ENL Chapter 123 & 124

My apologies for the delay. Somebody contacted my father about wanting to rent the place where I’m currently living for several years at a time, to which he was willing to agree too provided everybody was satisfied, so I’ve been making some preparations and cleaning up the place. Today will be the last day where the client will come over to take a look at things and make his final decision from there, so I should have quite a bit more time from here out.

Two chapters now and two more chapters later once the meeting is finished.

Chapter 123 – Timeless Affection Flower (3)

Chapter 124 – Cuddling (1)

I do want to reiterate though that I don’t plan on dropping this without giving advance notice and give thanks for everybody’s patience. While I’m not exactly the most diligent translator, I do want to finish this since it is my first project~ 🙂

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4 Responses to ENL Chapter 123 & 124

  1. Aidare says:

    Thank you! I rarely commented but i just want to let you know despite of all the waiting, i am highly appreciate that you have no intention of dropping this, which is also my favourite baby. I MTLed but yeah will love to read a proper translated ones.

  2. Danwoo says:

    Thanks for still translating! Hope everything works out well for you.

  3. Ilhan says:

    Great thanks for the notice👍

  4. Arcana says:

    thank you!

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