GDBBM – Chapter 312-313

Sorry for the late release today… here you go~ double dose! heeeee…

Have been really busy these couple of days so timing for releases will be a lil off, sorry about that! Also sorry some of you have trouble reading over your mobile, also looking into this, maybe can try double tapping on the content and that may help? This will take awhile cos work has just been C.R.A.Z.Y… Please bear with us a lil while longer, here you go~ enjoy your double dose of happiness!

Chapter 312 regular happy dose

Chapter 313 brought to you by Anon & Boris Krul

Let’s give our AMAZING supporters a huge huge round of applause!!! Thank you so much!

*waves pom poms in the air & starts somersaulting*  woooooooooooo hoooooooooo

ps:… will try to squeeze another chap out tonight… *glee

*excited screams*…

oh if any next chapter link isn’t working pls leave a comment below that chap so that I can fix it cos I kinda went through all 30o over chapters already to ensure the links are working but…I may have missed something so thanks in advance!

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