Halloween Update (very late, very sorry) (chapter 279)

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I know what you’ve been saying. There are good words, and there are bad words. Don’t tell me some of you have learned nothing from Qidian International. While the fact that I’m busy with my 10 hour a day desk job sounds like an excuse at this point, I’m still going to be honest with all of you, that my former legendary translation speed might never return to my hands. I need work to sustain myself, and to fight off potential QI lawyer mercenaries.

As some of you might’ve noticed, Malaysia and Indonesia are two countries in the world to ban access to “fanfiction.net” and declare it illegal for reasons to idiotic to fathom and agree with. And me, being a Malaysian, online translation with ad revenue has never been a safe way out for me to begin with. If you don’t want QI sharks to bite this translation project away, I suggest everyone stay patient, and perhaps MAYBE, I might get to translate more in the future.

With that said, enjoy your much belated chapter, and happy reading.

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37 Responses to Halloween Update (very late, very sorry) (chapter 279)

  1. Laguna says:

    Thanks, much appreciate it

  2. undeadreaper says:

    happy to see you again

  3. Anonymous says:

    I Bless Thee

  4. Lemon Zawodowiec says:

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  5. Quebee Rozzi says:

    Yo fellow countryman.
    I would like to help if you need some

  6. A reader that enjoys this novel says:

    There’s just 7000 chapters, a chapter every month or two, can translate it for your whole life and not get anywhere.

    I am not trying to be rude but there are novels with 50-100 chapters out there, in a few years you could finish translating even if you translate a chapter every month.

    But there is no point in you translating this novel, if you just dropped it maybe someone who has more time to invest in could pick it up. I think that at least two chapters a day are needed for a novel like this. (that way it could be translated in like 10 years and we can safely say that even that is kind of slow as it is still ongoing and there will be more chapters).

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, glad you’re still there

  8. Bob says:

    I’m with ‘A reader that enjoys this novel’ more chapters, doesn’t matter who’s translating as long as it’s translated, I the reader don’t care about the politics of it all. I just want something to read.

    • Rudeyz says:

      I. Agree with this mybe some one from
      wuxiaworld.com want to pick up they team so many i think .
      And Not many novel this genre and each chapter have 500+ words ,

      I try use google translate but to wirdes i cant read it

      • Anonymos 08/15 says:

        I agree with “A Reader that enjoys this Novel”, as things go, with only one chapter every few months, there’s no fun in reading this and the interest in this novel disparages. Maybe it would be better for someone else to take this one over; Otherwise, working on this thing becomes redundant, because nobody cares about it anymore.

  9. Kronous says:

    it’s just my silly ideas. but if you can work with someone else to share the projects, then the translation updates will be more faster. for example, you did translate chapter 280 and other the next chapter and so on.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Droppe it

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey man, don’t be sorry… We don’t expect anything from you anyway

  12. D says:


    So, one question : If you have an Edited MTL to work on, would that increase the speed of releases ?

    I mean, if i made an MTL from this novel, edited it on readabable sentences and then send that to you with the following design:

    Edited MTL

    Would that increase your translation speed?

  13. Bob says:

    Well as unfortunate as it is I guess ill just have to drop this novel. Shame, it was unique and I loved the necromancer theme but I’m not the kind who hope’s for miracles.

  14. Ice says:

    Guys in these comments are so harsh Internet’s full of opinionated assholes
    Just saying thnx for the chapter man
    Translating for fun and and not profit it’d be hard for you

  15. Tenic says:

    That’s right anyone who wants more chapters or at least a confirmation that this novel is dropped so anyone else who has time and willingness is an opinionated arsehole. You came here for entertainment? Well kill yourself cause… cause… your an opinionated arsehole and shouldn’t be trying to read light novels for entertainment there not supposed to be read.

  16. Tenic says:

    ‘Time and willingness can pick it up’ darn, always miss things when I’m trying to put others down.

  17. D says:

    Well, i do agree that people should shut up about the translation speed.

    But that’s not because Armored Heaven can’t translate it faster… its because even if he dropped it, don’t you think it would take a fuckload of time for someone to pick it (if they ever do) ?!

    Find someone who may want to pick the novel first. Then contact Armored Heaven and agenciate a deal between him and the translator.

    Simple as that.

    Besides, if anyone wants to MTL it, what’s deterring them?

    Just go and do it. The internet’s still free you know ?

  18. Tenic says:

    The Internet is not free, people have already mention’d this but the ‘For Kalimdor’ translator didn’t just get tired and quit, he didn’t drop it, he stated that he had been pressed by the author over legal issues and could not continue. This translator coincidentally picked it up immediately despite the legal issues surrounding it and his first order of business was calling all the translations others had done so far unprofessional and declaring his intent to rewrite it of course not acknowledging any of the previous translators effort but monopolising all the visitor traffic and who’s to say someone hasn’t contacted the translator about taking over the story in the end the only assurance you can get is the word of a random individual on the internet says no one has tried to.

    • D says:

      Monopolizing visitors’ traffic ? What, did he hire google to delete all other translators from the search results ?

      Just start translating and make a website. A blogger one if you don’t have any $$. And then advertise. I mean, you can even do it here, for all i know.

      About the legal issues, they don’t make it so the internet isn’t free. They make it so you have to resort to piracy. And that’s exactly what all and every (or at least most) of the translated novels are.

      It’s free. And assurance ? My friend, this is the real life. There’s no assurance, specially for someones’ unpaid work, hahaha.

      I reiterate what i have said before. Find someone to translate it. Then just do it. Armored doesn’t seem to translate it at all anymore.

      So just pick it up.

      Gosh, you guys like to create problems where there is no problem at all.

  19. Tenic says:

    People are upset, commitments and promises were broken, your response to this seems to be ‘why don’t you’ or everyone who complains is a dick, their disappointment is irrelevant. Are you really wondering why people are responding negatively to such comments.

    • D says:

      Their dissapointment is irrelevant to anyone but themselves and, MAYBE, who made them dissapointed in the first place.

      For all i know, the ones translating this before didn’t stop because Raven started. So don’t go on dumping your negative emotions on someone else just because you’re full of them.

      Learn to pat yourself on the back. To blow up some steam. To cry at night holding a freaking pot of hagendazz, whatever you need to let it go and get some emotional refreshment.

      Shitposting in the internet haven’t, and probably will never, solve your disappointment issue.

      Learning emotional intelligence may. So go on and learn to use the tools to fix your problem, instead of creating new problems for others in the hopes of having everyone else riding in the same disappointment boat you do.

  20. enrique vielma says:

    alguien sabe donde la puedo leer en el idioma original sea el que sea?

  21. A reader that enjoys this novel says:

    Tenic i really don’t understand how you can “try” to put me down for asking the translator to drop this novel. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t get picked up as at this pace it will NEVER be translated. It has 7264 chapters currently and as i stated above it would take over 10 years if someone translated it as a job with 2 chapters a day.

    I’d rather not see any chapters for this novel if i am going to see them once a month or two as there is no hope in this novel ever getting fully translated that way. 1 chapter a day wouldn’t work either as it would take like 25 years or so?

    There are many novels out there with 50 chapters, if a translator can only translate a chapter every month he should pick a novel like that so that it can be translated in some reasonable time period of a few years at most.

    I really liked this novel from what i’ve read so far. I want it to be translated in the next 10 years at most. I wouldn’t mind waiting that long if i could read 2 chapters a day. I wouldn’t mind donating and supporting the translator if they translate at least 2 chapters a day with some sponsored chapters in between.

    I am not trying to be ungrateful but you should try to understand my point and why i am asking for this novel to be dropped as with current translating speed this novel will not be translated in our lifetime even if translator keeps doing it for next 50 plus years with current speed that would amount to like 600 chapters and this novel has 7264.

    • The Readers says:

      Agreed. Feel the same.

    • D says:

      I’m “trying to put you down” because all of this shitposting is making me sick.

      I don’t want to see people shitposting the translator, even if hes’ work is awfully flawed with slow translation speed and whatever, so i’m ranting about it.

      Isn’t that the same thing you’re doing to Armored Raven yourself ?

      You don’t want to see this novel anymore, so you try to “put him down”, but you don’t even have someone else there to do the work?

      If you don’t want to see this novel being translated at snails’ pace, then don’t see it.

      Get if off your bookmark, or ignore it.

      But ruining others’ experience isn’t a prerrogatory you can take for yourself.

      You know what ?

      We are doing the same here. Mistreating people we don’t want to see doing stuff.

      But what i do won’t ruin others’ experience or weight down on someones’ unpaid work.

      That’s why i’m right in “putting you down” whilst you are wrong for trying to put Armored Raven down.

      It’s like shooting someone. You can’t do it because you’re pissed, but you sure can do it if you see someone shooting other person without a reasonable reason.

  22. Tenic says:

    your misunderstanding my comment, I was replying to ‘D’s comment of “Well, i do agree that people should shut up about the translation speed.

    But that’s not because Armored Heaven can’t translate it faster… its because even if he dropped it, don’t you think it would take a fuckload of time for someone to pick it (if they ever do) ?!

    Find someone who may want to pick the novel first. Then contact Armored Heaven and agenciate a deal between him and the translator.” I’m arguing that the current translator should drop it so someone else can pick it up, my comments were in opposition to ‘D’ and others who say things like “Find someone who may want to pick the novel first.” I don’t believe people will step forward if the current translator keeps telling everyone he will continue to translate, what I’m saying is that the current translator should just announce that he can no longer translate this novel either because of reasons or he just doesn’t feel like it anymore, ‘A reader that enjoys this novel’ I don’t quite understand how my comment was seen in defence of the author, so ill just straight out say I agree with asking the translator to drop this novel. asking the translator to drop this novel. ‘Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t get picked up as at this pace it will NEVER be translated.’ is pretty much what I was trying to say, my version is in a sarcastic rant format.

  23. Tenic says:

    *I don’t quite understand how my comment was seen in defence of the translator*

  24. Tenic says:

    I said author but meant translator, I like the story so I don’t want people thinking I have something against the author.

  25. Tenic says:

    To be honest I pretty much lost all respect for the current translator when his opening statement was to criticise all the previous translators as having done shoddy work and then while giving no acknowledgement of their efforts, the current translator did some touch ups and changed some of the terminology used before slapping his name on it and this is on top of the previous translator “For Kalimdor” announcing he could no longer translate not because he wanted to rather he had been forced to stop via the threat of legal action.

    • Anonymous says:

      Speaking of legal action, it shouldn’t be illegal to pay somebody to translate it for you right? I mean if it’s for your own personal use and you don’t sell it, that should be fine right?

  26. readingadictt says:

    feels bad wen the releases were 1 per day on novelupdates and now its per 23 days…. and when the translator is makin empty promises for example ” if your lucky ill post more…” been more than 2months and still nothing

  27. readingadictt says:

    would literally prefer QI come in here and take the novel by force atleast maybe we get 5 chaps a week instead of 1 chap every 2 months

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