GDBBM – Chapter 371-372


Ta daaaaaaaaaaaa~
Sorry for the late post… here you go, a double dose of happiness to quench your itchy heart… hee…

Stop pinching yourself, stop rubbing your eyes…and if you’re grinning, keep up the good work *wink

Chapter 371 brought to you by Melissa Tarun & Katherine Kim

Chapter 372 brought to you by Joan Bierl

I think our super-duper-awesome supporters deserve a HUGE HUGE round of applause and celebration!!!
*leans over and grabs some of the stuff you’re gonna read about and shares it with them…*


*Fireworks and confetti*

A huge firework which shows: Thank you so muchMelissa Tarun ,Katherine Kim & Joan Bierl ! You guys ROCK!

Have a happy happy week since this start was so fantastic. Keep smilin’

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