GDBBM – Chapter 598

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Chapter 598: “Seventh Slap (5)”

Long Qi replied stoically: “All persons who took part in the deed, and all who had a part in handling the issue. Would the Headmaster please gather all of these people here?”

Fan Qi finally understood. Being put under great duress to quickly proceed, he dared not negotiate at all and immediately sent people out to locate all the personnels involved.

The crowd which had gathered to see what was going on grew larger and larger. Everyone was drawn to but was kept at arm’s length by Jun Wu Xie’s and Long Qi’s dominating presence. Even the highly revered and esteemed Headmaster, who stood at the pinnacle within the Zephyr Academy was cornered into helpless submission when faced with these two individuals.

Nangong Xu was well known to be stoned faced in the Zephyr Academy, unsmiling and unapproachable, and ordinary disciples usually don’t even have the courage to speak to him.

But now, Nangong Xu was not only smiling, he was positively beaming in fact, falling to a new low, never seen before by any of the disciples!  
Witnessing Fan Qi’s and Nangong Xu’s subservient attitudes told the disciples a lot about the Rui Lin Army’s prowess.

Very soon, all the people who were linked to the issue were brought in one after another.

When the Zephyr Academy’s disciples saw the people who were brought here, they were all suddenly shocked.

Among them, not just the teachers who were in charge of safety during the Spirit Hunt were summoned, but even Ning Xin, Yin Yan, Fan Jin and even the Vice Headmaster were brought in together!

What a grand gathering of elites!

“Besides those people who had been expelled, another four disciples from the branch division are currently making their way over here. There is another disciple….. who is not within the academy at the moment.” Fan Qi tried to explain, as he wiped off the sweat from his brow.

The person who was missing, was Jun Xie whom Gu Li Sheng had officially accepted just yesterday. But when he had sent people over to locate him, those people had come back with the news that Jun Xie had gotten leave from Gu Li Sheng and was not in the academy today.

Long Qi did not answer Fan Qi immediately but paused and looked at Jun Wu Xie. And after Jun Wu Xie nodded satisfactorily, Long Qi finally turned to Fan Qi and said: “This will do.”

Fan Qi secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Ning Xin’s face was pale, and her eyes were not entirely focused. She allowed herself to be led by Yin Yan, to stand among the group. Looking at the state she was in, it was obvious that she had not yet recovered from the trauma she suffered yesterday and she was still forced to come.

Still feeling like her strength had been completely sapped, she raised her eyes to look before her. When her eyes saw the figure of Long Qi, her heart jumped.

The Rui Lin Army really came here!?

Ning Xin subconsciously turned to look at Ning Rui as the fear spread quickly throughout her body. She had thought that the matter would be resolved as her father had planned and she did not expect that she would be brought here.

Ning Rui gave Ning Xin a reassuring gaze and that helped Ning Xin relax a little.

“Se….. Senior Ning….. What….. What should we do now?” Yin Yan was so terrified he felt his legs had turned to jelly.
“What are you afraid of? With my father here, there is nothing to fear. Lu Wei Jie and the others were already made scapegoats and they had taken the blame. The Rui Lin Army will never take it out on two young juniors like us.”

“But….. but…..”

“There are no buts! The Headmaster is close to my father and he will surely speak up for us. The Rui Lin Army might be powerful, but the Qi Kingdom is still a tiny nation. Do I need to remind you that countless numbers of disciples had studied under my father and the Headmaster and those disciples have moved on to serve many powerful countries throughout the lands. Even if the Rui Lin Army decides to disregard the Zephyr Academy’s reputation, they must at least consider the Headmaster’s and my father’s disciples. It is definitely not to their advantage If they insist on pursuing the issue.” Ning Xin said through narrow eyes, seemingly trying to reassure Yin Yan, but it was more like she was trying to reassure herself.

Ning Xin was actually right in her analysis. Just the Zephyr Academy alone might not count for much, but all the disciples that had once received Fan Qi’s and Ning Rui’s tutelage in the past would now be serving the various mighty powers in every corner of the lands. If their Masters were seen to have been bullied or humiliated, those disciples who had once belonged to the Zephyr Academy would definitely defend their Masters.


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