Because I’m a Weapons Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: The Uncle and the Mysterious Visitor (part 3)

I don’t know exactly how strong Baluo was before he lost the strength of the forest, but as far as I’m concerned, right now he’s weak.

I remember that in my original world there was a man called Osamu Dazai, who said that preaching is merely a type of self-satisfaction.

Thus, I did not say anything as Baluo hit me again and again and I flung him away, over and over again.

From the very first time, Baluo knew the gap between him and me, but right now, even if he knows the difference, he still still harbors thoughts of unwillingness to give up and kept trying again. That is what is called anger.

The anger of the destruction of his final hopes after the fire.

“I shouldn’t have trusted you from the beginning! You’re a liar! All humans are liars!”

Short purple hair reflected the moonlight.

After the last hit, he could not even pull out the demon-like figure from before. He exerted all the strength in his whole body to hit me, but pounced on empty air and tumbled to the ground, all energy wasted.


He cried with the lament of a beast.

Elan hid from a distance and peeked out, occasionally using a worried expression to watch me, occasionally looking at Baluo on the ground. Little Hairball angrily pawed at the pegs toward me. It was comparatively smart; it probably thought I was bullying the boy.

If I wanted to bully him, how should I do it? I thought over manga villain lines and actions.

Perhaps to stick out a foot and step on his head, grinding him into the ground.

“What? Are you already done?”


His voice was weak, rather his strength was already very delicate. Doing his utmost, he wanted to prop up his body, but his body strength has already reached its limits.

I’ve never liked preaching to brats. Although preaching is supposed to be a senior’s skill, using words to make him understand is not as effective as using actions. Right now he should’ve regained some conscience from his stupidity.

I grabbed him by his dirty purple hair and brought his face up to near my position.

He immediately spit saliva  towards me.

Ah. He still hasn’t cooled down.

I released him and he used his sleeve to wipe dry his face of saliva.

“Did your parents not teach you to respect your seniors?”

“You aren’t a…senior…you fiend…”

He spoke discontinuously.

I picked up a shard from the bow, and threw it in front of his eyes.

“Do you know why this broke?”

He did not look at the piece of the bow, but gnashed his teeth and glared at me.

“It must be……because of your tricks!”

He still has energy to criticize me, not bad.

“Listen to the voice of the bow for yourself.”

He looked at me with distrust, but still brought his ear closer.

In a moment an extremely amazed expression appeared.

“Do you understand now?”

He looked at me silently.

If at the start I had tried to make him listen to the bow’s voice, he definitely would have refused. Only until he was hit until he couldn’t move, then he would have reluctantly accepted the opposition’s suggestion. Of course I passively took the beating without retaliating, to awaken his conscience deep in his heart and to allow him to take the initiative and ask me, so that my stereotypical manga story can be chosen.

But I didn’t choose, because getting hit really hurts.

“I don’t understand……”

He whimpered and cried again, using both hands to grab at sand and throw it onto the broken bow.


I lifted the neck portion of his cloak and raised him up, and without saying anything brought him inside with me.

Since he understands now, I no longer need to be hostile with him.

Therefore, I made a large meal for him.


He said after drinking a mouthful of soup.

How can this be? How can my cabbage, radish, and stewed fish soup taste bad!!

I refuse to accept this!!

I drank a mouthful of the soup myself, and then spit it right back out.

What is this……?

I then remembered. After I made dinner today I switched the spots of the salt and sugar. But when I made food this time, I forgot.

I’m sorry! God of cooking, please forgive me!! Baluo, please forgive me!!

I planned to take the fish soup from Baluo and throw it away, but he suddenly turned took it and gulped down all of it.


I squatted in a corner, silently being gloomy.

There was no need to say it twice, no need right?

He said with a straight face:

“However, I quite like it.”

I let out a sound and mussed his hair. I don’t necessarily like this kind of thing, but as a senior, seeing this junior regain some of his strength is quite satisfying. Rather, messing one’s hair is a taller and older person’s exclusive skill. By chance, I satisfied these two conditions. Therefore, it was unconsciously triggered.

It absolutely wasn’t because I wanted to rub his head. That’s right, it definitely wasn’t that.

He shook his head, but did not overly resist.

“So after this, where do you plan to go?”

His only hope was destroyed, so he probably won’t go to Luo Pana for vengeance anymore.

“Other forests, I will definitely be able to find family there.”

“Is that so.”

I wiped my hands clean on the apron.

“If you ever have nowhere to go, come find me and become an employee. Although the lifestyle will be more tiring.”

Without even finishing eating, he took advantage of the dim night to don his hood and leave.

I picked up a fragment of the bow and arrow, brought it to my ears, and listened carefully. Faint words came intermittently.

“Live on……don’t use……you are……the last……”

I took the fragment and resolutely threw it down to the ground.

Failed, failed.

Although the end result turned out fine, at the casting level it was I who lost.

There is only one reason why the bow broke. A magic tool requires a spirit who unwilling and angry, filled with enmity against the world, but this soldier only hoped that Baluo, as the last of the forest people could live on. Even though I noticed something at the casting stage, if I had noticed earlier, I could’ve forced through and ignited hatred using force to forge.

As a weapon shop uncle, I could not completely my client’s request.

While I was overcome with remorse, Elan hugged my waist. Well more like with her height, her open arms could only hug my waist. Her strength was very larhgr, maybe she used her power as a ogre.

I patted her head.

Her eyes were red and as clear as spring water.

“Big brother, he did not do anything wrong. I, I know, that the person called Baluo, he, when he came he was filled with a scary feeling. But when he left, he had a very gentle feeling. Big brother, he, is a warm person……”

In the cold winter night I let out a pure white breath and softly hugged Elan.

“Thank you, Elan.”

Little Hairball rubbed his face against my back.

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