GDBBM – Chapter 223

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Chapter  223: “Third Slap (5)”

The orange spirit energy emanated from her body and spread out bathing her in a halo of light. The nine men of the Qing Yun Clan looked at Jun Wu Xie, shocked.

An orange level spirit user, was able to release her spirit energy to such an extent!?


The girl before them, had just a mere orange spirit. She was weaker than Jun Xian and many others. But for some unknown reason, when those bitingly cold eyes lock on you, you felt as if you had fallen into the depths of fiery hell.

An orange spirit that stretched its boundaries, a ring spirit of unascertained level, the combination was tad bit too much to believe.

Engaged in battle, Jun Qing stole a few glances at Jun Wu Xie, he distinctly remembered that Jun Wu Xie’s contractual ring spirit had awoken merely months before, and she had already broken through to the orange level!?

The incredulous speed of her breakthrough had shocked Jun Qing as well!

Jun Wu Xie readied to make her move and had stepped towards the Qing Yun Clan disciples, when a white flash streaked past from behind.

“Leave the small fry to me, my Mistress. You should not dirty your hands.” The youth’s crisply clean voice reached Jun Wu Xie’s ears, and the breeze brought a scent of fragrant wine wafting over, lingering under Jun Wu Xie’s small pointed nose.

Jun Wu Xie stopped in her tracks, and stared after the white figure as he streaked into the chaos.

Drunk Lotus!

The youth’s white flowy robes fanned out behind the handsome face that had been blessed with sharp features, his cheeks glowed, suspiciously pink, as he jumped right into the thick of battle. Where he passed, a hurricane seemed to trail. Many of them who were under attack, Jun Xian included, suddenly felt a brute force tug at their sleeves and before they knew it, they were flung out of the battlefield!

In moments, Long Qi and his comrades who had been surrounded found themselves flying through the air as well, having been thrown from the battlefield.

A lone youth dressed fully in white, stood within the circle formed by the people from the Qing Yun Clan. His loose robe was slightly open and it showed his clear and fair skin underneath. His slightly raised shoulder, propped up the his hand across his chest, and an intricate wine jar was held loosely in his fingers.

Drunk Lotus stepped upon the wet ground, his feet bare. The sticky blood had been smeared all over them. He raised his eyes, and his anger rose as he stared at the men from the Qing Yun Clan.

“Grandfather! Uncle!” When the Jun Family father and son had been thrown, Jun Wu Xie had extended her her spiritual energy and held them, and gently set them on the ground.

“Wu Xie, who is that youth?” Jun Qing was supporting Jun Xian, as they looked at the surrounded Drunk Lotus. He had not even noticed anyone approach before he suddenly found himself flung into the air earlier. Looking upon the battlefield now, it must have been the work of that youth.

“That is Drunk Lotus.” Jun Wu Xie replied offhandedly, her face in a frown as she surveyed the father and son bodies, only after she did not find any mortal wounds, did she heaved a sigh of relief. But her anger was ignited and stoked as the sight of their blood stained clothes and numerous more smaller wounds were located, her anger raged into a scorching inferno!

Jun Wu Xie turned to Drunk Lotus and the black beast on the battlefield and threw out her command in a chilly voice.

“Spare not a single one.”

They dared wound Jun Xian and Jun Qing!? They shall pay with their blood!

“Yes! Miss!” A sinister smile curled up from the corners of Drunk Lotus’ mouth. He reveled in the effects of the wine as he delved into a maniacal frenzy!

“Who are you!?” The youth had suddenly interrupted their fight and messed up their momentum. The Qing Yun Clan disciples were furious as they stared at the youth with unveiled malevolence.

First, it had been the lightning quick black beast, and next came the sudden appearance of this youth, with the series of unexpected occurrences, they were getting cagey.

If they were to say the black beast was too quick, they could at least see it. But when did this youth get here?

None of them had noticed!

Even the indigo spirit user, only noticed the additional presence of a handsome young youth after Drunk Lotus had stopped and stood still.

Drunk Lotus swept his eyes over the men around him and swung the wine jar to his mouth. He took a mighty swig and wiped the back of his hand across his mouth, before he coldly exclaimed: “Remember this. Today, the one to send you all to hell, will be this Lord Drunk Lotus!!

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