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Chapter 25 – The Legend of 『Wasp Spider』
『Wasp Spider』is the name of the legendary party that used to be active around 200 years ago, it seems.

Their achievements are uncountable; they have completed quests taking highest compensation from the state guest of a country. The numbers of them would seem like a joke.

For example, at that point, several hundreds of years had passed since the establishment of『Adventurer Guild』, but in this world of sword and magic, there were still many places where the humans didn’t go to, in other words『Unknown Lands』, there were many at that time.

Reason was also simple, because there was too much danger, they didn’t explore it.

It would’ve been easy if the whole army of a country moved, but there was neither money nor time, nor composure to do that.

The『Wasp Spider』had travelled more than half of those『Unknown lands』during their active period. They spread (sold off) that information in all directions using guild as intermediary, with just that much they had gotten money to buy some countries for themselves.

Furthermore, at some place demons appeared strangely, through their attacks the large country having one hundred million citizens, seriously fell into the state of line between life and death, even the country’s whole army wasn’t able to handle the assault, it was also difficult to maintain the line of defense, at that time『Wasp Spider』gallantly came and pushed back the assault of demons. It happened in various places, various times, presently, in many countries, they are being treated as heroes.

There are still many more deeds of them, but the information about the members’ of『Wasp Spider』is still a mystery, except for the current guild master, Irene-san.

The things made public current are……as following.

There were 6 members in total. Everyone was human, furthermore only girls.

Each and every one of them, had battle power rivaling thousand enemies, and had a dazzling sense of justice.

And currently, aside from Irene-san, all others have died.

As for the legendary party, the only known information is just this much.

But still it was deeply-rooted admiration, and the girls under concern had their names and achievements bellowed through the whole world.

……But, this information is all sh*t crap.

That is something the sole survivor (Big fatty lie) of the party speaks.

And, let me tell you before, that leaving me alone, as I’m oblivious to common sense and knowledge, Elk, who was listening to the whole true story, was getting surprised each time.

「As for the first big lie is, in our『Wasp Spider』there wasn’t even a single genuine human member. Like beast-women, vampires, everyone looked like a human but in truth they weren’t」

Irene-san, herself is one of them.

She is more or less classified as『Human』, but she’s kind of special.

In general she is called as『Resurrection of Ancestors』, her body is that of human, but inside it the power that her ancestors used to have, in other words it’s something like『Atavism』.

In the case of Irene-san, her ancestors’ were『High Elves』, the powerful tribe even among the elves, she had many other sorts of blood awakened, so though she is classified as human, she has been endowed with different magical power and long life span.

Incidentally the truth of the so-called『Resurrection of Ancestors』is not told the general public.

Like that, Irene-san is said to be the non-human in the『Wasp Spiders’』, but the truth is completely different.

Irene-san was the only person who was most near human within『Wasp Spiders’』

「Next, we all were basically egoistic and self-centered people, so we didn’t had even a speck of sense of justice, that’s why we never moved on something like that」

Well, I can agree to this one.

Heroic Tales are mostly made up, sense of justice in that would be more suspicious-looking. ……Or maybe, my viewpoint is crooked.

But, when she told me the truth of them saving the afore-mentioned country from the invasion of demons, even I got perplexed. The truth was: They won in a lottery within that country, so if the country was to be destroyed they won’t get their shares.

No Well, it’s a person’s own will to participate in wars, not like I have a say there.

「And now the last, this might be the biggest lie. We disbanded『Wasp Spiders’』150 years ago, but not even a single member of it has died. All are alive and pimping」

at that secret revelation, Elk almost fell.

「Right now, everyone is doing what they want and living their remaining years of life. We don’t interfere with each other, so we don’t even know where exactly they all are. Oh, I just said, remaining years of life, but they all won’t die before 1000 years」

「S-So that’s how it was, I didn’t knew about it……」

Having many shocking truths fired at her, Elk looked at her limits while replacing the information inside her brain and sorting her heart.

Now then, the topic changes, to what I’m interested in most.

「So, one of them was……」

「Yeah, your mother, Lilyn Quadrille of『Succubus Race』. She was my comrade since before the formation of part……and also the leader of『Wasp Spiders’』」


I did think she’s not some normal person, but for her to be someone this great.

Well, she didn’t tell me herself, so I won’t know about it.

「That Lilyn, 2 weeks ago came here and said『My youngest son is going to make a debut as adventurer. Take care of him』. At that time, I heard about your characteristics, so hearing about the case of『Naga』, I immediately understood it was you」

「I see. So mom did such a thing……」

「Yeah, she intruded at 3’o clock in night while I was sleeping, said what she wanted to, subjugated the tea cakes I had prepared, and left like a storm」

「I’m really sorry」

The feeling of respect that came up vanished in thin air.

No, what the f*ck is my mom doing.

However, Irene-san doesn’t look like she is worried about it,

「No, no, I don’t mind it. On the contrary, I’m relieved that she didn’t change even after hundreds of years」

……So she was like that since 200 years ago too.

Then, as though he was waiting for the right time, Barracks-san brought tea-cakes. Oh, second cup of tea too.

「Well then, let’s chat while eating tea-cakes. And also, tell me about her, Lilyn’s life style within these some years」

「Ah, Yes, then I’ll take up the offer. If it’s alright with you, then can you tell more about mom」

「Yeah, don’t worry. I will also tell about her embarrassing times too」

Irene-san cracks a smile.

I got somewhat tensed up, knowing her title, but she is mom’s best friend (?), so it’s easy to talk to her.

I can spend my time meaningfully, interesting.

「Ah, by the way, those tea-cakes, are the same as the ones Lilyn ate on that night, they also have the same quantity. You’re both parent and child, so maybe your hobbies and thoughts too are identical. You can eat it all without restrain?」

……She’s somewhat troubling, though.

I suddenly look towards Barracks, a stare saying『I’m sorry』cam flying at me.


After that, the flower bloomed on the trouble stories of mom.

Like mom acting like that since 200 years ago, or her moving on her whim and also moving her friends or Irene-san getting troubled by her actions or them both overdoing their evil deeds.

But, when I heard that the reason for the disbanding of『Wasp Spiders’』was the pregnancy of mom, I seriously wanted to dig a hole and bury myself in it.

Well, the talk about disbanding was brought up many times before, so this acted as a trigger.

From me it was, how I was raised up by her, how was mom during that time, and her messed up deeds.

And, it’s embarrassing, but also about me going up on the stairs of adult men unexpectedly when mom attacked me when I was small.

Irene-san laughed sweetly with somewhat reminiscent feeling, every time she heard my talks.

As for me, I also got to know about the not-yet-known side of mom, so it was a quite worthwhile time.

……Though, the truths were more that I didn’t want to hear.

My sole close person, Elk, was an outsider in all those talks, but she looked happy as an adventurer who got to know about a part of the adventure records of legendary party.

While I talked about, my birth and how I was raised, and the forest where I took my daily training, Irene-san laughed.

「Ahahahahaha, I see. Lilyn only said you were raised in a『Woodland』so I couldn’t make out where, but……of all places it was『Woodlands of Gradwell』, eh, you’re raised in one great place.」

[ET: I couldn’t find any other name more similar than Gradwell. Btw, it’s one good company.]

「? That place had a name? 」

「Yeah. From what I know, the only woodlands where demons you told, appear is only there. I see I see, so she raised you there」

She guessed the name of forest……『Woodlands of Gradwell』just from the species of demons I told her, it seems.

Well, mom too told me, the forest is a dangerous place, and I trained there, so this is not much surprising for me.

I suddenly look besides me; Elk is, sending me a glare saying『Eh』as though she saw something unbelievable. Seriously stop it, it’s embarrassing.

「Guild Master? Um, that『Woodlands of Gradwell』are……」

「Yes, what happened, Elk-kun? 」

「Err, I only read in documents, but……I remember reading, it’s a forest of demons located on the farthest ends of this continent, and not some place humans can live in? 」

「Yeah, that’s right. After all, it’s considered as a forest where one if enters, cannot come out, as for its difficulty level as a dangerous area, it’s AA. It’s a hell, with average demons there having Rank A. If carelessly approached, even a trained army would go extinct easily」

……I know it’s late, but I got raised in one frigging great place.

「And, the magic circle which threw you into that『Labyrinth』in an instant, isn’t magic, but a magic item. During our times in『Wasp Spiders’』there was a person who specialized in making things like that, so Lilyn may have asked her」


Like that, me and Irene-san, forgot the tension that was present at first, and ended up in deep talks.

In Elk’s case, rather than tension, it seemed like mental fatigue is accumulating.

Before I knew it, it was forenoon.

「Oh, we talked too much. It would be bad if I don’t return back to my work now. Barracks, preparations」


Barracks-san left the room bowing once. Maybe for the preparations of work after this.

「Well then, looks like we have call it a stop now. How about eating lunch here? 」

「Ah, no, we can’t receive that much favor」

「And also, we both are having plans to accept quests today after this, so we’ll excuse ourselves」

「Hmm, I see. Ah, I called you guys while you were about to take quests」

Then it can’t be helped, Irene-san looked like she agreed to it, and got up from the sofa. We two also followed her.

「I don’t mind you coming here, if something happens. Based on my position, I can’t give you two special privileges as adventurers; you two would also not want it, right? 」

「Yes. After all, Mom is mom, and I am me. I want to live like a normal adventurer, and work my way up steadily」

「Though, you’re not『Normal』, at all.」

Yeah, I know.

「That’s right, keep up the high-spirits. Well, the ambitions of youngsters is dazzling for us aged people…… Well, I won’t give preferential treatment, but I will help you in consultation, though, so you can come at any time」

「Yes, Thank you very much. Please take care of me from now on」

Elk and me, both give a bow, and left the room……or at least that’s what we had thought,

「Ah, before that, just 3 more」


But, we got stopped by Irene-san. What is it? 3? Quite strange it is.

「First is, Minato-kun, do you have some kind of goal?」

「Goal, is it?」

「That’s right. As an adventurer……no as a person, you should have a somewhat clear goal; it would help you get motivated more」

I see, I think about that too.

Whatever I do, having a clear goal will help raising the motivation. Establishing that beforehand is always good and efficient.

Now that I think about it, after getting out in the outer world, I have never thought about that and only thought about being an adventurer. Yeah, it was a blind spot.

But, what might be the goal as an adventurer?

「Now that is my main concern, Minato-kun……」

Then, Irene-san puts her hand inside her robe, and maybe from the inner pocket, took out a single paper.

「I had thought, what if you hadn’t decided on any goal. So, I think that you should go with the common goal of every male, that is『To become strong』」

「What is this then? 」

「Yeah, I have a『List』」


「Yeah. If you get strong enough to defeat the monsters written there, then even Lilyn would accept you a genuine adult」

well it’s all on my point of view, Irene-san adds that at the end.

I see, I’m grateful for it.

For an adventurer, there are other goals too, like exploring unknown lands, or finding legendary treasures, but in an occupation like this, the main thing needed to live on, is absolute『Power』.

Moreover, if it is Irene-san’s point of view, it must be true, in other words, motivation come out naturally.

Thank you very much, saying those words I take it. Well well, so what sort of demon is written here…… (flip)



………………Err, just what the hell might this be.

I might be showing an expression, she had already expected. And, also Elk who is looking from side.

I can easily understand it, from her showing a peerlessly sweet smile.

And, this won’t be a prank, but what she had actually thought might be good for me. I mean the list.

……But isn’t this……

  • Exceed Hopper Subspecies
  • Tropical Tyrant
  • Inferno Peacock
  • Giga Worm
  • Kraken
  • Destroyer
  • Golden Sphinx
  • Mictlan Demon
  • Soleil Tiger Rare Species
  • Eight-tailed Serpent
  • Salamander Undead
  • Aboaku

Finished, 12 species in total.

……This is array of demons; I neither have heard of nor seen.

Even so, somehow I can feel this line-up is more dangerous than『Naga』……

In two parts, words like『Subspecies』and『Rare Species』is also added……

In fact, 『Eight-headed Serpent』and『Kraken』are two monsters, that were f*cking famous even in my previous life……Do they exist? In this world?

W-Well, it’s not like the strength always coincides with the feeling given by name. It’s not necessary that the monster will be strong if its name sounds strong……

But, in this case, they would coincide, right…….

……Well, my goal is to get strong to fight against them, 『Some day』in late future. For the time being, I will just take it……

Irene-san, who has been looking at my face which is staring the list,

「……Now for 2nd,……Minato-kun, is true that you never stepped out of『Woodlands』?」

「? Yeah it is true……but why you ask? 」

「No, it’s something I’ve been thinking for a while, I get the feeling I have met you somewhere before……Though, I don’t seem to remember it」

「……? 」

That…… is not possible?

After all, I really never left that forest. Except for the time I handled the bandits with mom.

Leaving out the bandits that I met (and half-killed), or the girls who were kidnapped, I never knew about other relatives other than mom before leaving the house, and after that, he first one was, Elk.

Well, even if I glanced at them others, but still I don’t have any memory of Irene-san at all.

The possibility of Irene-san glancing me while passing by, is also non-existent.

Irene-san hasn’t left this area for some years, in the first place, mom would notice her if she did pass us by, after all they are friends for more than 200 years.

And so, in the end, the mystery couldn’t be solved. ……It can be misunderstanding or accidental resemblance, right?

And now, the left last 1 is?

「……For the last message, Lilyn left a message for you」

Irene-san looked like she still is having suspicions, but she has left it on hold for a while.


「Yeah, it’s encouragement to you, who is going to walk on the path as an adventurer」

Err, it is……She gestures as though, she were trying to recall,

「She said……『If you ever got strong like me, your mom will get pregnant with your child』」

「Excuse me」


While hearing the crackling laughter, I lead Elk by her hand, and leave the room in full speed.

No, well it might be a joke, argh, not that –Like hell I will accept if it ain’t joke– , just what is that person to leave a message like that to another person!? Even Elk heard about it!!

And Irene-san! Why would you need to explain that thing in details while Elk ––A third party who only knows about mom’s incoherent behavior as rumors—is sitting beside me! Read the atmosphere! What are you going to do if Elk starts looking at me in some other manner!

「……It’s alright. Ever since I have looked at your ridiculous ways, I have stopped applying common sense on you」

No, can I be relaxed by that!?

……At any rate, Mom if I ever commit suicide, it’s all because of you.


Minato and Elk left the place without looking back. While one is murmuring『Oh stop! 』with face completely red.

……maybe it should be, both.

「Ahahaha……Isn’t he quite pure and good child? Though his personality is different……but he had similar atmosphere to that of Lilyn」

He couldn’t hear the murmuring of only person left in room, Irene Jemina …though he had powerful hearing ability.

「……Maybe that’s why; Lilyn is even using Noel-chan……and is『worrying』about him」

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