GDBBM – Chapter 597-599


We’ve hit our first goal~

*cheers & clappers*


*Deep Bow*

Huge fireworks festival that flashes in the various colours with each name on the beautiful night canvas. Let’s put our hands together for our dear supporters. Super awesome. Thank you. Thanks for supporting us on Patreon!

Here are your happy doses!

Chapter 597 Regular Happy Dose

Chapter 598 Regular Happy Dose

Chapter 599 Extra Dose of Happiness

Hall of Fame for Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss

Violet Spirit (Overlord)

  • Akhtar

Indigo Spirit (Elder)

  • Fresia Gardner

Blue Spirit (Master)

  • Joan
  • Cia

Green Spirit (Senior Disciple)

  • Sharifah Nur
  • Linh Huynh
  • Nieve Mireia

Yellow Spirit (Disciple Mentor)

  • Chimon Rodrigo
  • John Harrison
  • Arike Idowu
  • Mimi
  • Florian Kröger
  • Beadgirl
  • Zachary Paul
  • Uinise Fuapau
  • Florian Stuettgen
  • Noor Aini Ariffin
  • ShaligaR
  • Tram Tu
  • Rodrigue Herve
  • Sheepys
  • katann13

Orange Spirit (Ordinary Disciple)

  • slonik
  • Shawn T
  • James Smith
  • Hikari
  • julia
  • Rynna
  • KSWatanabe
  • Forest Master
  • cahmil
  • Charlotte Solberg
  • Oyuna Garmaeva
  • Hipployta
  • Lema Waihi
  • kirindas

Red Spirit (New Disciple)

  • Cheena Rodriguez
  • Kayla Kigawa
  • Duyen Nguyen-Ta
  • Toàn Nguyen
  • Jae
  • Jc Cheong
  • Noor wann sherlyana
  • Fawzi Mohamed
  • Guillaume
  • Deborah1827
  • Michelle Phalanukorn
  • Jakob Marolt
  • Pimeow
  • Samantha Capaul
  • Dante
  • Ian W.

*clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*


Now, we’ll be releasing 6 regular happy doses a week + 6 extra doses of happiness a week.


New goal: $1000 and we’ll release another 6 extra doses of happiness a week!

Thank you all once again for bringing smiles across the globe. Now… are you ready for some slappin’?

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  1. Zeth says:

    Thank you very much!!

  2. dangerdude says:

    thanks a ton misty! congrats on the milestone ^^

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