Wife is Outrageous 107

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107. Obediently bring a flock of dumb birds to walk in a trap…

A cold smile surfaced on the corner of Bai Li’s mouth: “How do you know that it’s made by people of the Demon Sect?”

Qi Luoer frowned: “You also saw lots of Demon Sect members charging in. It might be an illusory realm they created to compel us to go in so they can kill us all in one fell swoop.”

Bai Li coldly laughed: “If it’s really an illusory realm created by Demon Sect people, it’s alright if ordinary disciples don’t notice it, but who are Yun Zhongyue and Li Yu? It doesn’t make sense to say that they don’t recognize it and obediently bring a flock of dumb birds to walk in a trap…”

Swoon! Bai Li’s words today possess to have a bit of a bite.

But, they weren’t unreasonable. Then —— what exactly is going on here?

Just as she was being a bit hesitant, she suddenly heard the sound of someone singing come from inside the cave: “The cold moon stares at the deep burial mounds, the greedy do not move. Once entering the nest of a hundred demons, they must die within this cave…”

The singing voice was mournful as it floated about, and was barely discernable.

It was as though there was a spectre of death, grinning as it sang in this boundless darkness.

Qi Luoer only felt her blood freeze, as she suddenly yelled: “Are you human or a ghost? Where are you playing this trick from, come out right now!”

Her voice was extremely loud and clear, suppressing that faintly discernable singing sound.






A series of strange laughs echoed from the depths of the cave.

So there’s still two fish who managed to slip through the net…”

“Little girls, if you’ve got guts, come on in.”

“Oh, check out their smooth and tender skin, they must be really yummy…”

“Your friends are all in our hands…”

The screaming of a few girls followed those words, along with muching sounds.

It sounded like some sort of wild animal tearing at its prey…

Qi Luoer’s heart pounded, as both her legs softened.

The hand in which she held Bai Li seeped with cold sweat.

She nearly broke into a run.

But when she thought about those fellow sisters of hers that were still in the cave, she gritted her teeth and tightened her fists.

These people’s martial arts must be quite good to be able to contain her sisters. She herself was probably not their match.

However, she couldn’t abandon her comrades no matter what, she really couldn’t!

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