Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – First『Quest』

We both, after returning from the cluttered room in the interior of guild, stood in front of the『Board』from before, for accepting a『Quest』.

And, the quest we chose to took before『Subjugation of stray wolves』was gone.

What, so they have good turnover rate. I was aiming for it, depressing.

It couldn’t be helped, for searching another new quest; I once again faced towards the『Board』.


「Yo~, are you both adventurers called Minato and Elk?」


Abruptly, I was called out from behind.

Upon turning back, there stood an unfamiliar, macho-old-man.

I could understand that he too should be an adventurer for being inside guild.


[ET: You sure, Minato, that ain’t spooderman?]


Along, with the reason he called us out.

「Is it true? That you both……subjugated that monster called『Naga』from the labyrinth? 」

「Yeah. Well, we were helped by fortune too」

「No, even so that is awesome. You’re too splendid, although young」

……Following it,

「About that, how about doing work with us one time together? 」

……Well, as I expected.

It had been a lot recently.

The rumor of me and Elk (To be accurate, it was me only) bringing back the body of the newly found demon……『Naga』spread out too quickly.

Moreover, the guild has given it a rank A, something a novice adventurer can never fight against, even more troublesome.

『The party of a man in black and a woman with green hair』became the most popular topic.

Due to that, the people who want to meet us have increased.

Because of all this, for some few days, we both left the inn early morning, came back late at the time when there are less people, without coming to the guild – not like we had been summoned, though – , like that our cycle was running, but still there people who would sniff us out.

During eating meals in dining halls, within the inside and outside of city, and at worst people even intruded in the inn.

And, the people who commanded most adventurer within them, moreover almost all of them, tried persuading us saying『Won’t you team up with us?』or『Will you enter our team?』, like that.

Well, wanting to court a talented person would be a normal thinking for a person in same occupation.

That so even more, in an occupation like this, which has life and death on-line all relying on the ability.

However, we both just recently teamed up, so we didn’t have composure to think about those things, so we turned down all offers. Of course, adding various reasons.

This time too, I respectfully declined.

Even so many times they hanged on saying『Don’t be so cold~』or『We don’t mind even if you’re rookies』, but eventually we somehow made them pull back.

He seemed to be like a stubborn person, who would come once again if he gets opportunity, but we got him to draw back, so it’s better right now. It would be troublesome if someone other came, it would be better to quickly choose the quest and leave the reception.

I faced the board……and Elk was selecting some conspicuous quests while I was talking. Indeed, she knows how to deal with something.

So well~……


○Collection of medicinal plants

Place: Plains of East Volca

Reward: ……3 Silver Coins (It might change based on the quantity and quality of delivered goods)



○Guarding an excursion

Guarding the excursion as well as ensuring safety of students

Reward: ……5 Silver Coins (It might change based on danger, salary, etc)



○Subjugate the Kobolds

Subjugate Kobold settles within the huts in the interiors of Ritorasu Mountains.

Reward: ……10 Silver Coins



○Escort Ruin Research Expedition Team

Escort the expedition team, re-investigating the『Labyrinth of Naga』. For Several Days

Reward: ……15 Silver Coins (Risk allowance separate)



The 2 above were there before too……

First of all, I’m not good with kids so, 2nd one kicks the bucket.

The last one is re-investigation of『Labyrinth of Naga』, was this request from some archaeologist?

It was my home in a sense, but this exploration might be searching if there are more hidden rooms……it might be related to me defeating『Naga』.

Like that, if I, the main leader of this upheaval, the so-called『Adventurer in Black』went, obviously I would get caught into troublesome problems. So, this too rejected.

So the left one is.『Subjugate the Kobolds』.

I would just accept it as a subjugation mission; the conditions for completion too are easy to understand.

I confirm from Elk by looking her, a reply saying『Isn’t it fine? 』came back from her eyes.

Alrighty, so we would take this one.

「Though, it would in the end, be a tiring quest for you. Kobolds are Rank E demons, after all」

「No, no, it’s not like that. Based on circumstances, it will be a good experience. Probably」

「Same for me. It will be an opportunity to examine the fruits of training I have been doing with you……Hm? But this, there isn’t the required bodies written」

Huh? Then, I wouldn’t understand how much I had to kill.

「It must probably mean, killing all present there……Don’t they know the exact numbers? In that case, it would be troubling for the person doing the quest. Sometimes, ones like this are also present」

In this way, we wouldn’t be able to know when our quest be completed. Wouldn’t it help by asking at the reception?

「Well, that’s true, but we should keep in mind that opponents numbers might be more than expected, right? If we went thinking it would 10 of them, then it would be troubling to encounter 50 or 100 of them……Well it might easy for you, though」

「No, that will……surely take more time」

「……You won’t say impossible, huh」

Well, yeah.

I don’t know what sort of demon Kobolds are; neither have I seen their appearance, so it would be better to see it.

But, E means, on the same level as that of goblins in『Labyrinth』and below those monkeys. They wouldn’t be able to give me a hard fight.

100 would be troublesome……bare-handed, that is.

But, from the contents of quest, their numbers might be that much which could fit in the hut, so they may not be much.


「Hmm, you’re both doing a quite interesting talk?」


Suddenly, I heard such a voice from behind.

We both turn back, to find a man being there.

He was somewhat tall, with reasonably balanced physique.

Orange hair, his face was good, but his ears were pierced.

He didn’t have the handsome boy atmosphere. More accurately it should be……Frivolous lad? Though, his skin ain’t black.

He too might be an adventurer, based on his attire.

「I haven’t seen you two here, you guys, newbies? You were talking something very reliable, so it piqued my interest」

「……Who’re you? 」

Elk said. Whoa~, her wariness was completely laid out.

And, the frivolous lad, in defiance of it, continues.

「Ah, sorry, sorry, I should do the self-introductions. I’m Zali, more or less I’m an adventurer. Nice to meet ya~」

The frivolous lad……correction, Zali, cracked a smile while showing his white teeth (glitter☆)

However, Elk still remained unresponsive to that too. No, I do understand her feelings.

His way of interacting was unnatural……in fact, the fact he wanted to call out to us from start, I can understand that from the start.

Deducting that, he, at first glance looks like a playboy. Elk wouldn’t be feeling too good being called out by such a guy.

His motive, maybe the invitation……or simply flirting……

「So, you guys seemed troubled while choosing the quests……Hm? Are you perhaps」

The moment Zali was about to say something looking at me,

「Oi Zali, what’cha doing?」

Oh, they increased.

Along with the cheeky and low voice, 2 men, maybe Zali’s acquaintance or something came towards us from his rear.

They looked like middle-aged old mans.

Dark complexion with medium build, and unshaven stern face.

One side was muscular gorilla-macho-man, the other one, an obese with too much fat.

These 2 approached us while we were in the middle of talk with Zali.

「You’re getting late, Zali……huh, so you’re flirting, eh?」

「No, no, it’s not like that. I just happened to hear something interesting. And, they looked quite troubles, so I called out to them」

Zali replied.

No, we were not basically troubled by it. The contents too might be helped if we went to reception.

Then, the 2 men (middle-aged) looked me and Elk in order……

「I see, so that’s what it was. It can’t be helped then」

「Yeah, they’re rookies after all. Well, there may be various things to be troubled with」

……Obviously they have become more talkative, and this ain’t my imagination.

They even have a strange smile on their faces.

Then, the person to first open the mouth, was the obese-guy.

「Hey, Miss, if you’re troubled, shall we help you?」

They try to persuade Elk alone……while grinning.

……Oi, you f*cking ignore me.

「As a rookie, there may be more times to be troubled without knowing what to do, right? In that case, we will teach various things to you」

「That’s right, we will teach politely and it will be very detailed」

The gorilla-macho-man to adds himself, and invited her with the ulterior motives spilling out.

Well, how did he get guts to frankly invite like this way……did he think it would be a success?

In reality, only ‘annoyance’ word was oozing out of Elk’s face.

Naturally, Elk won’t nod to their invitation.

「Oh, I remembered, we were also going to take a quest right now, how about, you come together with us?」

「That’s a brilliant idea! It would be a good experience, and we would also help! Hmm? So, how about it? 」

「In the end, I refrain. I even have an acquaintance」

Saying that. My shoulders are touched by Elk.

At that time, for the first time, the middle-aged men look at me.

Oh, here comes the stare saying『Who the f*ck is this guy? 』……You guys really can use you’re stares splendidly.

He diverted his eyes from me in a second and,

「This guy? He doesn’t seem to reliable, leave it, leave it」

「You’ll grow more if you’re with veteran adventurers like us, rather than this weak guy, right? 」

「Yeah, we are all Rank D. It won’t hurt to look after some rookies? 」

……You’re damn below me!

No, well, generally, Rank D would mean, more or less an『Adult』.

Elk had said before, the level a normal person with efforts can reach is Rank D or C, at most somewhere in the lower B.

So, based on that they might be adults? ……so what?

AH, by the way, how can I hide it from you, the person who gave rank B was Irene-san. 『You’re this much strong, and due to this others won’t be able to shun you based on your ranks』, she said that. So like that, I’m suddenly Rank B.

Due to the shamelessness of the middle-aged men, the frivolous lad had his shadow get thinner, so he finally spoke up. His mouth would remain light, I think.

「Hey, Gallon, Bordo, don’t say like that, why don’t we take him too together?」

「AH? What’cha sayin? 」

Oh? Now this was unexpected.

I completely thought this frivolous lad, Zeli-kun, would go with Elk-only faction……but he also invited me.

No, not like I’m actually happy.

However, as though natural, the reaction of middle-aged men towards me was negative.

「Oi, Oi, stop joking. Why would we invite a bastard? 」

「That’s right. Rookie would only become burden」

Hey, weren’t you damn people speaking something like looking over rookies? Huh?

「Well, Well, don’t be so cruel. Think normally, the more the merry, right? Furthermore, he isn’t that much weak」

Zaril says while not getting carried by the flow. I’ve got a teeny bit good impression about him now.

But, I’m curious about the contents.

Did he hear my talk with Elk just before? I yes, then from where?

Was it from『100 Kobolds』or somewhere around『Woodlands』et cetera?

There are many adventurers who boast, so I don’t think I would need to be worried about each and everyone one, there is no need to be stiff.

Just, if they know about my identity from the rumor about『Adventurer in Black』, it would turn into something messy. Mainly, due to rumors.

While I was thinking all that, the middle-aged men still were having a stare of Elk: Yes, Me: No, and were grumbling.

「But you see, looking over 2 rookie is even a little that for us, right?」

「That’s right. And women are different, but men grow by facing the harshness of world, so ain’t it a parental affection that we’re sending him on a somewhat difficult path?」

……I don’t want to be near these guys.

I understood Elk too was thinking the same thing from her eyes, and we both decided to leave the place with just quest document in hands.

Old-men? Just f*cking leave them alone.

「O-Oi, Wait……」

「It’s fine. I don’t know what the quest is, but have fun with your group of three」(Elk)

Elk spaded away the restrain of obese-guy, and left the place.

I heard various other things, but after a clicking of tongues, nothing else was heard.

Either they are good at giving up, or didn’t want too much trouble, they, in the end, didn’t chase after us.

……Some time later, there was one who looked for more time at us than other two, it worried me a bit.

「Seriously, I hate those type of people……. Why are there more adventurers who see women with eyes like that」

「It can be helped right? Well, I won’t agree to it, but basically there are more ruffians in this industry. It won’t be good to be worried about each and everyone」

「Well, that is right. Then, let’s take up the quest already」

While waving the quest document in hands, Elk and I, both moved towards the reception.

Well then, let’s take up our first quest『Subjugate the Kobolds』……really fast!

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