Wife is Outrageous 88

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88. Eggs that could fly

“Can’t, can’t! Absolutely cannot! You think this Cloud Fruit is the cabbage that you personally grew? Something that you can eat until full!?

This thing took six hundred years to bear thirty two of them, it can’t just be wasted by you!

Besides, you can only eat this once a day. Eating it more than once a day would have no effects, it would just be squandered…”

That boy voice sounded like an old perfectionist as he thoroughly explained this fruit’s characteristics.

Qi Louer looked to the right, yet still didn’t see where the owner of the voice was.

Her heart stirred: “Who exactly are you guys? Come out and talk to me!”

Once she said that, everywhere around here became silent.

“Hey, come out! Let me see what kind of spirit or god you are.”

“…” It was still silent, without any movements.

Can’t be ghosts, right? Qi Louer only felt that there was something fishy.

She originally didn’t believe in ghost stories, but this was a xianxia world. There were celestials, devils, so it naturally would have ghosts.

Qi Louer raised her head and carefully swept over her surroundings, yet still didn’t see half of anyone’s shadow.

She unintentionally looked at the Cloud Fruit Tree again, and inspiration struck: “Hey, if you guys don’t come out again, I’ll pluck all the Cloud Fruits off this tree to play ball…”

Before her last words had finished, she heard a thin sigh. Following right after, the girl’s voice shouted out: “No, please don’t, we’ll come out…”

“As expected of a disreputable woman, I’ll do it!” That boy’s voice was somewhat flustered.

After the slight flapping of wings, two round lights came from empty space, flying over to Qi Louer.

Qi Louer stared, her mouth suddenly agape as she went speechless.

Egg! What flew over, were two eggs! Two golden yellow eggs!

Each one was as big as a duck’s egg, and on each were a pair of small wings as they crookedly flew to Qi Louer’s front.

“Woman, we’re coming out! Don’t pick any more Cloud Fruits!”

The slightly bigger egg of the two said as it hopped on the ground.

Its voice was actually that boy’s voice.

Qi Louer’s mouth was hung open so large that a duck’s egg could almost fit right in.

As expected, this world did not have something that was most abnormal, it only had things that were even more abnormal!

Even eggs could talk, and they even had an additional pair of wings!

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