Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 19

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The Uncle and the Curse (part 2)

Though I couldn’t see that long-haired woman, after just a few rounds, I could guess her intentions.

Use Ka Luona to kill all of us, and then kill herself, so we all will be buried with her.

Right now, the one I was fighting with wasn’t Ka Luona, but something else.

Moreover, she wasn’t just ordinarily strong.

Each of Ka Luona’s stats, as the number one of her school, (outside of real battle experience), were extraordinary. What gave me a headache was that the specter possessing her body had quite a bit of battle experience.

In the current confrontation, I, who did not sleep for a night, lacked the advantage. I also did not carry any weapons. Ka Luona, who held the silver sword, was quite swift and fierce on the offensive. Although her movement speed wasn’t quick, every time she swung her sword she left an afterimage. I was seeing countless swords. I could still concretely tell where she was going to thrust from the movements of her arm. However, this much was my limit.

If it was the possessed Ka Luona, she could definitely have killed the wolf king in an instant last night.

However, as I have said before, defeating an opponent does not solely rely on strength and experience. In the face of being evenly matched with my opponent, I needed to think of other ideas.

At the moment, Ka Luona did not know about my circumstances. By dodging, I could switch our physical positions without problem. At the moment, Little Elan and Little Hairball were behind me. So she couldn’t sneak attack them. If she planned to use Ka Luona’s body to commit suicide, I also had the confidence to stop it. In other words, the opponent did not hold any of my weak points.

But I held two magic weapons in my hands.

The first was the necklace on the ground. I don’t know why but the specter placed a lot of importance on it.

The second, I have a way to defeat the enemy. But if possible, I still hope for the peaceful resolution.

Who this chick was, why she died here, and why she still clung to this patch of dirt, I really wanted to know.

But regretfully, despite me making the signal for negotiation, this chick still planned to kill me.

Up to now, disagreeable, violent people or animals, would see the difference in our strength before they could listen to my words. I guessed this would work on this spirit.

Even if it didn’t, I would only have to threaten the necklace, then she and Little Elan could talk.

Thus, I needed to verify with her, who was stronger between me and hers and Ka Luona’s combined strength.

This is the first time I didn’t use just my body’s strength; rather, I gathered magic power in my eyes.

After coming to this world, I did not learn any knowledge of magic. Thus, besides my maintained skill “All things cast”, I did not know how to use any magic. But I understood the basics of magic knowledge, thus I could use pure magic to disassemble my opponent’s’ moves.

Afterwards, I remembered simple strengthening magic. This was done by gathering magic in the part to strengthen. Like Ka Luona’s godspeed, I reckoned it was just wrapping magic around the body.

This was the first time I would be trying this, because there was never a need for it before.

Of course, more specific magic could not just be done by gathering magic power, therefore I could only say that this idea is the first step of magic, and couldn’t be formed into magic. The results of the strengthening is far weaker than proper magic by several levels.

But for me, this was enough.

Too slow.

Everything was too slow.

As if in slow motion, Ka Luona’s movements were full of holes. Using speed to cover up for these deficiencies, a forcefully applied battle style. To speak plainly, she was not familiar with the recently possessed body.

Just by looking I could discover, that there was a unwell feeling.

Either in body and mind, there must be must be some kind of lag. With the specter’s experience level, she would definitely weaken the godspeed to gain more stable control. It’s like when you play a game and the strong opponents two-times speed returns to normal, very conveniently.

It would be hard to just rely on physical ability to catch her, but by using magic it has become super easy.

Magic is really a convenient thing.

While thinking this, I feel ashamed, because using magic to momentarily strengthen myself always feels like I’m not using my true strength to fight.

But care of this good fortune, the battle has become much easier.

Easier to take advantage of the holes in her defense. My fist struck Ka Luona’s face.

I didn’t want to do this, but ——

“Open your eyes and look at me!! The wolf is no longer here!! Being scared because of this, you should be ashamed to call yourself the number one!!”

I did not use my full strength. After all, leaving a scar on that beautiful face would be bad.

But still, it was to the degree that Ka Luona knelt on the ground, her nose bleed dripping onto the floor. There was also an injury on the corner of her mouth. Ka Luona looked at me, and suddenly started bawling.

While crying she vomited violently, her stomach was overturning seas and rivers.

After this, it should be good.

“Little Elan! Is the specter still by Ka Luona? Little E–”

Although I dodged with all my ability, the short sword still was stuck in my thigh, only the silver handle sticking out. Though you couldn’t see the color of blood on black plants, they were very quickly soaked through.

“Che, you bastard.”

Really such a bothersome person. I didn’t think that she would possess Little Elan when I turned my eyes away for just a moment. To actually use such a method….

I cannot panic. Even if there was a moment in which my body was snatched away, I cannot bear to think about the aftermath.

“One after the other is still not enough. What the hell do you want?”

This time, she finally used Little Elan’s body to give an answer:

“I want, a friend.”

I pulled out the sword stuck in my thigh. Blood immediately bubbled out.

“What friends, you only want other people to be buried with you. Go back to hell and stay there.”

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