Because I’m a Weapons Shop Uncle

Alternative Name: 因为我是开武器店的大叔
Author: Thinkworld (怀世)
Artist: –
Category: Chinese Web Novel, Adventure
Status: Ongoing
Source: Link
Translator(s)/Translation Group: Scrya (teaser), DokuHana (Chapter 2+), lovelyxday (Chapter 10+)
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In an alternate world, he constantly ponders about what kind of role is he actually designated as. Today, the weapon shop uncle and the ghost loli are working hard as well.


Volume 1: Daily Life with the Weapons Shop Uncle
Chapter 1: The Uncle and the Loli
Chapter 2: The Uncle and the Hero no. 576
Chapter 3: The Uncle and the Flower Shop Girl
Chapter 4: The Uncle and the Pet
Chapter 5: The Uncle and the Mysterious Visitor (part 1)
Chapter 6: The Uncle and the Mysterious Visitor (part 2)
Chapter 7: The Uncle and the Mysterious Visitor (part 3)
Chapter 8: The Uncle and the Nightmare
Chapter 9: The Uncle and the Honors Student (part 1)
Chapter 10: The Uncle and the Honors Student (part 2)
Chapter 11: The Uncle and the Three Diary Entries
Chapter 12: The Uncle and the Honors Student (part 3)
Chapter 13: The Uncle and the Honors Student (part 4)
Chapter 14: The Uncle and the Travel Preparations (part 1)
Chapter 15: The Uncle and the Travel Preparations (part 2)
Chapter 16: The Uncle and Commemorating the Forgotten
Chapter 17: The Uncle and the Night in the Thicket
Chapter 18 The Uncle and the Curse (part 1)

Volume 2: The Uncle and the Proof of Existence

Volume 3: The Uncle and the Blacksmith's Bloodline

19 Responses to Because I’m a Weapons Shop Uncle

  1. M_Rios195 says:

    I like this. Someone please translate this!

  2. GonZ says:

    Linkie to chapter 1 is broken
    It’s missing volume-1-chapter-

  3. DokuHana says:

    Ok it’s fixed.

  4. r1c3cak3s says:

    I looked up the novel and I found the cover on google images
    Thanks for the translations I love this novel so far >_<

  5. Demon says:

    is it dropped?

  6. AnimeLover says:

    Ill give this a shot assuming its a heartwarming father daughter relationship and not romance lol.. Better not be like Usagi Drop or something pedophiliac like Death March.

  7. Thefailman says:

    The place where volume 2 should be is linked to chapter 4 and also has the text “Volume

  8. inkthief says:

    I’ve re-read this a couple times… I want MORE.

    Thanks for translating!

  9. arbre says:

    I am hooked to this story can’t wait for the next chapter :))

  10. FrkBrise says:

    Uuummmm… Do you have any intention of continuing translating this? So far it seems interesting but it doesn’t seem to have been updated in a while…

    • baroncrux says:

      I really want to know the answer as well. Hopefully a yes at that.

    • DokuHana says:

      Yes, I’m still planning on translating this. However, I’ve been really busy lately, so I’m really sorry for the wait. I should be able to update soon in the next few days.

  11. marlo says:

    Is the translation officially dead?

  12. lovelyxday says:

    Hi, I translate with DokuHana for this novel, and I’ve been updating in on her blog. Could I still host chapters on moonbunnycafe?

  13. arbre says:

    NICE!!!! Thank you:))

  14. Arbre says:

    Thx for the translation. Compared to other translated novels you’re pretty good at this.

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