GDBBM – Chapter 522

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Chapter 522: “The Wind Kicks Up (1)”

The Zephyr Academy was still the same as before, quiet and tranquil, looking as if nothing had happened.

The Spirit Hunt had ended and the disciples returned, all of them comfortably settled back into familiar surroundings as they recounted all that they had experienced back in the Battle Spirits Forest.

But it was right within this tranquility that a storm was about to rage.

All the disciples had still not fully recovered from the trials they had undergone from the Spirit Hunt and it had barely been two days since they had returned back to the academy that an astonishing piece of news reached their ears.

Lu Wei Jie and the others in his team who had withdrawn themselves prematurely from the recently ended Spirit Hunt had been expelled from the Zephyr Academy in punishment. Although they had not revealed the reason, but the marching orders had been given. More than twenty disciples were suddenly struck off from the Zephyr Academy’s roster.

The list had even included the last Spirit Tournament’s second ranked Lu Wei Jie.

All the disciples driven out of the Zephyr Academy were disciples who had been in the same team with Lu Wei Jie, and with the exceptions of Ning Xin and Yin Yan, none was spared!

It caused a big commotion. Even when the Zephyr Academy tried to hide it, the astounding news could not be suppressed!

All the other disciples were shocked by the revelation. Lu Wei Jie’s sudden withdrawal from the Spirit Hunt with his team had already sparked off much debate and arguments, and now that all of them were suddenly expelled, the voices raised in questions reached new heights!

In the Vice Headmaster’s office, Ning Rui’s face was dark as he looked at the pale faced Ning Xin, his eyes narrowed in admonishment.

“In regards to this matter, I have already cleared it with the Headmaster. Lu Wei Jie and the others will assume the responsibilities for it. Just make sure you stay within the office during this period and do not go anywhere. And only after the matter dies down, we’ll makes other plans.” Ning Rui’s mood could not get any worse at the moment. He had thought that after the recent Spirit Hunt, he would be rid of Fan Jin, one of the biggest thorns in his side. Never had he expected that Ning Xin would stir up such a big mess, failing in her mission, and even offended such powerful people.  

The disciples of Mu Chen from the Cloud Treading Peak and the most ferocious strike force, the Rui Lin Army…..

When Nangong Xu had just brought Ning Xin and Lu Wei Jie back and reported the news to him, Ning Rui had almost exploded in rage.

He knew better than anyone what kind of a temperament his own daughter possessed. Ning Rui had privately approved of Ning Xin’s power and her deviously scheming mind privately. She had always been cautious and dependable when carrying out her schemes and when he found out that she had stirred up so much trouble with such dire consequences this time, Ning Rui had been rather shocked.    

Although he knew that the severity of the matter would even implicate the reputation of the Zephyr Academy, but Ning Rui could not leave his own daughter in the lurch. If Ning Xin’s misdeeds were made known and spread, not only she would lose her standing in the academy, even his position as the Vice Headmaster would be put at risk.

Hence, Ning Rui had had no choice but to lower himself before Fan Qi this once, and pleaded with tears in his eyes. Fan Qi had relented when he was reminded of the fact that they were fellow disciples under the same Master and had allowed them to secretly remove Lu Wei Jie and the others, to hide the truth of the matter.

Expelling more than twenty disciples all at once, was also deemed to be a form of answer to Rong Heng and Long Qi.

“Yes. I have committed a big mistake in this matter and I plead for my father’s forgiveness. I promise to be extra careful in future.” Ning Xin nodded obediently, but her heart was still in a state of panic.

“I will leave Yin Yan in your hands for the time being. You should know very well how he should be used.” Ning Rui said, his eyes staring at Ning Xin.

Ning Xin acknowledged, submissively docile.

Ning Rui sighed and asked again: “You are sure you saw them clearly? Jun Xie and those boys from the branch division are really that powerful?” What really made Ning Rui uneasy besides the fact that their attempt at murder had failed, was Jun Xie’s, Qiao Chu’s and the others’ overwhelming powers.

Before this, Ning Rui had not perceived Jun Xie as a threat at all and seen the boy only as a pawn to be used to attack Fan Jin. He had not seen the need for him to personally deal with such a petty and lowly disciple then.

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