GDBBM – Chapter 522-523

Chapter 522

ta daaaa….~

Here’s your extra dose of happiness chapter 522  brought to you by Charles Geser! Let’s have the fireflies dance tonight with the formation “Thank you Charles Geser

*clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*

Chapter 523

First of all…sorry for releasing only one chapter today… I was ‘singing in the rain’… I kinda got caught in the rain and got a with all the sniffles and wheezes.. I bring you this extra dose of happiness chapter 523  brought to you by Chandra Stevanea…

Let’s go out to picnic under the warm sunshine and enjoy the beautiful rainbow with the airplane that’s in the air with a huge banner that says: “Thank you Chandra Stevanea”…

As our Happy Meter is kinda filled, we’ll not be taking in any for the moment, we may be opening a queue for our new novel Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss soon though, do keep your eyes peeled out for that!

Let’s raise our mugs of warm honey lemon to give a huge cheers to all our super amazing supporters for giving us happy doses everyday!

I wish you warmth and a nice cosy weekend..or whats left of it..hee… and for those who are trying their best to spring clean their place… Fighting! Ganbatte! Jia You! Cos I’m still stuck in clutter… so…chapter releases will be affected…

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