GDBBM – Chapter 597

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Chapter 597: “Seventh Slap (4)”

To resolve the matter privately?

Sorry, she was not prepared to close the matter in such a quiet manner.

Anybody who dared to lay their grimy paws on the Rui Lin Army, would need to pay for it with their lives!

Fan Qi could not find any words in reply to Jun Wu Xie. He had initially intended to resolve the issue privately and not let word of the incident spread, as if the matter was leaked, it would deal a considerable blow to the reputation of the Zephyr Academy. Unfortunately….. the other party was not giving him any opportunity to do it.

Faced with Jun Wu Xie’s aggressive stance, Fan Qi found himself helpless in front of her.

More than a hundred Rui Lin Army soldiers were still lined up before the Zephyr Academy’s gates, all of them standing at attention with a hand resting upon the swords hanging from their hips, looking ever ready to pull out those swords and charge in at the first instance that Fan Qi responded in defiance.

Although the Zephyr Academy was extremely famous and enjoyed a high reputation, it was after all still an institution specifically meant for the pursuit of knowledge and learning. In terms of might in battle, they would not be able to stand up to the Rui Lin Army.

Despite having just brought a mere hundred odd Rui Lin Army soldiers, if they wanted to annihilate the Zephyr Academy, it wouldn’t be a task too difficult for these battle hardened men.

Cold sweat broke out on Fan Qi’s forehead. He really had not expected for a young girl at such a tender age, to be able give out such a strong oppressive aura onto people.

“Since that is the case….. We will do as Miss Jun wishes.” Fan Qi had no other choice, but to agree to it.

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow, and stared at Fan Qi, who was showing his willingness to shoulder the blame entirely himself, and said: “Then, can I request for the Headmaster to summon all those people who were party to the incident here, and we can clear everything up frankly and openly immediately.”

Fan Qi found himself sweating profusely and he said:

“In regards to the incident, it was due to the Zephyr Academy’s incompetence in our guidance of our disciples, that had caused such an atrocity to occur. Those disciples who played a part in it had immediately been expelled and driven out of the Zephyr Academy after the Spirit Hunt ended.”

“Oh?” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowly dangerously.

“Are you telling me, that Nangong Xu, who was put in charge of the Spirit Hunt has been sacked by you as well?”

Fan Qi was taken aback, and he quickly shook his head.

“Master Nangong did not play a part in it, he was only…..”

Long Qi stepped forward, and his expression darkened before he said: “Our Young Miss’ words were already put across very clearly. If the Headmaster is not sincere in resolving the issue, then the Rui Lin Army will be forced to take things into our own hands.”

When Long Qi finished his statement, the colour on Fan Qi’s face immediately changed.

The meaning behind those words could not be any clearer. If Fan Qi did not summon the people linked to the incident here, Long Qi would lead his men from the Rui Lin Army into the academy and personally “invite’ those people here.

“No….. No need. I will have them brought here.” Fan Qi was on the verge of tears. Having held the post of Headmaster for such a long time, this was the first time anyone had forced him into a corner like this.

But, in this incident, they were fundamentally at fault, and even if the Rui Lin Army were to really carry out their threat, the Zephyr Academy would not have much grounds to say anything against it.

In moments, Nangong Xu came, having rushed over in a hurry. The moment his eyes picked out the figure of Long Qi, the expression on Nangong Xu’s face was suddenly tinged with shame.

“General Long Qi.” Nangong Xu greeted Long Qi with a forced smile.

Long Qi completely ignored him but continued looking at Jun Wu Xie to await further instructions.

Jun Wu Xie gestured slightly by raising her hand slightly. Long Qi immediately turned around and glared chillingly at Fan Qi.

“Esteemed Headmaster. You really think the Rui Lin Army would be so easily fooled?”

Fan Qi had almost wanted to kneel down before Long Qi. He genuinely did not know what he had done wrong this time, to have caused Jun Wu Xie to be displeased.

He finally understood now. Long Qi, who was standing before him might be a General of the Rui Lin Army. But within this contingent of soldiers here, the one who really made the decisions was the youngest Jun Wu Xie, and even Long Qi, deferred to Jun Wu Xie’s commands.

“May I ask General Long Qi to point me in the right direction? I am truly unable to comprehend what the Young Miss meant.” Finding himself so badly cornered by a young lass, Fan Qi was suddenly feeling he had lived in vain.


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  1. Tinchen says:

    ty for the chap
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  2. Ham meat says:

    A mere 100 soldiers from rui lin army can take down the academy? If i remember correctly, during the invasion of qing yun clan, a hundred thousand soldiers had trouble just restraining a few green spirit disciples. Now standing in front of them is nangong xu at indigo level…what is a mere 100 soldiers able to do? It does not make any sense.

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    Rui lin army also have indigo spirit soldiers. Mentioned in the previous chapter

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