Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – Adventurer Registration

A few minutes after I had kicked the asses of bandits, I arrived at the nearest city ‘Volka’ thanks to Elk guiding me.

In one sentence: It has the cliche market scene that is mostly shown in other novels and manga.

There is no signs of any machinery. All the shops, stalls and buildings that give the feeling of a fantasy world are standing on either sides of the road. Yeah, wonderful feeling.

While I was being deeply moved thinking ‘This really is like a game world……’. My stomach started grumbling, after all I walked quite a distance from inside the labyrinth to here and ended up eating lunch together with Elk.

I am being treated by Elk as thanks for saving her. We bought kebabs that are being sold by the stalls and are walking while eating them.

I arrived at the place i was being guided to.

“Hmm, so this is the Guild……”

“That’s right. Hey, don’t stand there you’ll get in others way. Hurry up and come”

“Ah, yeah, understood”

I replied to Elks words and start following behind her.

Still, this is the Guild, eh……

“It’s huge. It surpassed my expectations”

“Well, this is the ‘headquarters’ for the guilds all over the world. In the first place, this city is larger compared to other cities, so it may be natural.”

In front us is the really huge 3-storey building giving the feeling of a government office. The plot area is not like that of a government office but it is on the level of a national congress building. [ET: Hey w-wtfh!!!]

So this is the headquarter of the Guilds? Is this by any chance a great city?

But I always had the image of the guild being a small building packed with people (arbitrary imagination) and so it’s a little unexpected for me. [Askurai: like all guild are so big ehh]

It’s more like a building made of wood and giving the feeling of a bar, in the centre of it is a table near which some dangerous looking people are drinking alcohol while laughing like “Gahahahaha” and are searching for some beauties in their surroundings. [ET: Now this is the Only MC which truly gives of the feeling he was an otaku in previous life.]

“……Then won’t be a bar rather than calling it a guild. And it’s building is really bad.”

“Eh!? You can read my mind!?”

“You started murmuring while thinking about it.”

Elk completely gives up on me while sighing.

But well, I just can’t change this feeling of ‘It’s normal’ that is coming from it. It’s completely different from what I have seen in games or read in manga or LN. It seems like a real municipal office or so. [ETN: The normal he is feeling according to what he will feel normal in his own world. It’s not the normal with the meaning of lame.]

Ah but there are a lot raw materials of demons scattered here and there? so it gives the feeling of another world. Did someone bring it as some sort of quest?

Well, there’s nothing to worry about it, let’s go to the counter already.

And look what, an onee-san with a business smile welcomed me wearing the uniform of the receptionist that the ones in municipal offices wear.

She has light brown semi-short hair and her age doesn’t seem much different from that of mine or Elk.

The receptionist lady bows her head.

“Welcome to the Adventurer Guild. On what business might you have come here today?”

“Ah, Yes. Erm……I want to register as an adventurer.”

“A new registration, right? Would you also want to register?”

“No, I have already registered so only he needs to register. I am only accompanying him.”

“Understood mam. So then, please fill out this document.”

While saying that she hands me a single paper, the so called document paper. It’s like the registration form.

Hmm, the entry content are……

Name : Minato Quadrille

Age : 16

Race : Human……maybe. I want to think I’m human.

I fill out the form with necessary points.

“Ah, excuse me, I have not registered at any inn. How should fill the field of emergency contact address?”

“In that case you can report it back at a later time when you have taken a room at the inn. We won’t be able to contact you by then, so it will be better if you hurry and finish it.”

“I see. Then this ‘remarks’ is?”

“That is filled about the techniques an individual uses……for example, using magic, using familiars et cetera. It is mandatory.”

Just like that, I keep on filling the blanks.

Let’s leave the techniques at ‘Use Magic, Magical skills at beginner level.’

I do have a lot of different magical skills if you ask about them. But it’s a hassle to explain.

“HmHmm, You can use Magic?”

“Around the level so it can create hindrances.” [ET: Liking beating the opponent to pulp, right?]

Elk speaks as such while seeing my entries.

She is looking with a somewhat investigative stare. Well, it’s not much of a problem so I keep on ignoring it. Even if she looks, I haven’t written any personal information at all.

I do have a lot of magic inside me, but the things I have and can use that are on human level are “Sympathy Power” and beginner ~ intermediate level magic like making a small flame for illuminating a dark space. [ET: I doubt his sympathy power is not filled of sadism or masochism or both…idk exactly.]

But still, I have confidence in fighting using the ‘Enhancement Magic’. Furthermore, it is more simple than using the magic or crap like that.

I keep on writing in the form like that.

Just short information like , ‘I’m a beginner’ or ‘excel at close-combats’ but in details.

Why am I writing in details? According to the lady, it is needed for referencing when there are quests in which the teams or parties are needed to be formed.

Ah, it like that, ‘recruiting magicians’ or ‘recruiting vanguards’.

I submit 2 silver coins, which seems to be the registration fee after finishing the form.

The receptionist lady, looks over the form to check any places which need to be filled.

It seems like I passed, and she places a seal on the form.

And for some reason, she asks for 2 strands of my head hair. I pull them out and hand them over.

She puts one hair along with the form in a small bag. And she places the other hair……on the top of a metal card which she took out of somewhere. [Askurai: so soul/hairbounded?]

Thereupon, the hair disappears as if sucked inside the card.

And then she puts the bag with my hair and registration form in a device which looks like a sort of scanner. She then slashes the card through the small gap present in its side. [ET: Just think of it like the credit card machine. Or amount register machines in department stores]

By any chance, does it read the personal information?

The card which was slashed shines brightly for some seconds. And she hands me the card,

“This is Minato-sama’s Guild card……it will be used as an identity card. Please confirm it.”

Whoa, I already got an Identity Card.

Name: Minato Quadrille

Age: 16

Rank: F

…………Et Cetera.

And seeing my eyes (that looked like a kid having his favorite toy in his hands), Elk shows an amazed expression.

It can’t be helped I’m a male after all!! [ET: This girl gets just too much amazed. Since the last Chapter this is her 5th or 6th time getting amazed or startled.]

“Well then I will explain some rules of this guild.”

And here comes the time for Lady’s tutorial. Please teach me well.




I got the explanation, in simple words it was something like this.

You’ll be getting additional services according to your status.

You can accept various requests……the so called ‘Quest’ with the help of Guild.

It is not a problem for the Guild, if adventurers choose to complete investigation work instead of taking quests.

However, if one investigates some dungeon in some savage lands, the guild offers them rewards even if it is not a quest.

It is the obligation of an adventurer to show some results from investigation or complete many quests every month. If this obligation is not fulfilled, they will be disqualified as an adventurer and their adventurer status will be revoked.

This part is somewhat puzzling so I will tell you about it later.

And now about ‘Rank’.

Literally, this ‘Rank’ represents the grade of an adventurer. These ‘Ranks’ are a total of 10 grades. Starting from F at the lowest it goes up by E, D, C, B, A, AA, AAA, S and SS is the top rank. This crap is pretty detailed.

After completing the quests, the Guild evaluates the achievements or ability of the adventurer and then gives a rank. Sometimes quests for judging the rank of adventurers will be available.

Basically even Quests are divided according to ranks. It depends on my level if I can take it or not.

And lastly if by any chance one were to lose their guild card. It costs 5 silver coins for reissuing it. Really expensive!!

There are other rules too, but according to the lady it will be okay to just know these main ones.

I also got a booklet with all the rules. I will read it later.

“Well then, Minato-sama’s registration procedure will end with this……The contact address is blank, can I ask you to report it as soon as you find a lodging?”

“Ah, Yes, Understood. Erm, will it be okay to just report by speaking?”

I thought there will be something like appendix to fill or something like that.

“Yes, if you explain the situation, it will be okay with any staff member……if you would like it, you can either search for me or call out for me.”

Saying that, the lady gives me her business card.

Name is……”Rin Guiche”. I see.

Ah, this name was on the guild card too, saying ‘Person In Charge of Registration Procedure’. So this was lady’s name.

If I call out her name then I will be able to complete the procedure easily.

And like that, my Adventurer Registration is finished without any difficulties.

Yay, Finally I am also an adventurer……while puffing my chest with pride, I bow towards Rin-san and leave the guild.

Well then let’s see.

Right now, it’s afternoon……

Well, I left home, escaped from a dungeon and straight from there came to the guild (not really) and completed the registration. If you were to say it’s natural then yeah it is natural.

Now all that I have to do is searching for a lodging? And a whole day is left, so it ain’t like I have to search it right now……

Other than that……I don’t have any for now.

I even brought my own equipment, so no need to search for any.

Ack, now how will I kill time today……

For me……rather than spending time on eating while walking is a bit……

I’m an adventurer right now, now I can……

Well what I want to say is simple,

“Hey, Minato?”

“Nh? What, Elk?”

“Do you have any plans fixed after this? You look pretty free to me though……”

“No, I don’t have plans. I also have my equipment. So I’m thinking about what to do.”

“Is that so? Then……”

Elk, then speaks.

“If it’s alright with you, though it might be strange……will you come together with me to any dungeon.”

Ah, Godsend.

Plans: Confirmed.

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  1. anon says:

    i cant continue reading this,the protagonist is too naive that its too painful to read

    guys lets leave the rapist, slavers, bandits alive so that they can prey on someone else later, because my previous world says so…

    • Reckon says:

      Naive it’s not like he doesn’t understand (it just says he wants to do that)(being from “modern” world taking life is last punishment given) but to him it’s simple matter of judgement (he’s so OP that to him small fry don’t matter too much and should be judged by “law”) just like some people have no problem shooting and asking later , this Mc prefers to not kill as his choice sigh. anyway Thanks for chapter and all that. P.S is it me or does this series need lots of editing? (just has some weird sentences no ill meaning)

      • Anonymous says:

        “This MC prefers not to kill, it’s his choice”
        …But that’s exactly why we’re giving the MC shit. His choice is stupid.

        Especially since he’s breaking one taboo after another (like fucking his mother), his attempt to maintain his sense of “ethics” is for no reason other than “let’s give the MC some flavor”. I guess this author doesn’t like blood, so he made the MC a stupid pussy.
        (He doesn’t even send these bandits to the local authorities. He just leaves them there. He makes no sense).

        P.S: Now that I think about it, this entire story is stupid and makes no sense. I feel like we’re losing something if we try to question it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, you lose any enjoyment you can get out of this series.

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          You need a forewarning about losing braincells due to reading this story, apparently. And the narration style is pretty bad by itself too. Too minimalistic for my taste. Some more detailed descriptions wouldn’t hurt.

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    And now you know what she meant by “Efficient.”

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