GDBBM – Chapter 140 -141

Tadaaaaaaaa~ Double release!!! Here’s your double dose of happiness! Your smile is happily brought to you by our fabulous supporters: Chapter 140 brought to you by The Silver Shops & Thawatchai Suwanpathumlert Chapter 141 brought to you by Ezty91 & Ylial Let’s get our pom poms out and cheer!!! *hip hip hURRRAAAAAAAaaaaaayyy* Thanks for … Continue reading

Genius Doctor : Black Belly Miss Chapter 1 to …

Hi Everyone, I’m Misty from Misty Cloud Translations and I’m currently translating this really amazing c-novel called Genius Doctor : Black Belly Miss which has a very interesting female main character and of course a gorgeous male lead. If you’ve not read this novel yet, do give it a read, it’s … Continue reading