GDBBM – Chapter 312

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Chapter 312: “Fear Spreads (3)”

The two disciples were brought back to the Hidden Cloud Peak, their faces resigned and pale. When they stood before the gates to the Hidden Cloud Peak, they started trembling uncontrollably, a pitiful sight.

News of “Ke Cang Ju” trip to seize disciples from the Ash Cloud Peak spread quickly throughout the Cloudy Peaks. The news reached the ears of the Elders but they did not give much reaction to it.

The Ash Cloud Peak had lost their Elder, Jiang Chen Qing, and it was deemed to be expected for them to suffer the injustice.

When Jiang Chen Qing was still around, the Ash Cloud Peak disciples had exploited their Elder’s close relations with Qin Yue and been arrogant in their demeanour, offending many of the disciples of the other peaks.

Now that Ke Cang Ju’s domineering ways were inflicted on those scoundrels, the other Elders thought that the Ash Cloud Peak deserved it and only felt that Ke Cang Ju was rather daring to target them so soon after the demise of their Elder.

But Qin Yue had always favoured Ke Cang Ju and the other Elders did not think much more on it.

The other peaks were spared and nonchalant but the Ash Cloud Peak disciples were still feeling jittery about the whole thing.

On the second day that the two disciples were brought to the Hidden Cloud Peak, Gao Xiong secretly tried to gather information on news of them. Ke Cang Ju might have claimed that they were only drafted to help out, Gao Xiong was nevertheless worried as Elder Ke was reputed to be insidious in his ways and he might very well just come back in a few days and Gao Xiong would be helpless to stop him.

So, he could only source for news of the two disciples discreetly and pray they would not meet with too miserable a fate and that would allow him to at least set the minds of the other disciples at ease a little.

After that day, the Ash Cloud Peak became very depressive. The loss of Jiang Chen Qing had already thrown the disciples of the peak into disarray when the news of his demise came in, and Ke Cang Ju had come knocking immediately bullying the helpless peak!

Without the authority of an Elder to resist, the Ash Cloud Peak could only be coerced into obedience.

By the third day of Ke Cang Ju’s visit to the Ash Cloud Peak, Gao Xiong stopped receiving any news of the two disciples from his sources and he knew very well what that could only mean!

Disciples who disappeared from the Hidden Cloud Peak could only mean one thing. It meant that they have been killed and their remains are currently serving as nutrients for the plants.

Gao Xiong did not try to suppress that fact and the Ash Cloud Peak disciples soon came to know about it. That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back and the Ash Cloud Peak disciples were struck by their helplessness.

After losing Jiang Chen Qing, the other Elders had turned a blind eye to their frailty and even the Sovereign had indulged Ke Cang Ju in the killing of disciples of the Qing Yun Clan. The disciples now started to fear for their own safety and developed hatred for the other peaks.

They were afraid that they would turn out to be the next target and they took it out on the other Elders’ and the Sovereign’s indifference to their plight.

They were disciples of the Qing Yun Clan just like the others. Why were they abandoned and allowed to be oppressed by Ke Cang Ju so openly?

The indignation and hatred festered and they soon cut off all forms of contact with the other peaks. The Ash Cloud Peak was in a state of lockdown and their disciples were never seen outside again.

They were abandoned by the clan and had received no pity or consideration for the dire plight the peak was suffering under. They refused to become sacrificial sheep for any of the other peaks to take for granted.

Just days after the injustice suffered by the Ash Cloud Peak, the other Elders who had been indifferent suddenly stopped smiling.

As “Ke Cang Ju” started to make rounds with his two disciples to appear before their gates. They had come to ask for the exact same thing as they had asked from the Ash Cloud Peak.

The first to be hit was the Cloud Banner Peak!


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