GDBBM – Chapter 224

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Chapter  224: “Third Slap (6)”

“Brag while you can! You don’t know who you are up against kid…..” The Qing Yun Clan disciples taunted at Drunk Lotus. They didn’t know from where and from when the arrogant little scoundrel had appeared from all out of a sudden.

Drunk Lotus raised an eyebrow at the man who spoke, and with a twisted smile, his snow white clothes billowed out, and a white torrential hurricane blew as Drunk Lotus shot towards him.

The man stood stunned, unable to see Drunk Lotus at all!

His speed….. was even faster than that black beast!

The white flash appeared in front of the man, Drunk Lotus’ face was devastatingly drunk, and he raised a fist and swung at the man!

The Qing Yun Clan disciple smiled in glee as he saw Drunk Lotus’ attack was a simple punch, and he gathered all his spiritual energy onto the gloves covering his fists. Throughout the skirmishes in the past one day, his weapon series ring spirit which manifested itself as combat gloves had defeated countless full grown men of the Rui Lin Army, he thought he did not have to worry about his current opponent as he was just a skinny weak boy!

Extremely confident, the man threw his most explosive punch, right into the fist of Drunk Lotus’!

At that moment, the ear piercing sound of shattering bones cracked through the air, the black gloved hand, had upon contact with Drunk Lotus’ clear pale fist, shattered under the crushing force and warped grotesquely and the shattering of bones inched on as Drunk Lotus’ fist continued on its path!

Alas, that was not the end. Drunk Lotus’ smile grew more twisted and pushed further into his punch. The dominating brute force shattered his fingers and broke the whole hand

The sharp cracking of bones pierced through the air. Drunk Lotus’ single punch had pushed the bones of his opponent’s forearm backwards, to pierce out through the elbow!

The whites of the bones stuck out awkwardly, and looked totally out of place. Blood flowed down the bone and pooled on the ground.

“Tsk, that’s all you have?” Drunk Lotus jutted out his chin at the man howling in pain, as his mouth tsked in disdain.

The black beast who was engaged with another Qing Yun Clan disciple had seen the man’s hand shatter and contempt showed on its furry face.

Even it was unable to withstand a punch from Drunk Lotus, and these men naively think they can?

“ARGHHHH !!” The Qing Yun Clan disciple lay in a pool of his own blood, losing all signs of his prior haughtiness and arrogance. His face pale, he lay trembling uncontrollable on the ground, howling endlessly.

His nightmare wasn’t about to end and the white clothed youth squatted down next to the man howling and stared irritably at the disciple. Drunk Lotus’ eyes were red and bloodshot from the wine and he held his fists up before he rained a flurry of punches upon the man.

Every punch, broke his bones and ripped open his flesh!

Fresh red blood splattered with his every punch, and they stained his clothes red. Warm blood flowed down his face, giving a devilish look to the handsome face.

In a blink of an eye, a living man, had under the fists of Drunk Lotus, been pounded to mash, and not a single bone in him was intact.

That gory scene, drove the Qing Yun Clan disciples to nausea, and even Jun Xian, who had seen countless deaths in his decades of killing and slaughter on the battlefields paled at the sight. He turned to Jun Wu Xie, his face in shock, but found Jun Wu Xie’s expression cold, her clear eyes frigid, and she did not seem to be disturbed in the least.

“Grandfather, they deserve it.” Jun Wu Xie seethed in anger. If she was strong enough, she would have broken their bones and scattered them as ashes herself.

Satisfied, Drunk Lotus stood up. The maniacal smile remained on his face as he cracked his knuckles. He stretched his neck and stared at the stupefied group from the Qing Yun Clan and his words made the men’s skin crawl when he asked: “Next. Whose turn is it?”

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