GDBBM – Chapter 372

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Chapter 372: “Do you want more? (4)

“It’s Little Xie…..” Qiao Chu finally recovered enough to utter those few words as he stared in amazement at the crates, an indescribable feeling in his heart.

Hua Yao nodded: “The issue with the headmaster must have been settled in the same way.”

Yan Bu Gui had only claimed that all the issues had been cleared when he came back, but the reason was rather clear now as they all knew the headmaster was a snivelly money grabber and he only listened to whoever had the money and ignored all reason when he smelt gold.

And the situations before them only affirmed that they were right.

Jun Wu Xie had indeed cleared the issues with the headmaster and she had used the headmaster’s favourite language. Money…..

“I would not have thought that our little junior was actually so unbelievably and fabulously rich.” Fei Yan smiled till his eyes were narrowed to a slit as he spied one of the crates saying: “Err….. Do you think that crate of ladies wear, is meant for me?”

Qiao Chu looked at Fei Yan up and down, and seeing Fei Yan’s plain frock, he snickered evilly.

“I would say yes.”

Fei Yan’s face turned pale.

The sweet looking Fei Yan suddenly slunk sulkily to a corner, the jubilation suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“Cough….. Let me do it.” After Hua Yao realised what was happening here, he raised his hands and took the charcoal pencil from the man and signed “Hua Yao” on both the receipts.

After they had their receipts acknowledged, the man from the Moon Weavers Pavilion smilingly ordered his men to bring the clothes inside and the burly man hollered at his men to begin their refurbishing works on the East Wing’s building.

When Yan Bu Gui stepped out from the building, he was so overwhelmed and shocked by the sudden appearance of the big group of strange men hacking and knocking on the East Wing’s building that he very nearly dropped the wine jar he held clasped in his hand.

He was just about to open his mouth to shout when his nose wrinkled at the alluring fragrance of fine wine and his eyes sparkled brightly.

Hua Yao was signing his name on another receipt when he received a big slap on the back of his head. He turned his head furious, but saw the towering figure of his Master and just kept quiet like a mouse.

“Where did all this wine come from?” Yan Bu Gui asked, with his eyes narrowed when he saw the many jars of wine before Hua Yao, while he almost drooled in his heart.

“Little Xie bought them.” Hua Yao finished signing and handed it back to the delivery man.

That morning, his wrist was hurting from signing receipts and the courtyard was almost filled up with all kinds of goods.

When Yan Bu Gui heard that Jun Xie had bought them, he immediately picked two jars up and suddenly disappeared back into his room and did not ask another word about it.

Hua Yao stared with a headache as he surveyed all the things they had received one after another since early this morning non stop  and everything was stacked up in the courtyard. Food, clothes, everyday use items, and equipment for travel…..

It was more than he could count and it included everything they could think of!

They were all of superior quality and did not come cheap. They had lived in poverty for such a long time and it was just unbelievable for them. Even the youths from the other wings who were watching from a distance were about to go mad at what they saw.

They had seen the rich flaunt their wealth, but they had never seen anyone flaunt it in such a astounding manner!

After that morning, every single person in the Phoenix Academy became aware that in the East Wing, a disciple who was literally overflowing with money walked, and his name was Jun Xie!

Almost no one knew exactly when he was admitted into the East Wing or where he had come from. Before he had even shown his face, he had drowned the East Wing with his endless flow of gifts.

People had thrown an estimation on the gifts just for that morning and it was said to come up to be close to a million taels!

That figure drove almost everyone to lose their mind…..

The beggar’s den had lost it name, as those who named the East Wing as such suddenly found themselves envious and jealous of the East Wing.

If East Wing that was the beggar’s den could spend a million taels, the place they were at could only be no better than a pig’s sty.

The youths from the other wings had come outside the East Wing in curiousity. But after seeing the extravagant splashing of money, they ran back to their own wings with their tails between their legs and stopped calling the East Wing the beggar’s den ever since. But they did nickname Jun Xie as the “dumb one with too much money” in jealousy.

They had thought…..

If you have so much money, why go to the East Wing? Everyone knew that Yan Bu Gui of the East Wing was just a drunkard and only had four lousy disciples all this time!


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