DDFYM – Chapter 26-27

Chapter 26-27

Time to celebrate!!!!!! We’ll be bringing you 4 regular chapters a week now! Wooo hooo! We’ve currently $10/$35 in our queue. If you can’t wait for your next dose, do contribute to the queue by clicking our support page~ Woo hoo!

Introducing our new translator who will be joining us in translating happiness together, let’s clap for Socksrocker!

Here’s a lil’ message from Socksrocker:

“Hello! I don’t know about you but I love my novels fluffy and beautiful because if I wanted melodrama, I’d look to the real world. Check out Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss as we journey through romance, boys and kickassery that exists only in our fantasies!”

Do give her our support and encouragement! A huge round of applause too!!!! WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!

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Chapter 26

Chapter 27 Translated by Socksrocker

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  1. anynomous says:

    welcome to MBC/Misty!!!

    *i normally a silent reader who always ‘kya kya’ when romantic scene, who always ‘ya!!!’ when some bastard appeared in scene, who always ‘aaaaaaa’ when extremely romantic n cringy scene appeared, who always ‘hehe’ when funny scene n who always ‘hhahahaha’ when MC condemn other characters.

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