GDBBM – Chapter 223-225

Hi hi, Here’s your extra doses of happiness brought to you by our awesome awesome Bandages!!!!!!!! Let’s dedicate this weekend to Bandages! *Fireworks & confetti* wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooots!!!!!

Ps:Drunk Lotus chinese name is 醉莲, Zui Lian.

Chapter 223 regular dose

Chapter 224 brought to you by Bandages

Chapter 225 brought to you by Bandages

Let’s do this! *takes pom poms out*

Gimme a B!

Gimme an A!

Gimme a N!

Gimme a D!

Gimme an A!

Gimme a G!

Gimme an E!

Gimme a S!

Woooo hoooooo! *somersault & cartwheels~*



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