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New Series Added: Purple River, Apartments for Rent (18+)

Hi guys, Sharogy of EasyGoingScans has decided to join our Moon Bunny community and is sharing two of it’s (Sharogy wants to be refered to as it, please question Sharogy, not me about this) translations. Purple River Fantasy, War, Comedy, Intrigue. Apartments for Rent (18+) Horror, bizarre, mature, adult, murder, … Continue reading

New Series Added: I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world

Hi everyone, I finally finished transferring the existing chapters for this series. The first volume was translated by LazyNeet, then I(Firebird) continued it on my blog after confirming that he wasn’t available anymore. As for the schedule, it doesn’t have one, I’m translating it whenever I can. Have fun reading … Continue reading