GDBBM – Chapter 313

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Chapter 313: “Fear Spreads (4)”

The Elder of the Cloud Banner Peak was Cai Zhuo, a man past fifty. Before Qin Yue took over as the Sovereign, he was already an Elder of the Qing Yun Clan then. Due to his seniority, Cai Zhuo commanded quite a bit of respect among the other Elders and even Qin Yue deferred to him at times.

No one had expected that Ke Cang Ju would be so bold to go straight up to the Cloud Banner Peak and stand before the white bearded Cai Zhuo and snatch two disciples from right under his nose. Their domineering ways nearly made the Elder faint in rage!

Arrogance! Absolute tyranny!

The tragedy that befell the Ash Cloud Peak was replicated in the Cloud Banner Peak in just days apart! What was even more unacceptable was that Ke Cang Ju had seized the disciples in the face of Cai Zhuo’s refusal, totally disregarding the authority of an Elder.

When the Ash Cloud Peak’s disciples had been seized, the other peaks had thought it was due to the lack of an Elder’s protection that Ke Cang Ju dared dominate over them.

But in the case of the Cloud Banner Peak, Ke Cang Ju’s tyranny could clearly be seen!

Their Elder had been present, alive and kicking, but Ke Cang Ju had seized disciples right before his eyes! He acted like he owned the Cloudy Peaks!

Cai Zhuo was furious and his disciples persuaded him to go to Qin Yue. The senior Elder related Ke Cang Ju’s arrogance and tyranny in detail to the Sovereign and pleaded till his voice went hoarse, but he still did not manage to convince Qin Yue to act against Ke Cang Ju.

Qin Yue only tried to appease Cai Zhuo and promised that in the next upcoming recruitment, he would allow Cai Zhuo first pick at the talents and did not say anything more about the matter.

When Cai Zhuo departed from Qin Yue’s, his face became pale from his long suppressed rage and upon stepping out the gates, he dropped in a dead faint and had to be carried back to the Cloud Banner Peak by his flustered disciples!

With the Cloud Banner Peak as a prime example, the other Elders started to get worried. Ke Cang Ju had shown that he was capable of such atrocities and the Sovereign still chose to distant himself from the matter. Ke Cang Ju was hence allowed to act with impunity.

The Ash Cloud Peak and the Cloud Banner Peak were hit, and the tragedy was expected to come knocking upon their very own doors soon!

Losing a disciple or two did not affect the various Elders much. They were more concerned with the impunity that Ke Cang Ju was allowed to carry out his insidious deeds! Coming right up to the gates of the various peaks and seizing the Elders’ disciples before their very own eyes. They could not swallow that prick to their pride!

The deeds that Ke Cang Ju carried out within the Hidden Cloud Peak was like an open secret within the disciples of the Qing Yun Clan. If the various Elders were to allow Ke Cang Ju to kidnap their own disciples before themselves, they would lose all sense of credibility before their disciples. That was as good as telling their own disciples that their Teacher was useless, powerless before tyranny, and unable to even protect his own disciples!

It was a slap across the faces of the various Elders!

And enough was enough!

From that moment, the Elders started to take serious note of any whispers of movement from the Hidden Cloud Peak and all the disciples started to fear for their own safety.

But, tragedy still struck them.

Within weeks, Ke Cang Ju had swept through six peaks and the faces of the various Elders had all been slapped swollen by the domineering ways employed.

Ke Cang Ju was neither discreet nor merciful. He showed up arrogantly and carried Qin Yue’s approval prominently before him, and forcibly seized disciples from before the respective Elders.

The famed and revered reputations of the Elders were shredded to pieces becoming non existent in a matter of weeks. They disciples started to eye their Elders with distrust and the Elders could do nothing but let their faces turn red in shame.

Their dignity as Elders in tatters, the respect the disciples had for their Teachers shredded, rage and hatred exploded in the Qing Yun Clan. The Elders cursed at Ke Cang Ju incessantly in rage and hatred grew for Qin Yue for his indulgence and indifference to the sorry plight of the other Elders!



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