Regretful Update (chapter 270 and 271)

Chapter 270 link here

A lot of people had told me that I had bitten off more than I can chew with this story, and they would be right. I’m not about to quit, but I feel like I’m becoming less and less motivated to work on this translation. At least I’m being honest about it.

My call for help has fallen on deaf ears, as it would seem. Between disappointing the readers with my slow speed (that isn’t going to improve anytime soon with my real life accounting work), and cut-and-run, I’d rather choose the former, but it doesn’t make it any more pleasant.

I’m not making excuses here. It’s my responsibility and fault the moment I decided to take up the reins to THIS story. So thanks to joeglens for the post, GNE for the editing, and happy reading.

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11 Responses to Regretful Update (chapter 270 and 271)

  1. Tinchen says:

    im only a humble leecher so let me tell you
    its all ok =)
    not many may know that there is a life aside from tranlsations and you do all that of your own free will
    no one should be able to accuse you if you drop (well i hope you don’t ;))
    so go at your own pace
    i actually think its a nice story (started from one so im a bit sad no “old” chapter got translated) and yes… its chinese (or korean?) i have read a few and i know these are very slow developing 😉

    dont worry about us so much
    just throw a few chapters per month and everything is ok
    if it gets too much of a hussle just drop its slowly and don’t slam it away (the LN) its always better to have your health and RL then working on something you don’t like
    if you are going even slower you may have time to take a break?

    so all i want to say in the end
    don’t force yourself
    thanks for translating
    and i hope you will still continue if not i don’t think anyone has the right to blame you =)

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s really good I have suffered threw till 2148 and eventually dropped it because mtl translations are terrible. Be the turtle and take it slow.

  3. Executor says:

    Something is better than nothing. Let us know if you stop working on this entirely. I keep the chapter link bookmarked and check it a few times every day.

  4. Hasthepsut says:

    hi, Im new to this web site and long time leecher student. I undestand how your daily life can affect speed of your translation. Problem is that Im long time reader of this light novel and saw change of translater 5 or 6 time with you. I know we as leechers should be happy with free stuff but after some time unnecessary changes start to become bothersome. Sure I can stop reading or read mtl for basic story but mtl is so bad and I really like this story to save it from butchered in my mind. Im only asking for why this changes keep happening with this light novel or web novel Im not sure. Also I was very satisfied with previous translator and still don’t know why this change happen. Im only asking for one thing that please people who want to translate LN don’t jump on this story. Im okay with waiting another year to start reading again but don’t want to hyped by every new translater, read last 10-20 chapter until last place I left to remember everything than see hiathus once again after 20-30 chapter. As a person I can understand your situation and respect it but issues with this LN make me little bit b#tchy than normal

  5. Farm Fan says:

    Hey I love this novel and might be able to help I included my email in the info of this post I definitely don’t want it to die.

  6. Zeth says:

    Well, it happens, take it easy man.
    If you can gift us with a chapter once in a time, then its okay, you did a great work, cheer up.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the chapter man! We always appreciate the work you do translating these chapters, and we are just excited whenever a new chapter is translated. So don’t feel like all of us are disappointed, because many of us love you and the work that you do.

  8. Commi says:

    “Your Regret is our sorrow,
    Time won’t stop but flow,
    At least the novel you didn’t throw,
    We don’t mind if you’re slow.” -Commi

    “I like to rhyme” – Commi

    Its very nice to hear from you! It actually is, its quite pleasant to get information regarding the novel and things that has been going on as I’ve been waiting for a while.

    Well I wont have to bother with the anxiousness from waiting for a new chapter every other day, that’s a plus.

    And regards to your responsibilities. Do them, as best as you can. Consider this a minor part of your responsibilities. We can wait. In truth, its not a fault that you choose to TL this novel, to me or some others, anyways. I’m just happy someone did it.

  9. dangerdude says:

    well hope someone takes it up over at WW or GT!
    thanks for your work

  10. Humble Reader says:

    Dear Armored Raven,

    Thank you so much for translating Bringing a farm to mess around in another world. This, humble reader, have fallen in love with this novel and hope that this novel will continue. No pressure! I would like you to take your time translating this novel even it could be 1 chapter per month.

    If you need help, I would like to offer my assistant. I am not sure what sort of help that you are looking for, But I will do my best to help.

    Thank you so much!
    Humble Reader

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