Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 21

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The Uncle and Mademoiselle Phantom

When I came to, I was already lying down on a sickbed, completely without energy.

Although I wanted to handsomely fall onto the dirt after the battle concluded, and elegantly wipe the blood at the corner of my mouth with my sleeve, and then say I was fine, in the end I wasn’t successful. Ai, it would make my peers mock me.

With such a wretched appearance, I wasn’t able to finishing saying and fell unconscious uselessly. Boasting about protecting my companions was all just nonsense. I need to reflect, I need to very seriously reflect.

After I woke up, I saw Little Elan sleeping by my side. Tear drops hung from her long eyelashes, and her eyelids were red and swollen. She did not even dare to hug me, just carefully lying on my chest.

I lightly rubbed her head, and she opened her eyes. After looking at me for the first time, those two giant eyes immediately filled with tears. Then she hugged me while crying.

“Wuwuaaaa, sniffle, He-he ge, wuwawawawaaaa, it’s all my……”


I embraced her. Little Elan’s body was small and still had the particular fragrance of a small child.

“I’m not finished speaking. It’s all right. From now on, I will definitely never hate Little Elan, therefore please don’t worry. As long as I live, Little Elan will be my family.”


It seemed like she wanted to say something, but her face was so peaceful while she was sleeping. If she was smiling in her dreams, it should already be fine.

I didn’t know where Ka Luona went, and Little Hairball should probably be with the horses in the stable.

That said, right now there’s something I need to do.

“Although I can’t feel where you are, you still came with us.”

I spoke to that person I couldn’t see.

Ai, I know talking out loud is kind of stupid. Since I can’t see or hear her, then how could I know what she answered?”

Fortunately, it was just me there. I made a mistake, a mistake.

“There’s no use in still hiding. RIght now, there’s no way for me to fight with you.”

Although I didn’t know whether she could reveal herself, I immediately threw out this sentence to avoid awkwardness. Even if she couldn’t reveal herself, this way she definitely would believe that I mistakenly believed that she could say a sentence. If I hadn’t done this, it would be too awkward! (T/N: He’s just rolling with it now)

Afterwards, my field of view turned white.

That phantom, was floating very close to me. She still wore the same white cotton draw as when I first saw her.

My gaze followed the cotton dress down, and no doubt it’s a ghost. She doesn’t have feet.

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, I prepared my heart, and my line of sight slowly moved upwards.

A super scary face immediately……ah?


“Who are you?”

I asked without shying away at all.

Her hair was combed neatly, black hair like a waterfall flowing to her waist.

Her lips were just as bright red, however if she didn’t smile her appearance changed from strange to flirtatious.

Nothing strange about her features, she was actually beautiful. She even had a pair of black framed glasses.

She was a sixteen-or-so year old maiden. She gave the people the feeling of being like Ka Luona but more mature. But she definitely didn’t look old. Rather, she had the kind of grace retained after experiencing tribulation in her years, a kind of being crushed by the world and then went through arduous training to temper herself steady aura.

That said, do phantoms have an aura?

“I am Mademoiselle Phantom.”

A sweet smile.

I understood, she had two personalities. In my original world I saw this. For instance, a sloppy, gloomy girl that becomes extremely beautiful after cleaning up. Daizai Osamu’s novel Goodbye had this kind of two-faced female personality, although that novel wasn’t finished. Daizai and his lover threw themselves into the river to kill themselves.

I took a deep breath.

“Also, why were you staying in that forest? Why did you come along?”

Mademoiselle Phantom sat on the bedside. I say sit, but it’s more like she just stopped there, since she doesn’t have a corporeal form.

“I was stuck there because some people did some excessive things to me, and then killed me there. I hated the place, and I hated those people. As time passed, I also started to hate the dirt, so I cursed the dirt.”

She summarized her life experiences succinctly, and presumably experienced some over the top things. It would be best to not ask.

“The reason why I came with you is because I possessed that necklace, and Miss Investigation Official is the one who has it.”

“Ka Luona? What does she want to do with it?”

Mademoiselle Phantom showed a smiling expression.

“She said it was to investigate, she probably wanted to find my murderer for me. She is really a gentle person. I had done those things and had planned to kill all of you…..”

I snorted.

“Anyway, from what you’re saying, Ka Luona is meddling in other people’s business.”

“Is it?”

Having said this, Mademoiselle Phantom looked somewhat lonely.

“Well, whatever it is, it is as it is. We will help you for this matter. All you need to do is travel with us.”


“DIdn’t you want friends?”

I looked at the moonlight that was coming through the screen window while speaking.

I could faintly sense that Duofa Town wasn’t such a peaceful place.

“Master!! It’s good that you’re okay! I am extremely sorry for my actions. I can with dignity assure you that I definitely won’t forget my manners again!”

Ka Luona pushed open the door and stared for a moment, before bowing deeply.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. This is Miss……eh?”

She was nowhere to be seen.

The phantom that was just sitting down there.

“You were saying?”

“Sorry, it’s nothing.”

I rubbed my temple.

“Right, Master! I privately did some investigating. It seems that Duofa Town has always been bullied by bandits.”

Thinking that it was another opportunity to train Ka Luona, I opened my mouth, saying:

“In that case, as an Investigation Official, you must take the responsibility of protecting the citizens.”

I never thought that Ka Luona wouldn’t agree, not showing off at all.

“No, I believe that this is something that even Master can’t handle.”

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