An oath of dogs and cows Update (chapter 41, 268, 269)

Chapter 41 link, and Chapter 268 link

Thank you everyone who have been waiting VERY, VERY PATIENTLY for these updates despite my reduced speed. Words cannot express how commitment I feel when I know that there are always people who are willing to read the updates the moment they come out.

Thanks to editor GNE and poster joeglens as usual. Enjoy the chapters and happy reading!

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8 Responses to An oath of dogs and cows Update (chapter 41, 268, 269)

  1. Tinchen says:

    ty for the chaps (start reading now)
    and better late then never (except to a funeral and birth)

  2. Qumi says:

    Aaand we are back in the saddle again 🙂

    Thx for chaps.

  3. dangerdude says:

    thanks man!

  4. Waffles says:

    Thank you so much!

  5. redroajs1 says:

    ARIGATOU!!!! Thanks for the chappies!!! 😀

  6. Random Internet User (tm) says:

    Thank you kindly for all the hard work!

  7. MrTrixer says:

    Im just glad it wasnt dropped, thanks for the chapters.
    Time to read and enjoy myself with a cup of tea. ^^

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