ENL – Chapter 124

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Chapter 124 – Cuddling (1)

Over the next few days, Liu Huo still hadn’t woken up from his slumber. During that time, Ji Fengyan continued to hold onto Liu Huo while giving him a rather considerable amount of medicinal pills, her spirit energy constantly being used to nourish his body, but despite all of that, the little fellow didn’t show any signs of waking up any time soon.

At this point, Ji Fengyan was beginning to feel a bit anxious.

Those last few days of no sleep or rest along with her consumption of spirit energy was already starting to take a toll on her. She could go without sleep, but the expenditure of spirit energy was especially gruelling towards her in her current condition. However, every time she saw Liu Huo’s curled up body, Ji Fengyan just couldn’t bring herself to stop.

It was another evening where night was approaching. Unable to hold out any longer after going for days without rest, Ji Fengyan finally collapsed in exhaustion, her body fast asleep on the bed while holding onto little Liu Huo.

However, just as Ji Fengyan fell asleep, Liu Huo who had been unconscious in her arms all this time abruptly opened his eyes.

In the darkness, those crimson eyes of his were particularly striking.

Moonlight shone into the darkened room from the half-opened windows, its soft brilliance enveloping Ji Fengyan’s body. During the instant that Liu Huo opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the delicate chest holding onto him, causing him to feel a bit stunned. As he felt the warm breath on his forehead, his body slightly stiffened, before he rigidly tilted up his head to gaze upon Ji Fengyan’s sleeping visage, the image becoming deeply engraved into his mind.

The warm sensation of contact near Liu Huo’s waist caused his face to abruptly redden. He didn’t know what to do so he just stayed still while looking at Ji Fengyan in a daze, his nose flooded with her unique scent.

After a moment, he slowly lifted up his hand to push away Ji Fengyan’s arm around his waist. However, the instant that he came into contact with it, Ji Fengyan’s brows started to lightly furrow, her young and delicate little face looking extremely pitiful.

Liu Huo didn’t dare to move any more after that.

Although he had been unconscious the last few days, he still retained some awareness of the outside world.

He knew how long that Ji Fengyan had been holding onto him without letting go. It was very likely that her body was already stiff from inactivity.

Not daring to move any more, Liu Huo could only patiently look at Ji Fengyan’s happily sleeping little face. Borrowing the light of the moon, his crimson eyes swept over her delicate features bit by bit.

That face couldn’t be said be incomparably beautiful, even to the extent where it couldn’t even be called beautiful at all. The long time of harsh treatment had taken its toll, causing that little face to still seem a bit emaciated despite the recent period of nourishment. However, for some unknown reason, Liu Huo actually found himself lost in looking at it.

Silently reaching out his hand, he hesitatingly used his fingertips to gently touch Ji Fengyan’s cheek.

He felt a warmth through his fingertips. The heat of it flowing through his arm and into his heart, its temperature blazing hot.

“Don’t move,” Ji Fengyan murmured in her sleep, the arm she used to hold Liu Huo unconsciously tightening.

Startled, Liu Huo didn’t dare to disturb her anymore and obediently retracted his hand.

The final little space between the two of them had disappeared at this moment.

His face was tightly pressed up against the front of her still-undeveloped chest. Although she was only a half-grown child, that slight softness there caused Liu Huo’s face to blush bright red, the beat of his heart so fast that it seemed as if it was about to leap out of his chest at any moment.

Thump, thump, thump…

Her heartbeat resounded though his ears, its rhythm neither fast or slow, but it still managed to mix perfectly with his crazily beating heart.

Abruptly, something in Liu Huo’s mind clicked, his consciousness seemingly being pulled at by a certain powerful force. Unable to control it, the temperature of his entire body frantically soared…

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