Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Sword Fight and Distrust and Enhancement Magic
“Hmm, so that’s why you are at this place.”

“Ah, well yeah”

Elk says ‘You did well surviving’ after hearing my false story.

After accompanying with her, I was able to leave the dungeon-like labyrinth (according to her, the name is ‘Labyrinth of Naga’.)

And when I told her ‘Ah I don’t know any cities or places like that near here’, she showed me an amazed expressions as if she had given up on me. I’m really sorry for that.

But, too bad, thanks to the hobbies I had in my previous life, I now like the disgusted eyes looking at me. They’re my favorite.

After watching at me with those eyes for some time, she said ‘It really can’t be helped’ and guided me to the nearest city. Phew, safe!.




Along the way I had something that I wanted to confirm so I stopped Elk who was guiding me to the city.

What it is? It’s the very simple thing known as : Knowing the ‘currency values’.

When I was leaving the house, I stole the money (They are coins) from the vault inside mom’s room. In the letter too it was written ‘You can take as much money as you want’ somewhere, there shouldn’t be any problem. [ET: He didn’t the complete letter for us…so it’s somewhere.]

But, I still don’t know its value.

I had already learned the information about this world from the books inside mom’s study. She had accumulated those books from a lot of eras (She lives long after all) and so I couldn’t get a damn clue about the currency value of the current era.

Maybe here too is the difference between currency like that in japan, like the 1 Yen from pre-war times is of 1000 times more value than that of 1 Yen of the current time.

……And it is obvious that mom has lived a lot of time and must’ve seen currency values changing and……no, let’s not think so much about it.

So, when I took out all the coins and asked Elk ‘Will this much be alright for surviving in a city’, she eyes open wide.

“Eh, What? What happened? “

“‘What happened’ is my line! Why the hell are you showing a large amount of money as if natural!? And that so, in the middle of path!!”

Large amount? Is she talking about this bag full of silver coins?

I don’t the rate, but it maybe large amount, given the precious metal and a bag full of it.

After hearing the explanation which was more like an investigation enquiry.

It seems to be that 1 silver coin is around 10,000 Japanese Yen. What the F*ck. And 1 gold coin is of 100 silver coins and 1 silver coin is of 100 copper coins.

So in short, after adding up the 10 gold coins and 100 silver coins inside my bag, it’s value is above 10 Million Yen!? Awesome!!

This ain’t the sum of amount worthy of ‘it’s alright’ or ‘it’s not less’!? Mom why the hell did you leave this tremendous amount of money!? This much money is not even the half of the what was in the vault.

No, well, she did get her reward from the previous request. Her fortune is around that of the national budget. So this much money is of no concern at all to her.

So, the amount of in this bag is only mere several hundred thousands of yen. It’s like seeing many brown envelopes full of banknotes in front of you. It’s natural for Elk to be startled. Yes

The path starting from the dungeon has fewer people passing but it’s not zero. So it won’t be good if others saw it.

And then,

And then I realize that Elk, who is I think frozen, is thinking about something.

That is okay, but sorry. But if I don’t move you, I won’t be able to reach the city.

And, looking at her closely, she looks pretty dangerous.

“Eh!? Ah, Wh-What Minato? Ah, Sorry, I was thinking something”

When I poke her shoulders, she gives an overreaction of being startled. Is her heart alright. I’m sorry for that.

“Sorry, Sorry, City, right? Follow me”

And then, Elk starts walking on the path at a fast pace.

……Well, she might have her own reasons, and it’s rude to interfere in other’s problems. So I decided to follow her silently.




After walking for a while, she temporarily left to some place leaving me behind saying ‘I’m going to pluck some flowers’.

Now a little knowledge.

‘I’m going to luck some flowers’ is phrase primarily used by female mountaineers and which means ‘Nature is calling for me’.

By the way, for men it is ‘I’m going to pluck some green peas’. Awfully lame!

……It was after dozens of seconds later, that I realized the strange incident occurring.

7 people, no 8 people, eh. 1 is standing too far away.

I am already surrounded by them. They had dispersed their presence and are already scattered……were they thinking of ambush from before?

But, though they are careful, it doesn’t appear that they have any intention to keep on hiding and wait for the right moment. They surround me and after coming a little closer to me, they show their faces.

There appearance is, well in one word ‘Bandits’. They mostly look the same as the ones during the test given by mom. Their face also looks evil.

So they capture the weak looking adventurers coming and going from/to the ‘Labyrinth of Naga’, eh?

Well, not like I give a shit.

“Ah, you don’t have say anything? I know what you are going to say already”

“Hey, Lil bro, ain’t ya too much calm in this situation”

“Do you know the position you’re in, huuh?”

I do know? To some extent, though

And perhaps they are gonna say any one of these: ‘Take out your money’ ‘Leave everything you have’ or ‘Come with us’.

“Even so, it’s more than what I expected?”

“Yeah, surely. His appearance is good and black hair is rare……Holy God, his eyes are also black. This lad can be sold at high price.”

“He is also equipped with good equipment. Is he from some noble family?”

Aw Geez, so it was the third phrase.

If Elk returns at this time, she might also be targeted by them. It’s good to finish the job before she comes back.

The moment I thought that, I felt a prickling sensation near the nape of my neck.

Immediately after, something fell near my foot, thinking what it might be, I crouch and pick it up just to find a cone shaped……dart.

After realizing that I have got hit by this dart, one of the bandits approaches me nonchalantly while showing a ‘Gehehe’ vulgar smile.

I don’t know what’s the reason for that, but it’s convenient for me.

“1 person at a time”

“Huh? What the f*ck you say–GuBooohh!?”

Just as I stand up, I do a backhand chop on the person approaching me and he goes down.

And there was one more person behind him. So I kicked in his stomach.

He flies to the other side of the brushwood and didn’t come back. Yeah, he is definitely unconscious.

Seeing that, the countenance of the six bandits surrounding me changes.

They are spouting some crap like, ‘Why ain’t it working!?’ and ‘It should paralyze him!?’. Anyhow, I can understand that they are in a state of panic.

Well, I know for what reason it is.


I lick the dart which was fired at me but didn’t stick in my skin.

Ah, as expected. The dart was covered with a lot of……paralysis poison.

But, too bad.

Even if this dart did stick in my skin the poison of this level won’t work on me.

And, one person comes near me thinking that now I have licked the poison, it should work. I punch him in the gut and he faints.

By this time, finally the thieves appear to be in a state of severe panic.

It’s too late for them, though.

Just like I said before, I will deal with you guys before Elk returns.

……But she won’t feel good upon seeing corpses lying after she comes back. Let’s keep them alive to run away.

“……Just 5 seconds, huh”

It will be troublesome, but I would’ve let them go if they tried to run away. And as to not accept my grateful offer 5 bandits attack me.

In the end, just like I declared, finished them all in 5 seconds.

I punch the one coming at me from the front like an idiot. 1 person down.

One person attacks at me from behind while swinging his sword. Before he comes near me I kick him in the crotch. 2 people down.

And swing the kick towards the other person coming at me from the side. 3 people down.

1 of the last 2 people, aims at the bottom of my neck with the dart. Does he have no thinking capability.

Ah, this is a good time to show off. So I catch the dart and throw it at him.

It hits in the middle of his forehead. 4 people down.

Really, a dart won’t stick in my skin and even if it sticks a poison of this level won’t work on me even if they stick it 1000 times.

There is a reason for this,

The story is related to the origin of my different type of body enhancement magic.

I developed it during the training period with the cooperation of mom. And it’s cool and awesome name is ‘Elemental Blood’

Mom was shocked beyond limits and screamed ‘Just what the hell are you trying to make!!’ at that time. This can be can said as one of the secret magic from my collection of original magic.

Normal enhancement magic are not complex as it’s only filling up your body parts with magic to increase physical strength or increasing reaction time.

If one has talent in magic, they can use it very soon and easily. A popular type of magic.

But this magic, just enhances physical strength and endurance strength. It cannot change the nature or hardness of body.

In simple words, enhancement magic will reduce the damage from blunt or shock attacks but it won’t protect the body at all if cut by blade or swords.

Naturally, if one trains his body and magic to the utmost limit, it is possible to gain a body that can bear the damage by blade or swords, but skin is skin and it will remain soft.

For the same reason, even if magic increases the physical strength, it can’t repel poison or acid like things.

If one tries to stop them with ‘Enhancement Magic’, they have to control the flow of magic in their body with tremendous concentration for changing the function of their body.

In the history of this world. Many renowned magicians and researchers have tried to research about this magic and failed. And it is said, that the accurate control on magic is impossible by the people of this world.

But I have succeeded in performing it, with the help of the knowledge of human structure from my previous life.

In the first place, the reason the humans can’t control the magic accurately in all the parts of body is because they don’t know the structure or how human body works.

Even if there are people who can enhance like ‘Let’s enhance the arm’ but there is no human who can enhance like ‘Let’s enhance each and every hair that is growing on my arms.’

But even if they don’t know the structure of human body, it’s possible for them to control the magic flow and let it flow equally in the insides of their bodies.

When we use the ……‘blood vessels’ spread throughout our body. The method I used.

We humans let the nourishment flow throughout our body via blood flowing inside the vessels. Due to that, every hair and every cell is getting nourishment.

So I thought ‘Then it’s better to use magic like that’.

I mixed the magic in very small particles (called them as ‘Demon Particles’ during research) inside my blood and am letting magic flow along with blood inside my body.

Those ‘Magic Particles’ are flowing through my entire body and are absorbed by each and every cell just like nourishment. And now all cells are filled with magic.

Thanks to that, my body which has got on the level of controlling magic to the extreme, won’t just end up with the increase in power.

My vision, hearing and smelling and other senses that are difficult to enhance have enhanced.

And body has gotten solid at cellular levels, so a normal knife can’t be stabbed in me.

Most of the poisons and acids also won’t work on me. The me right now can drink 100 times more poison than that of a normal person and still remain fine. Furthermore, it won’t even feel ticklish if I bath with sulfuric acid too. [ET: is it OP!? or Demon!?]

Of course, if the poison dosage or attack power is above the level I can bear, it will hurt like hell, but the attacks and poison of these bandits,

SFX: Gakin


Won’t give me a single scratch even if I catch them with my hands (of course, bare hands).


“Who is the monster,huh. You’re pretty rude, ain’t ya!?”

I catch the saber and push it towards the forehead of last person with force.

Blood starts flowing from his forehead due to the strong blow from the back of saber. He opens and closes his mouths as if to say something and falls down.

‘Kay, 5 seconds over. I completed it before Elk came back……at that moment,

“M-Minato!? Wh-What is……”

“Ah, welcome back Elk, you were pretty fast?”

Elk looks at me from the shade of a tree.

“Eh, um, is this……”

“Ah, It’s fine completely fine. I’ve already finished it. Well, they’re alive.”

I have already learned how to hold myself back.

After that ‘test’, we had to go far away from home many times (Always flying in air while being held by mom.) and so I have accumulated experiences by doing bandit extermination of those areas.

It was thought that maybe I don’t want to kill another human because I didn’t kill even one person.

Well, I won’t refute to that. It’s all due to the idea ingrained in me from my previous life that if they are going to be judged by law then there is no reason to kill them.

And it also helped me to understand how to hold myself back when fighting.

Anyhow, I had already completed the fights at a level in which I can kill the opponent by that time.

And during those fights to not kill other person, I also tried to properly use my enhanced body properly. I fought against those whose names are on the wanted list and are wanted alive. (The cases of wanting a person dead or alive are more though)

Let it be fist or kick, it’s easy for me to defeat the opponent without killing them now.

When I look at Elk, she is looking down of the bandits with an expression full of fear and anxiety.

……I know it’s a bit late, but this looks more bad than corpses lying down.

In addition, her reactions are just too much, well it’s natural after all, the girl went through a bad experience just a while ago.

And I decided to wait for Elk to calm down and restart our journey to city.




And just before reaching the city ‘Volka’ in which Elk lives,

“By the way, what are you planning to do from now on.”

“Eh, what do you mean?”

“From what I heard before, you don’t seem like an adventurer. So are you going to register at guild or search for some other job……”

Whoa Guild! The Adventurers Headquarters! I was waiting for it!

This is that you know? The manager of the organisation which controls adventurers and offers them quests, right!? This world is AWESOME!!

“Nh? So if I don’t register I won’t become an ‘adventurer’?”

“It’s not like that, but it’s convenient if you do register. It also as an identity card. and will help in getting discounts at shops. Will you register?”

“Eh, Is that Alright! Yay!”

Whoa, Thank you! I have no knowledge about the geography here and neither any common sense, she did save me!

Even I who is delighted like I child know that Elk sighed a lot of times today.

–Right after sighing

“……If it’s like this then it will be very efficient……” [ET: Didn’t understand it’s meaning at all…furthermore what’s the reason for this line at all.]

Words like that reach my ears.

……Well, it’s alright for now.

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