Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: The Uncle and the Curse (part 1)

Yesterday, I skinned the dead wolves on my own. Ka Luona had used her sword to kill four of the wolves, so those had poor skin quality. On the contrary, the quality of the wolves I killed were not bad. Right now, I was a merchant, and used the lens of a merchant to look at problems. Taking risks must have returns, and if something’s free it would be a waste not to take it.

Ka Luona had lost all of her strength at the wolf king’s final attack. After the attack, she was still immersed in fear from her brush with death. I understood how she was feeling. Although, from my point of view, I found that everything to be within expectation, but speaking of her she definitely suffered some psychological trauma.

The workload for one person to skin the wolves was very large. Moreover, I still had to give Ka Luona medicine.

When I brought up that I was going to treat Ka Luona’s wound, she looked at me with her spiritless eyes. Afterwards, she slowly unfastened her buttons and shrugged off her sleep clothes. The pajama neck slid down to the elbow position, baring her fragrant shoulder and……

En, that’s more than enough.

Moreover, it seems she wasn’t wearing——

That’s not right! I am not the kind of person who can’t endure attraction!

The other party is also a child! Mind without distracting thoughts, mind without distracting thoughts.

Finally, before I could see anything, I bet on my pride, my speed, to circle around to behind her.

Wu, the snow white back was rich with an alluring power.

Her back was smooth as the highest quality jade. If use a finger to lightly poke her back, I could feel the characteristic suppleness and elasticity of a girl’s skin. Even though it reeked of blood, I could clearly identify a good-smelling scent.

I slapped myself on the face. I finally calmed down enough to apply ointment to her wound.

“How does it feel? Does it hurt?”

Eek! I said such shameless things!

My self-made ointment, has hemostatic and poison neutralizing effects. It’s possibly more useful than healing magic, but it also hurts.

However, Ka Luona only blankly buttoned up her buttons, her whole body shivering as she got into her sleeping bag.

Ai, if only she wouldn’t have any nightmares.

I put the wolf skins above the fire to dry and sat still until daybreak.

The original plan was for me to lie in the cart and sleep during the daytime today, but first thing in the morning, I found that Ka Luona still hadn’t felt any better, so I took responsibility for driving the horses. An extra night wasn’t that big of a deal for me. I wasn’t resentful at all.

“Big brother He, Ka Luona, is she alright?”

When the morning came, Little Elan discovered Ka Luona’s strangeness. Indeed, a person who is still wrapped in their sleeping bag, shivering with cold, is definitely not normal.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.”

Having said this, I paid attention to what’s ahead.

Ever since we had entered this area, I have felt something different in the air.

It was kind of feeling that made people feel a faint shiver up their spine. This was not the same kind of cold as the cold of winter.

As time passed, it grew stronger, and it grew stronger still.

When I brushed against a tree, the cold feeling reached an apex. I subconscious looked at the tree, and vaguely saw a white figure. A long-haired woman with scarlet lips smiled monstrous and malevolent, but disappeared in a wink of the eye. It wasn’t at the speed where I couldn’t sense it, but maybe there was nothing there from the beginning.

Since I knew that there was something there, I couldn’t just not care.

Immediately, I stopped the cart.

“Sorry, Little Elan. Wait here a moment.

I stood for a long time in front of the tree, then started to dig at the earth. The nearby soil was not hard.

In just a while, I could see eerie, white bones.

The clothes had already disintegrated, and the flesh no longer remained. There was only a dry and clean skeleton.

If I hadn’t been so quickly reborn into this world, this body might also already look like this.

“Big-big brother He! There’s a woman there!”

I heard Little Elan scream and immediately jumped from the front, but I did not notice anything.

Don’t tell me that because Little Elan is a demon, so she can see things that I can’t?

Or it would be better to say that there are things that I cannot see in this world. Even if it was only a strange figure, I had to be on alert.

“Eek, I-I can’t see it. Waaaaaaa!!!!!”

I heard Little Elan shriek. I didn’t want to know what happened. Probably some scary thing suddenly came out right now very close by, and was at least enough to cause a scare.

Although I couldn’t see it, no one can bully people from my family. I will meet whatever comes.

I swept a gaze over the bones, and discovered a necklace hanging around the spine. That is the thing of the dead.

I pulled at the necklace.

“Come out! Do you want this thing!”

“Big brother He, be care-careful!!! That guy is headed towards you!!!”

So troublesome.

All dead people, still making trouble as a ghost.

Today, I just thought about it. What I cannot see and cannot sense, what thing that does not have real body, how can it hurt me.

No matter what kind of hatred it harbors, it shouldn’t take it out on innocent people. If there were like that when they were alive, then they will be like that in death.

I tossed the necklace to the side, and was immediately slammed by someone.

Ka Luona was still dressed in her pajamas, her spiritless eyes were even close to being lifeless. She looked at me, but what she was looking at wasn’t me.

“B-big brother He! That long-haired women is near Big sister Ka Luona’s body!”

Accompanying Little Elan’s screams, Ka Luona clearly said these words:

“Wolf, killed…..I will, die……”

The silver sword was unsheathed.

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