GDBBM – Chapter 523

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Chapter 523: “The Wind Kicks Up (2)”

But this time, Ning Xin had brought back shocking news with her.

Ning Rui had never even bothered to look Jun Xie in the eye and he was astounded to suddenly be hearing that he possessed such overwhelming power while those mysterious disciples from the branch division had possessed purple spirits!

That was just too unbelievable!

Purple spirits, they were the pinnacle of strength and power and they have not been seen in the last century. Why would the amazing power suddenly show up on disciples of the branch division? All of those revelations had shocked Ning Rui beyond words and he could not fully comprehend them.

“I’m sure I saw them clearly. It is all true…..” When she recalled all that she saw that day, Ning Xin could not help but tremble uncontrollably.

Ning Rui’s frown grew deeper, “Have you ever faced off with Jun Xie before?”

Ning Xin shook her head immediately.

“Never did. All the deeds were carried out by Yin Yan.”

Ning Rui tapped his fingers on his table while deep in thought. After a Fan Jin wins over the youths and all their overwhelming strength, it would deal a big blow to the plans we had in place. Since you have never been in direct confrontation with Jun Xie before, you should use everything within your ability to win him over and convince him to switch sides.”

He never believed in eternal enmities, and neither in eternal friendships. Ning Rui was able to size up the situation rather quickly.

When Jun Xie had still been perceived as trash, he had been happy to see his daughter use him as a pawn. But when the pawn was found to possess such great power, it would not be wise to leave him at the enemy’s side.

Ning Xin was aghast. “Father, Jun Xie might have turned out more powerful than we expected him to be. But he is still rather young and I don’t think we need to…..”

“What do you know!?” Ning Rui chided sternly.

Ning Xin trembled.

“Where did you think those few purple spirits had suddenly sprouted out from? I have thoroughly checked on all the people around Fan Jin. Even if we don’t mention him as he is still a young youth, but not even his well respected father will be able to win the favour of any purple spirit exponents! If Fan Jin was really that capable, he would not have been so badly toyed by your schemes. Those few purple spirit users must be linked to Jun Xie. If we manage to win Jun Xie over to our side, we won’t just be winning over one person, but also the powerful exponents behind him!” Ning Rui said with a chilling laugh and based on Ning Xin’s observations, Jun Xie had broken through to the yellow spirit level.

A fourteen year old who had broken through to the yellow spirit level….. What kind of an unbelievable gift was that? And added to that, he had a rather powerful ring spirit as well, which made Jun Xie an excellent target. But most importantly, it was what the inconceivable purple spirit exponents behind him would bring!

If he was able to successfully convince those few purple spirit users to come over on his side, and everything that was happening now, would no longer pose to be a problem anymore.

Ning Xin gasped loudly, as she realised how important it was to win Jun Xie over.

“But I have mentored Yin Yan all this while, whereas things between him and Jun Xie…..” Ning Xin’s voice trailed off as she bit on her lip. The fact that Yin Yan had been able to still remain in the Zephyr Academy was never her father’s intention, but it was all due to his own position in the Academy.

The disciples of the Spirit Healer faculty had always been independently controlled by Gu Li Sheng himself and not even the Headmaster was able to interfere with him. And the incident in the Battle Spirits Forest was known only to the few people Nangong Xu, Fan Qi and Ning Rui. In order to protect the Zephyr Academy’s reputation, not a single one among them dared to leak a word of it to anybody. Gu Li Sheng was hence unaware of the matter and would naturally not drive Yin Yan out.

Yin Yan had served as Ning Xin’s ward for a rather long time and clever as she was, Ning Xin knew how Yin Yan felt towards her.

But his position and his obedience had made Ning Xin find him useful and easy to manipulate. But if it came to threatening her own interests, there wasn’t much that Ning Xin would hesitate to sacrifice.

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