Genius Doctor : Black Belly Miss Chapter 1 to …

Hi Everyone,

I’m Misty from Misty Cloud Translations and I’m currently translating this really amazing c-novel called Genius Doctor : Black Belly Miss which has a very interesting female main character and of course a gorgeous male lead.

If you’ve not read this novel yet, do give it a read, it’s about a female genius doctor with a dark past who transmigrated into a strange new world and there’s contractual spirits, princes, pill refining, revenge and lots of face slapping- all the ingredients you need to a nice c-novel. If you like DKC, you might wanna try reading this too. =)

And for those who’s been with me since day one, hi! heehee

I’m in the midst of uploading the chapters here, currently 134 chapters have been translated and we’ve still got a looooong way to go…

Look forward to your support thanks!

Yoroshiku ne~

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7 Responses to Genius Doctor : Black Belly Miss Chapter 1 to …

  1. Leafyeyes417 says:

    Cool~ I have been reading it but got busy so I’m at chapter 75.

    Welcome to MBC!

  2. Rosehip says:

    I am having trouble seeing chapter 15-130. Even if I manually type in the number into the url bar I can’t get a wepbage to show for them. Are they not up yet or labelled in a different way?

  3. Anonymous says:

    YEA there’s no chapter 15 onwards.

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