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Chapter 10 – First Dungeon
After walking 30 minutes from the city, that dungeon was there.

Ah, Dungeon is the area where an ordinary person won’t come close to due to demons appearing and other dangers.

Not necessarily, only the places like caves or towers are called as dungeons. Places like deep forests or dark swamps which are isolated and are located in danger area are denominated as ‘Dungeons’.

……Are the words Elk said.

Of course, the places like ravines or grasslands are also included. But the places like that which are not like a building or cave are just called ‘Danger Areas’. It suits fairly well, the name that is.

Though, the place Elk decided to go this time, in other words, the place I and Elk first met is the so called “Dungeon” structure-wise.

It’s name is “Labyrinth of Naga”. It seems like a pretty old dungeon.


It is pretty bright thanks to the torches. I and Elk keep on walking through the corridors made of rock.

Of course, it has some sort of strange intense atmosphere. After all it is a dungeon.

Well, we haven’t met any demon till now.

What sort of demons might appear? I’m kinda interested.

Naturally, they will be different from the ones I have always met.

“There won’t be any strong monsters coming out. It’s still 1st floor……and the dungeon itself has pretty low rank.”

“? Dungeon also have their own rank?”

“……You really don’t know anything. Just where did you live and how were you raised?”

I was raised in a western-style house within a forest while defeating demons everyday and living with mom.

……If I say something like that, most probably an answer like “What?” will only come back, for now let’s decieve her.

“Well it wasn’t a good environment……”

From the view of a normal person with common sense it definitely is.

“!! I-I see……Sorry, for asking something strange……”

Elk shows an expression as if saying ‘Oh my!’.

Shit, she took it the wrong way?

And then Elk, starts explaining to me politely

“It isn’t that complex. You do know that monsters and races have their own rank, right?”


“……I’ll continue then.”

Elk this time ignored my unusual silence.

Sorry, for me being unknown to things.

“The Guild decides upon the rank of dungeon based upon the the monsters that appear in that dungeon. The race of monsters and their rank and the resources or treasures one can get from the dungeon……as for historic ruins, the difficulty of traps is also taken into consideration.”

“Guild does? How does it get that information? Do they dispatch some sort of research team?”

“Yes, when new dungeons or danger areas are discovered, the guild puts out a quest for investigating them. Naturally, many voluntarily enter for gaining rewards from investigating and so the information reaches to guild.”

“Ah, I see”

Surely if they pay attention to only the credibility, the investigation will end quickly. Really clever way to do work. [Can’t make much meaningful sentence in English.]

“By the way the rank of this “Labyrinth of Naga”

“It is E”

“Hmm……really low?”

“Yeah. It pretty low-rank for it to be called a dungeon.”

From what I have heard, the ‘Rank’ given to a dungeon or danger area is made after taking into consideration of the average level or rank of monsters that appear and also whether there are any traps or not.

In other words, the monsters that appear in this ‘Labyrinth of Naga’ are mostly near Rank E.

There might be some strong monsters that that but the weaker monsters is more. Both in numbers and types of races.

“If you don’t go deep enough you won’t meet strong monsters. In the first place E and F ranked monsters are like stray monsters living in any place. But inside a labyrinth they have longer bodies and so it is difficult to run sometimes. Taking that into consideration this is E.”

I got it, I completely got it. So this only for beginners.

Well even so, due to the fact that monster’s appear here it is regarded as a danger area from the pov of an ordinary person. I have be on guard always!

Ah, now that I think about it. I have one more thing I’m kinda concerned about.

“Hey Elk, in this labyrinth……there are wall-paintings of snakes made here and there, right?”

I point at a wall painting of a snake……it’s pretty big.

There is a figure of human made besides it……on comparing both, the snake is pretty big.

“Eh? Yeah that’s right. That’s from where the name ‘Naga’ came from?”[ET: I did some search on Google-sensei’s directory. And found out Naga is another name for Snake.]

“This snake in the painting, does it appear in here?”

“No, a guy like that has not been discovered as of yet. The people from the research group of guild think that this snake some sort of god which was worshipped by the people when this labyrinth was being made.”

Hmm, So that’s what it was?

The name also represents him, as if he is the boss of the main monster of this dungeon.

“If that snake was here, then this dungeon wouldn’t be regarded as an beginner’s dungeon……or rather what is boss, that boss word.” [ET: Since the last chapter he while thinking starts murmuring.]

“Ah, Yeah, just some delusional word.”

Elk’s amazed glare falls on me who just showed off the eight-grade syndrome. [ET: In Romaji it is ‘Chuunibyou’ for those who don’t know the word Eight-Grade Syndrome.]

Oh, something came“


From the insides of the corridor, the breathing sounds and footsteps of something came.

Elk hasn’t noticed it yet, though. Something is coming here.

Some seconds later, Elk also noticed the sounds and figures……from inside of the dark corridor came out some demons.

“You have good ears?”

“Ah, Yeah, Thanks. What is that?”

“Can’t you see that it’s a goblin” [ET: Here comes the poor monster who is always defeated by the MC firstly (killed not sparring partner) and that so in all the three WN’s i’m Tl’ing.]

They have green and crumpled ugly faces. Greasy Hair. Height is……around 130 cm?

They are wearing clothes made of hair and holding clubs in their hands, Just like the image of a primitive man.

It doesn’t have any horns. It really is the demon which the feeling ‘It indeed is a Goblin!’.

The other side has also noticed us and shouts out in i don’t know whether in high voice or low voice. Are they saying something like ‘Who are those people’.

At the same time, Elk shuts her mouth and takes out the dagger hanging on her waist.

“Don’t lose your guard. Though it is of low level, but there is no change in the fact that this is dangerous.”

“Yeah, that is a given. By the way what is the rank of a goblin.”

“It’s E. A group of armed civilians can hunt them down or so it is said. But don’t rely on these words.”


“Just like goblin, the demons in humanoid forms have more or less intelligence inside their brains and can be difficult to defeat based on the weapons they use. There are also those who use the weapons of dead adventurers.”

Ah, I see. So the degree of difficulty changes due to the weapon and experience.

According to Elk,

For example, the goblins armed with clubs are mostly under the rank ‘E’.

They can reach up to rank’D’ if they according to the weapons they use and other factors too. On the other hand an unarmed goblin is of rank ‘F’.

They have short height and are not agile but they have absurd physical strength.

Furthermore, they attack in crowds, so it’s natural to fight them by forming a team.

Goblins upon seeing Elk taking out her dagger take their combat stances.

But they only increased their shouting……It’s gotten annoying. [ET: Goblins shouting more is their combat stance….I think]

“They’re coming……you don’t need weapons?”

“Nh? Ah, you see I……”

Suddenly 1 goblin comes running towards us and that so in a pretty gross way of running.

Elk throws the dagger at once towards the goblin.

It hits the shoulder of goblin beautifully. And he only cries *Gyaagyaaa*. Doesn’t look like they can bear pain. Well, it did hit the shoulder.

However, Elk didn’t overlook the goblin’s wailing while stopping his advance, maybe becuase of experience.

She quickly approaches the goblin while evading the club swung by goblin due to pain and irritation. And she strikes the head of goblin who is full of gaps.

The goblin’s neck is cut, blood starts flowing and the goblin dies down on the spot.

Right after Elk retreated from that place. A magnificent version of ‘Hit and Away’.

“When you don’t have confidence to defeat a goblin, it’s basic to kill it slitting its throat and running away later. Just like how I did.”

“I see……You’re pretty strong yourself.”

“Well I did train myself for that……I can do something like this. But don’t let down your guard. With this the others are angry and will come at us.”

Just like Elk says, the other 2 Goblins start shouting even more. They are obviously angry, Yes.

And now I stand in the way of those goblins.

“Elk,can I take care of the rest 2? It will serve as a little warm up”

“Will you be able to do it alone? ……and I am saying from before, don’t you need a weapon?”

“Yeah, it’s fine. I can fight like this.”

Saying that, I point my clenched fist towards Elk.


Elk stares at me in puzzlement. Then after some seconds she understands my intention.

“…………Bare hand?”

“Bare Hand”

“wai- You serious? It’s a demon, you know?”

“Nh, its fine completely fine……It seems weak when compared to bears and crocodiles.”

“……What you saying?”

“Well, just wait and see”

Actions are much better than words.

I ignored Elk who is bewildered and is looking at me with eyes saying ‘What the heck you saying?’ and face towards the goblin. The moment I face them the two goblins start running towards me.

I take several steps forwards and take a combat position to not let any harm reach Elk.

Well then, the warm-up starts.

The moment I hear Elk’s gulping sound the clubs of the two goblins are swung downward aiming at my head and top of shoulder.

Well, I will be fine getting hit by this level of attack, but I’ve got no obligation to get hit.

I grab both clubs with my hands wearing gauntlets……

SFX : Bekya!!! X2 (CRACK)

……The moment I tried to catch it, both the clubs are smashed into pieces just as they came in contact with my gauntlets. And that so quite elegantly.


Elk who is standing behind is startled, no, even I’m startled.

Clubs really are soft.

Well they look like normal wooden sticks, so it is natural, I guess?

And my gauntlets (I think it was Joker Metal?), recommended by mom have impressive firmness and tenacity.

And the Goblin-sans’ also seem like they are startled, sorry but I’m going to attack now.

I face towards the goblin on my right side and do an uppercut.

Just as his body floats a little in air, I raise my left and drop a high kick on its head.

*Blargh*, The goblin makes a really gross sound. I felt the sensation of bones breaking too. And so the goblin who has its bones broken flies and strikes the wall in front of me.

Of course, he parted from this world before hitting the wall.

The other one is looking at his broken club with a dumbfounded expression. I’m sorry but……

*grab* I grab his neck and raise him up.

And then, *snap*, a sound and feeling of the neck snapping reaches me.

From the sensation, it’s not to the level of bone smashing in pieces but the spinal cord is definitely gone. Most probably he died the moment he felt the sensation of being choked.

I throw his limp body and now Phew, now it’s over.

Time required to deal with two of them: 4 seconds.

When I turn back, I find Elk with her mouth opened. Was my fighting style that weird.

She is holding her dagger, was she thinking of helping me when it’s gets bad? But she didn’t had any chance to come forward.

“It startled me……I never thought you would actually go against a demon empty handed……you’re pretty strong,eh?”

“Nh? Is that so, Thank you.”

The still startled Elk said so while putting down dagger.

“……Did you by any chance defeat those slave dealers empty-handed.”

“Yea, pretty much. Ah, by the way what should we do now? Is there a need to take the raw materials?”

I have learned this from mom.

That ‘Tearing off’ any useful ‘Raw Material’ of demons like horns,fangs or fur is normal for adventurers.

The recovered ‘raw materials’ can be sold to Guild or taken to blacksmiths to convert them into equipments or items. They have a lot of uses just like in games.

And also that travelling and fighting while using them is also a great pleasure for adventurers.

“Well it depends on the other party. In the case of Goblins there is nothing we can tear off. Their bones are sturdier than that of humans but there are other demons with much better quality of bones.”

But, looks like my knowledge is not needed against Goblins.

During the subjugation quests, it’s natural for chipping off the ears of subjugation targets but this time we entered without any such request, so it’s alright to not think about it.

In that case, will this corpse be left as it is? is that alright…………Nh?


“Eh, what?”

“They came again. This time……they’re big.”


Just like before, I noticed footsteps before Elk.

This time there are……6,no, 7,eh?

When I say that, Elk shows an expression of being really terribly startled.

And she frowns while making a meek face.

“? Is that bad?”

“Yeah, 6 are a little too much. Those guys have small bodies and can’t do many maneuvers……then the only thing we should be aware of these guys is ‘Numbers’. It’s better if we run.”

“Ooh, I see, but……”(Elk)

“? What?”(Elk)

“……It seems like they’re coming from the other side too.”


The place I’m standing at, I can perfectly hear the footsteps of goblins coming from both front and rear.

From the front there are footsteps of 7 goblins.

And from the behind are 2 goblins. The ones at back are still at a pretty far distance.

Hmm, by any chance, did they gather here due to the that annoying voices from the goblins from before.

“F-From both sides!?”

I once again ignore Elk who is screaming due to this unexpected situation.

So, what should I do now.

This is a good opportunity to practice my situation assessment power.

The ones coming from back, look like haven’t realized our presence yet.

On the other hand, the 7 coming from before are being vigilant towards us. Maybe they have already sensed us, as I can hear their really annoying voices.

Or rather, it’s only a matter of time before the ones coming from back hear those shitty voices.


I didn’t sense it at first and still can’t hear perfectly, but looks like the guests from the rear are not only goblins. But they all still far.

In that case, the best-solution right now is,

Alright, I’ll go with this.

“Elk, Come here”

“Eh? Wa-, Wha-,Eeeehhh!?”

I don’t have much time so I postpone the explain.

First, I will run towards the front with Elk in my arms. Towards the 7 Goblins who have already sensed us.

It won’t be good were captured between the two parties, and so it’s the best solution to get done with these ones before the rear ones sense us……but there are many of them.

“No, wait—Hyaaaaaa!?”

I put Elk down in a safe place and attack at them alone.

From the way Elk fights……she can fight but it doesn’t seem like she’s good in melee attacks. And her fight against goblin too was a hit and away version.

Then, it’s better I fight here, right?

From the fight before, I now know it somewhat. Against them……goblins I won’t have a problem.

Let it be 7 of them or 70 of them.

Before, I didn’t destroy their bodies because I was afraid if their raw materials were needed……but now that I know that it’s not needed and I don’t have time, I’ll kill them by breaking each of their bones. Ah but I won’t break their bodies.


(POV changes to Elk)

Above expectations.

This is the impression I am getting while watching this man.

From what I am seeing in front of me, it can’t be explained with the help of knowledge or common sense. This man is showing very impressive movements which he didn’t show before.

Attacking 7 goblins is reckless unless one is going for a surprise attack or has a lot of fighting experience.

Because even though they are of low-level. The ‘numbers’ become an advantage for them.

I or rather every beginner adventurer will choose the place with few demons and force their way through and in the end escape.

And fighting demons without any weapon is in the first place really wrong.

However, Minato really easily broke that ‘Common Sense’ of mine.

The demons naturally have sturdier bones and firm muscles. That’s why they have more stamina and defensive power.

It’s not easy to deal fatal wounds to demons who have sturdier bodies than that of humans with some third-rate swords or spears. Though Goblins are small in height but they too are not an exception from that common sense.

One needs to aim at their vital points and put their weight to deal any damage.

But he, Minato who is swinging his fists is,

crushing the limbs of those goblins with sturdier bones with just a fist and that so very easily.

Simply put. He is dodging and hitting them. Just that work.

Minato’s movements are very polished which even a noob in fighting can understand.

He dodges the clubs with very little movement and drives the fist into them.

And his attack is faster than Goblins attack and is lethal too. It won’t be wrong to call it as a lethal counter-attack.

And the situation ends up with Goblins not even getting time for reacting to those fast movements.

The only attack he intentionally dodged was the first attack, he really is scary.

He is killing the goblins with just one punch. It fits the words ’Down in a Single blow’

Even now, his fists wearing black gauntlets hit a goblin.

Compared to just one second before, it’s face is obviously dented, his neck is also a little extended (The bones of face are smashed and the bones of neck are dislocated) and right now is flying horizontally.

With just those simple movements, just how much power he is putting inside his fists.

And immediately after, 2 goblins attack at him from behind, but as if he already knew about them, does a roundhouse kick without even looking at them.

The moment the clubs are aligned side by side with both goblins heads.

Minato pulverizes both the clubs and heads of the two goblins. Both of them hit at the wall of the labyrinth. Now just one more left.

His movements are very enchanting. Having said that, they are accompanied with power.

For example……they are just like the movements an actor demonstrates on stage when acting as a Saviour of Justice.

Before I knew it, all the 7 goblins are annihilated within 10 seconds……right now the last goblin is falling down having his face crushed by to Minato’s kick.

And right after that,

Minato picks up 2 clubs and……throws them to the place I am standing. And the clubs fly past me.

Due to those actions, I immediately look back.

The 2 goblins Minato sensed before……stumble down after getting hit by the clubs thrown by Minato.

……How did I neglect my rear! Pathetic!

By the time I set up my dagger and was about to jump, Minato reached the place I was standing at.

In the end, I and Minato took each one……one of the two had his throat cut and the other had his skull broken to pieces.

9 armed goblins and attack from both front and rear.

In this situation any beginner will have no choice but to escape, but Minato who is sighing besides me overturned that situation.

“I-It was a little dangerous……Thank you Minato. You really saved me.”

“You’re welcome. But it’s still too early to relax.”


A little later,

A……single demon appeared from the same direction the 2 goblins appeared from.

It has eight legs and a shell covering it’s body.

And also has strong-looking fangs which can easily tear off any animal into pieces.

“I did think the rustling sound was noisy so it is a spider,huh? So things like these also appear here.”

Minato takes his combat stance without any signs of being confused.

……Nh? Just now what did he say? “I did think the rustling sound was noisy”?

“Elk, does it come under those you can tear of the raw materials from or not?”

“Eh? Yeah, the fangs can be taken. Not that, you could actually hear the footsteps of a ‘Spider’?”

‘Spider’ is about average even within the monsters of rank E, but no one can hear it’s footsteps.

It walks so silently that even in a place where sound reverberates it’s footsteps can’t be heard. It’s pretty dangerous as it does surprise attacks. And it also has poison.

“Well my ears and eyes are better than most of the people. And my nose too.”

“H-Hmm, I see……”

From the way he is speaking, looks like he heard it a lot before.

Now that I think about it, Minato ran towards the place with more goblins first rather than going towards the place with just 2 goblins.

It’s common sense to go towards the place with few demons unless one has projectiles.

……Well, it looks like it won’t make much difference to this guy.

Maybe he attacked the place with more goblins because he sensed the spider at that time already?

From his way of talk, it looks like though he did sense it, but he couldn’t understand that it is the ‘Spider’ demon.

So that means that he went to the place with more goblins rather than going to the place with few goblins and one unknown presence besides them.

If that is the case, just how good are your ears, Minato?

While I am feeling amazed.

“If we can get the fangs, is punching the stomach good? I don’t want it to puke after getting punched……”

Minato leapt towards the spider by kicking of the ground. He appeared right above the spider in one second and slapped it.

The spider after getting slapped at the back, starts gushing out bodily fluids from the crevices of it’s shell and falls down on the spot.

Looks like the impact reached till inside and destroyed it’s body from inside. The impact actually pierced through the shell of spider which can snap most of the weapons.

I can’t help but be astonished, seeing a skill like that.

What if he took care of goblins in one blow because he didn’t want his clothes to get dirty. Maybe he can bring out more power to even break their whole bodies into pieces.

Right now, I once again realize.

That I may have met with a really terrifying person……who can surpass my expectations.

And I,

(If he stays with me……the maybe……!)

I felt a bit of hope secretly spreading inside my heart even before entering the dungeon.

Huh? Just wait a bit.

From what I know, ‘Spider’ only appears on second floor and upwards why was it on the first floor? Did it get lost?

“Erm, Elk? How shall I take these fangs.”

“Eh? Well you can use knife and like that……Ah, don’t touch it with hands? It has poison on it.”

“Ah, I see? Well, I think it will alright……”

“Just what will be alright!?”

……Well its okay. All is well if it ends well.

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