Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 28

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The Uncle and the Bandits (part 5)

My anger was like the Heavenly Dog.

My common sense was just like the luminous moon being gobbled up when the evil dog was set free.

When I saw that Mademoiselle Specter was weeping, the sword in my hands clattered to the ground.a

Mechanically, I turned my head to look at the wriggling Bayerman. I could only indistinctly recall what had just happened.

Did I do this?

Efficiently cutting of his two arms, making him lose his features that made him a man. Did I do this?

Without the slightest emotion, crushed his limb and bone. Did I do this?

Losing all reason and running amok, committing outrages. Did I do this?

Would Mademoiselle Phantom be happy if she saw all of this? Not considering her feelings at all, but just venting my anger. Did I do this?

What joke is being made here. I was already this old.

I folded my hands over my forehead. I could clearly feel that my body was trembling nonstop. Since I had been reincarnated in this world, I had never felt such a deep fear. What’s more, this fear originated from within me.

“I did it!”

A high pitched voice came from behind. I moved slightly sideways and punched him unconscious.

“Kaqi, who couldn’t even be destroyed by King Kong was actually——”

I looked at my hand.

So it was like that.

When I was holding the sword, I thought of the things from that world.

When the memories of the two world mixed together, I lost my self. The only thing in my mind was the melody of battle. From the start I knew that I was this kind of person. I have no qualifications to hold a weapon. So up until now when I fought, I only relied on my fists to finish things.

Weapons are used to kill people. The more dangerous the weapon, the more the fuse of a bomb it is. If today I saw not a sword, but a hand gun, I probably would have shot Bayerman in the skull without hesitation in the very first moment.

But I did not have any consciousness of committing murder.

I didn’t have any comprehension of being killed, and I don’t have any comprehension of killing. This is as it should be.

So when I awoke from my stupor, I felt regretful, I felt fearful. I was swept away by anger. I sold my soul to satan. When I recovered my sense I discovered that I had already made a great mistake.

If Mademoiselle Phantom had not stopped me, what would I have done?

I would’ve cut down into everyone around me until they called the magic beast, then I when the beast came to gorge itself, I would’ve stuck a sword through its core.

They are bandits, bandits who have broken the law, bandits who have committed every crime.

I who subdued them would naturally be highly revered as just, an unquestionable justice.

This way of thinking is a mistake.

Recalling my original plan, I only planned to suddenly attack after Ludao’s death, punish Bayerman according to the law or forever banish them.

I, since then, have done things without my sense of self. I had forgotten my original plan, and had almost destroyed the things I needed to protect.

“Okay, do you still have another trump card? Quickly, bring it out. There’s no use in trying to escape. In case you do try to run, you will immediately look like this person.”

I stepped on Bayerman’s skull.

“Don’t, don’t bully people too excessively!”

Mark, flustered and exasperated, cried out. He waved his arms, forming a raging flame.

His two hands were wrapped in a fireball, but when he brought his hands together, it immediately turned into a soaring blaze.

The fireball was over ten meters in diameter. The heat made the dried grass underfoot burst into flames.

“Under this power not even dregs will remain!!”

“The forest doesn’t want to catch fire.”

I did not make a move, but sent a little bit of magic power into the fireball to make it disperse. The nearby fire was also suddenly extinguished.

Using magic to make a flame is like using a spell to construct a skeleton. Since the magic was extremely dense, the slightest change in the skeleton could cause it to break into pieces. I immediately thought that my maintained skill was very convenient.

“How could that…..”

“Th-then look at this!”

Dove blew into a bamboo flute with a terrible sounding tone.

This is the tune for summoning the beast. Although I could cut it short right now by charging at him, I wouldn’t be to catch the beast like that. Patiently standing where I was and waiting for the beast to appear was a better idea.

Trees in the distance were uprooted by their trunks. The ground trembled. The mountains shook. The entire mountain was wailing.

It was quite the strong magic beast.

It’s entire body was pitch black and was at least four meters tall. The upper half vaguely resembled a human, but the bottom half was a snake’s tail. The whole body seemed like there was ink spilled on pure marble and wouldn’t sink in. It had a feeling like the entire thing was flowing like water. Its head was bare. It didn’t have any of the five sense organs. Its hand also did not have five fingers. But its whole body emitted the aura of a strong beast.

To protect against its blood, which had corrosive effects, I first wrapped my fist and arm with magic as armor.

I leaped high into the air and punched the beast’s face.

But to no avail. It was like punching water. My arm made hissing sounds; the magic was being corroded.

I placed my other hand on top of its head, suddenly releasing a large quantity of magic power and exploded it onto one side of its face, then relied on the recoil to return to the ground.

Its body rippled, then immediately mended itself.

“Hahahahahaha, your hands are bound. Bangu’s entire body is in a liquid state. You can’t break it using liquid force!! You can only die, and I will be the new leader!”

Ma, although I could try continually battling the beast to find its core, I thought this was too troublesome.

That thing was just four meters tall. There’s no need to do that.

From what I could tell, Bangu’s magic power composition is quite loose. That’s why it can flow around, and also restore itself. But then it’s also clear that the large majority of its magic power does not form its body, but rather was stored in its core. Using such a method to continually repair itself gives the illusion that it can limitlessly be reborn.

What is called a magic beast’s core is actually what the magic beast is. No matter if it’s big and strong or small and weak, magic beasts are all monsters that have condensed a large amount of magic near its core.

To say it simply, except for the stone that constitutes the magic core, its body is simply constructed out of magic.

Although I cannot use complex magic, I have an abundance of magic power.

I raised my hand and let out half of my magic power, directly evaporating the magic beast.

The huge beast had disappeared without a trace. A stone the size of a human head emitted a rainbow light as it tumbled to the ground.

I used the arch of my foot to crush it.

“And next? Do you have any other trump cards? Then bind each other’s arms and come with me. Accept the trial. After all, it’s a lot better than turning into your big brother, right?”

I gather the sword from the ground, not to take revenge, but to intimidate them.

Standing here like this was me. I am a weapon shop uncle.

Sorry, Bayerman. Sorry, Mademoiselle Phantom.

From now on, thank you.

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