Wife is Outrageous 97

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97. When did he degenerate to doing a rooster’s job?

She picked up Dou Ding, put it on her bed, and yawned: “All right, I’m your master now. I’m sleepy, so stand vigil for me, wake me up at around 5-7 am…”

Dou Ding’s little face face immediately swelled like a filled air balloon: “I’m a divine treasure, not a stupid rooster!”

Dou Ding almost teared.

As the stately ‘Husband and Wife Stem’ that had lived for more than two thousand years, he was suppose to be a ‘celestial’ with boundless power that ordinary mortals would bow at if they saw him.

When did he degenerate to doing a rooster’s job?

Wuu, that’s serious wasting resources!

Qi Luoer bopped it on the head: “I’m your master, you’re suppose to do whatever I say! If not, hehe, lightning will strike you one day.”

Dou Ding’s face drooped.

Even though it was a hundred percent unwilling, it still complied with heaven’s degree and recognize its little master.

Even though its little master’s spiritual power was so low that it could be overlooked.

But its master was its master, someone who it was unable to resist.

Or else it might really incur the wrath of heaven; that would certainly not be good…

Bai Li also yawned, then casually stroked Dou Bao’s soft fur: “Baobao, I can’t bare to make you stay up, come sleep with me. Since Dou Ding’s there, we wouldn’t have to worry about oversleep.”

Then she placed Dou Bao beside her pillow and also went to sleep…

Leaving the pitiful Dou Ding who widened his big round eyes, not daring to sleep, as it obediently took on the role of a daybreak rooster…

Early next morning, Dou Ding punctually woke up Qi Luo.

Qi Luoer got up, and Bai Li naturally got up as well.

On behalf of Dou Ding being responsible and diligent, gave Dou Ding half a day off, letting it have some free time.

She headed off to class with Bai Li.

The following days after, Qi Luoer was even more hardworking. After coming back home every night, she would go to the bamboo forest area to train, manipulate matter, recite incantations, practicing sword techniques, and fighting techniques…

And reviewed everything she learned from Instructor Li Yu during the day time.

She lost more and more weight, making even those who hated her a bit, like Dou Ding, worry.

It even urged her to go back into that barrier to pick another Cloud Fruit.

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