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Maken no Daydreamer

Alternative Name: Demon Fist Daydreamer, 魔拳のデイドリーマー
Author: Nishi Oshyou
Artist: –
Category: Japanese web novel, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Seinen
Status: Ongoing
Source: – http://ncode.syosetu.com/n0433bl/
Translator(s)/Translation Group: EnTruce
Subscribe: RRS

Minato is a college student who died in a plane crash and was reincarnated in a fantasy world. He was raised alone in the wilderness by his succubus mother, and now he tries to make his way as an adventurer.

maken daydreamer

Volume 1 - Reincarnation, Western-styled House and Mother’s Love

Volume 2 - The Bespectacled Girl and the Labyrinth of Naga

Volume 3 - Crimson Forest and The Black Owl
Chapter 23 – Rank and Call
Chapter 24 – Meeting with Guild Master
Chapter 25 – The Legend of『Wasp Spider』
Chapter 26 – First『Quest』
Chapter 27 – Kobold and Landslide and Egg
Chapter 28 – That Owl like Magical Food
Chapter 29 – Encounter with Guards
Chapter 30 – Girls’ Talk on the Riverside
Chapter 31 – 『Blood Maple』
Chapter 32 – Forest Mayhem
Chapter 33 – Exceed Hopper
Chapter 34 – Magic and Poison and Memory
Chapter 35 – The name is『Nevalides』
Chapter 36 – A moment at Tavern

14 Responses to Maken no Daydreamer

  1. Ryuuji F says:

    please be sure to translate this and not forget about it.

  2. Enrimore says:

    They are doing it on https://entruce.wordpress.com/projects/mnd-chapters/ so you could email them or something they have some more chapters out

  3. Joker bro says:

    love this already no lie the novel covers got me 😛 keep up the good work I swear I’ll donate as soon as I can

  4. Nanashi says:

    Oy. the links for 16 and 17 aren’t working, yo!?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Welp, this series is pretty fast-paced and pretty darn idiotic, like most Jap stories.
    But none the less, it’s fun to read. Don’t expect much other than “for the lulz”.

  6. Ryuzak316 says:

    those are all the chapters of volume 1?

  7. cfaz_98 says:

    did they drop the project or what?

  8. shinigami says:

    sigan traducciendo

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