Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 20

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The Uncle and the Curse (part 3)

As I came in contact with Little Elan, I understood the reason why she got possessed.

Little Elan’s small body was emitting an aura of indescribable despair and unease.

There was a kind of person in the world, that could make people automatically give way when the walk by. Their strong negative aura could even distort the air of the surroundings. In the case such a strong aura comes near, it would make you feel depressed. Right now, Little Elan was just like that.

I understood. Little Elan, this is my fault.

Little Elan had been with me for a year. During this time, I always strove to make her feel safe. But thinking carefully, Little Elan never completely relaxed. The catastrophe in the past that created her fear still remained clearly in her mind.

I had never explicitly assured her that I would never leave her, no matter what.

It would be better to say that even if I had assured her, it wouldn’t be any use.

The worry that one day, I would leave. The worry that one day she would again be abandoned. She was carefully harboring such feelings and associating with me. No matter at what time, there would always be fear.

In reality, I should’ve discovered this earlier.

When I wanted to teach Little Elan my way of making weapons, her first response was to worry that I would send her off.

Worry that she incur resentment, worry that she would do something bad. No matter when or where, no matter how much effort I put in, it still seemed to her like she was back in the war, walking all alone. When including Elan into the equation, making the best weapon was not important at all. The important thing was that she was in the weapon shop, sleeping on the old floor, staying by my side.

When we left the village, although she did not express it, Little Elan was actually very scared and on edge.

But in terms of her fear of the future, she would never confide in me.

Because she was scared that I would get tired of her.

Up until now, to people whose brains were overthinking, I would use my strength make them calm down. But this time it was not the same. I needed Little Elan to understand, that this weapon shop uncle would never throw away his little shop assistant. No matter what. If that shop assistant was clumsy, that was fine. If she liked to cry, that was also fine. If she couldn’t forget her painful past, that was also fine.

Even if she was willful, it also didn’t matter.

Empty-eyed, Little Elan had completely unlocked the power of demons. She took a rumbling step that split the ground, rushing straight towards me.

You’ve made quite the ruckus, Little Elan.

I opened my two arms.

A fist hit my abdomen, and my body immediately flew into the air like a fallen leaf in a gust.

Hmph, I didn’t think that my shop’s assistant was a monster strength loli.

My body formed a “く” shape, and my back banged against a tree trunk, without the slightest cushioning. A mouthful of blood came spurting out of my mouth.

“Keep going, Little Elan! This level of strength is still too weak!”

A roundhouse kick. The foot violently slammed into the left side of my face, and once again I was thrust into the air.

This time, I purposely tried to resist, since my neck might snap. My face immediately swelled, and I lost another mouthful of blood. The inside of my mouth was salty.

“Hehehe, Little Elan. This kind of, cough, this kind of thing does not hurt me at all!”

Little Elan ground her teeth.

The next thing to come was a consecutive series of punches. Fatal hits using the elbow, hits that would make me severely disabled, hits that hurt, I would take all of them.

Ah, Little Elan. I’m sorry.

You were always bearing your suffering that was way more intense than this.


Ka Luona’s bitter voice.

I’m fine. Who do you think I am.

I received about thirty to forty hits, before I could no longer keep track. Each fist contained the force required to move a tree.

Hold on for a while, my body.

My face was also hit by fists.

My nose bleed dripped down to my mouth, and my eye socket swelled.

Who cares!

Cross the road for me, Little Elan!

“Wuaaaaaa!!!! He ge He ge He ge He ge He ge He ge aaaa!!!! I don’t want to!!! Stop, stop it!!!”

A fist that has been storing up strength, intended to deal me the fatal blow.

On her face was an unbearably sad look. Tears were streaming down her cheeks nonstop. Mucus was also flowing down, and with her tears made her face filthy as they mixed. She desperately wanted to stop the final blow, trying hard against the possessing specter. Well, she was also fighting with herself.

The blow still came. I used my hand to gently receive it.

In the end, it was a strengthless attack.

I half-kneeled and hugged her tightly to my chest.

“I said it was fine, Little Elan. Even if you do this kind of thing, I will not hate Little Elan. Therefore, please don’t be scared.”

“He ge, wuwaahahahahsorrysorrysorry–”

Throwing herself into my chest, she rubbed tears and mucus onto my body.

But it doesn’t matter.

“It looks like you’ve lost, white clown.”

I did my utmost to hold on to my last vestiges of consciousness and spoke to a person I couldn’t see.

Even if I couldn’t see it, I could feel her nod her head.

Because the surrounding aura that made people tremble with fear gradually became dimmer.

Little Elan, chose to move forward. Very good.

That said, I also……

My vision slipped into darkness.

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