DDFYM – Chapter 197-198

Yay~ Chapter 197-198 Stop rubbing your eyes~ YES! It’s an extra dose of happiness! *cartwheels* WOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Please put your hands together for Corine Teo!!! Thank you! *Fireworks and confetti* Here’s your extra dose of happiness brought to you by our super amazing Corine Teo~   Ta Daaaaa~ Here’s your 1st happy dose … Continue reading

DDFYM – Chapter 179-183

*Smacks forehead and digs hole* I’m so sorry that I’ve missed out posting these chapters… Thanks for letting me know what a klutzy move I did and sorry for the disappointment when you clicked on the next button! Here are the chapters that I owe you… I’m gonna start from … Continue reading

DDFYM – Chapter 161-165

Thanks for waiting~ Here’s a bunch of happy doses to make your day soooo much better! Chapter 160: Swaying success Chapter 161: Bloodline of the Nine tailed fox Chapter 162: So stupid, are you a pig or what! Chapter 163: Hatred runs deep Chapter 164: Meeting men from the Domineering … Continue reading