GDBBM – Chapter 1018-1019

Chapter 1018 A faint almost indiscernible breeze brushes my face I look up and my heart started to race Another Happy Dose floats in lazily through the air As beautiful a sight, mesmerizing and fair Chapter 1019 Get rid of the negativity that holds you back Give the it’s impossible mindset the … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 990-1017

*teary eyes* I’ve finally caught up….!!!!!! Yes, these are up to date to our released chapters! If you can’t wait for more, do check out our Patreon where you will get early access to tons of chapters…fufufu… Have an awesome weekend ahead~ Woo Hoo! *cartwheels* Chapter 990: “Even Before the Water … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 968-989

Chapter 968-989 you go~ Chapter 968: “Cruel Form of Contest (3)” Chapter 969: “Big Eared Rabbit (1)” Chapter 970: “Big Eared Rabbit (2)” Chapter 971: “Big Eared Rabbit (3)” Chapter 972: “Lord Meh Meh’s Rage (1)” Chapter 973: “Lord Meh Meh’s Rage (2)” Chapter 974: “Lord Meh Meh’s Rage … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 939-967

*pant pant*… trying to catch up…urghhhh… Here’s a bucketful of happiness for now… will try to update to the latest chapter in a bit… *bashful smile* Chapter 939: “Tenth Slap (3)” Chapter 940: “Tenth Slap (4)” Chapter 941: “Tenth Slap (5)” Chapter 942: “Empress Dowager (1)” Chapter 943: “Empress Dowager … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 919-939

Here’s your happiness. Sorry it took so long… will continue updating tomorrow.. Chapter 919: “Curtains Up (3)” Chapter 920: “Curtains Up (4)” Chapter 921: “Curtains Up (4)” Chapter 922: “Curtains Up (5)” Chapter 923: “Curtains Up (6)” Chapter 924: “Curtains Up (7)” Chapter 925: “Slap with Borrowed Hand – First … Continue reading

DDFYM – Chapter 64-75

Phew. Finally. yes, sorry for the late release, here you go. A bucketful of happiness translated by Socksrocker! Chapter 64: “Furnace explodes again…” Chapter 65: “A Seal on the Body” Chapter 66: Light-Devil Body Chapter 67: Secret of  Pill Refinement    Extra dose of happiness (brought to you by Eleanor Woodall & Heidi … Continue reading