GDBBM – Chapter 371

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Chapter 371: “Do you want more? (3)

The four fellow disciples of the East Wing had not much of a reaction but the same could not be said for the rest of the Phoenix Academy!

The ruckus from a group of people suddenly broke out and dragged the four sleepyheads to the source of the noise. However, when they got there, they were shocked by the sight.

They saw tens of burly men dressed in grey. They carried long ladders, axes and lumber on their shoulders and coming towards them into the East Wing of the Phoenix Academy. And behind those men, was another group, whose men were carrying huge crates that each needed two men to carry with the load hung from bamboo poles on their shoulders. The men all rushed forward when they saw Qiao Chu and the others coming out from the East Wing and put down their load.

“We found the right place at last. Please help us to sign receipt here please. It is for eight crates of of fine garments from the Moon Weavers Pavilion. Seven crates of male garments and one crate of female dresses. We have mixed in shoes, socks and some accessories, compliments of our proprietor to our esteemed customers. Please check the items delivered and see if everything is in good order and we can leave.” The leader of the group was dressed in rather fine clothes and he wore a bright smile on his face as he pushed the receipt before Qiao Chu.

Qiao Chu was is a fluster as he stared unblinkingly at the eight crates before him.

With all the attention attracted by the big group of men in front of the East Wing, the disciples from the other wings were all chattering loudly in speculation and when the leader of the men stated his purpose, the chatterings grew into a loud exclamations!

Moon Weavers Pavilion!

That was a widely famous clothing chain for fine clothes!

In that place, a mere handkerchief sold for more than ten taels!

Did they really hear him correctly?

The beggar’s den actually ordered them at one go….. eight crates….. eight …..

How much did that cost? The mouths of the youths all around suddenly felt dry as they tried to calculate the cost.

Most of them fell speechless at the sight of the scene before them, staring in incredulity and unable to believe their ears.

Qiao Chu turned into a statue. He understood every single word the man was saying when he separated them, but put them together in a sentence, he could not fathom what they meant at that moment.

They did not even have money to pay the fees, how would they pay for such luxuries from the Moon Weavers Pavilion?

After waiting a long moment, when the man saw that Qiao Chu was not moving to receive the goods, he turned his head and pushed the receipts to Hua Yao.

Hua Yao was stunned a moment before he peered at the receipts and the goods, a frown on his face. He finally said: “Is there a mistake somewhere? We did not buy any of these things. I think it would be better if you send them all back.”

It was eight whole crates! Even if they were to just pick any one item from among them, they would not be able to afford it.

The man said, still smiling: “There’s no mistake. It is the Phoenix Academy, East Wing. The items have been paid for and you will only need to sign the receipt and that’s all.”

“All paid up?” Hua Yao looked at Rong Ruo.

But Rong Ruo was just as clueless.

The smiling man pointed at the name of the recipient at the bottom of the receipt and said:

“Yes, it was purchased by a customer named Jun Xie.”


The four exclaimed loudly in unison upon hearing the name and their minds were completely blown away by that shocking revelation!

The youths from the other wings were just as confused. They had not heard that there was a disciple in the East Wing named Jun Xie. Thinking further on the matter, they assumed it to be a mistake. Those beggars in the East Wing would never be able to afford such luxuries from the Moon Weavers Pavilion.

Before Qiao Chu and the others could recover from their shock, a big burly man came up to them carrying lumber on his shoulder with another stack of receipts in his hand.

“That’s queer, a customer by the name of Jun Xie hired us to come to the Phoenix Academy’s East Wing for refurbishing and renovation works. Can I trouble you guys to sign these as well so my men can start on the works?”

“……..” Qiao Chu the statue now froze with his mouth wide open, his eyes bulging.

Hua Yao’s face showed astonishment, but his eyes sparkled.

Rong Ruo and Fei Yan exchanged a knowing glance, having finally figured out who was behind all this.   


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