GDBBM – Chapter 613-615

Chapter 613-615 Here are your extra dose of happiness~ woo hoo! *smirk* It’s squeal time!   Chapter 613 Chapter 614 Chapter 615 ps: For fans of Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss, chapters will be a bit slow as I’ve caught a bad cold… nose is running a marathon… sniffle… TGIF everyone! … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 597-599

YAY! We’ve hit our first goal~ *cheers & clappers* *HUGE FIREWORKS* *Deep Bow* Huge fireworks festival that flashes in the various colours with each name on the beautiful night canvas. Let’s put our hands together for our dear supporters. Super awesome. Thank you. Thanks for supporting us on Patreon! Here … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 594

Chapter 594 Here’s your apology chapter for yesterday! Enjoy! Chapter 594 For anyone who’s confused… we usually post it first on Misty Cloud Translations and here on Moon Bunny Cafe. Due to our site issues yesterday over at, we’ve posted it first here. The site’s still being tweaked so … Continue reading