

“Bai Li, why are you following me? Why aren’t you following Supervisor Yun to hide…”

“Little Luoer, I’m worried about you. If you’re going to die, we’ll die together! Don’t even think about leaving me behind!”

Bai Li used her little finger to point at her. Even though it was hard to make out her face in the dark night, Qi Luoer was able to guess her expression after hearing her secretly grudging voice.

Qi Luoer only felt that her head enlarged. When she turned back to look, everyone else had all disappeared without a trace…

Alright, alright. I’ll just let her follow me.

Even though Bai Li didn’t have much courage, it would be easier to protect her since Bai Li herself was strong in mystic arts anyway.

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